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My name is Noctis Enoch and I am the Creator of Mind Reality. I have a list of multiple products that are all under One ClickBank account "mindreal".

Mind Reality is listed in ClickBank under the name "Mind Reality - Secrets of the Universe" which can be found under "Self Help - Transformational" Category.

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The following Email Swipe can be used for:
Matrix of Mind Reality (Free Gift Squeeze Page) 
Mind Power Secrets (Squeeze Page)

Subject: Download Your Matrix of Mind Reality Ebook!

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Download Your Matrix of Mind Reality Ebook:

=> http://www.mindreality.com/secretsgift.html

Mind Reality contains Universal Secrets that govern Every area of Life and Reality!

The DEEPER the knowledge, the more powerful the knowledge. The more powerful your knowledge, the EASIER it is to achieve success, because DEEP, powerful knowledge is the Key to inspired thinking and finding intelligent solutions to problems.

This book Answers a great many questions that you've always been curious about such as:

What is the Matrix of Reality and what gives us Power over it?

How does Enlightenment and Spiritual Knowledge enable you to GET Everything you ever wanted?

Why purchasing Spiritual Knowledge will Tremendously ACCELERATE your progress in life?

And plenty More INCREDIBLE Knowledge inside....

Download Your Matrix of Mind Reality Ebook:

=> http://www.mindreality.com/secretsgift.html



The following Email Swipes can be used for:
Mind Reality (Sales Copy)

Email 1:

Subject: Discover The Secrets of Mind and Reality

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Discover The Secrets of Mind and Reality:

=> http://www.MindReality.com

* Here are some of the Most Fascinating Secrets you’ll Discover Inside:

* How to apply Quantum Physics to Create Your PERFECT Reality.

* How to Telekinetically Attract MONEY to you and become Very RICH!

* How to use Psychic Influence on others to make them DO what you wish.

* How to Miraculously Cure ALL SICKNESS and Diseases without Drugs.

* How to Find your LIFE PURPOSE and live it to the fullest and greatest way!

* How to be Highly Attractive and Desirable to members of the opposite sex.

* How to go after ANY DREAM you have and Fulfill it to the FULLEST EXTENT.

* And there are Truly Even More Incredible Secrets Revealed:

=> http://www.MindReality.com


Email 2:

Subject: The Secret of Absolute Abundance and Wealth

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The Secret of Absolute Abundance and Wealth:

=> http://www.MindReality.com

The difference between the rich and the poor is not in how much money they have, but in the way they talk, the way they act and the way they think. The way you think is what you create in your inner world. The way you talk and act is what you express in your outer world. If you want to be fully wealthy, you must be fully congruent in your thoughts, speech and actions. Half congruence results in half wealth. Poor people communicate lack in every way while rich people communicate abundance in every way...

=> http://www.MindReality.com

The elements in your environment affect your consciousness. Everything that you see around you will subconsciously impress upon you the idea of poverty or wealth. The more broken and dilapidated stuff you hold without replacing, the more you will feel lack. When you keep signs of abundance in your environment, your subconscious mind will be constantly impressed with the idea of supply and abundance. By causing yourself to feel abundance, you will perpetuate the conditions of abundance in your reality...

=> http://www.MindReality.com

The subconscious impression of abundance creates conditions of abundance. Seeing abundance in one area creates a mental shift and allows you to start seeing and feeling more abundance in your life. Whatever area in your life you have right now that makes you feel rich and powerful, create more of that. Use that area to affect other areas. The key is to get more references of abundance for you to be conscious of so as to impress upon your subconscious mind as much as possible the reality of abundance...

=> http://www.MindReality.com

Your actions either create subconscious impressions of wealth or poverty. By choosing to buy the best and quality products for yourself, you are saying that you are worth it, that you are the best. Your subconscious mind will pick up these impressions from your actions and create conditions in your life that resonate with that state of mind. To manifest wealth, you must begin with living as though you are already wealthy. It doesn’t mean you overspend, but you simply spend in a way that makes you truly happy...

=> http://www.MindReality.com



The following Email Swipes can be used for:
Mind Power Secrets (Sales Copy)

Email 1:

Subject: Discover The Long Lost Incredible Mind Power Secrets

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Discover The Long Lost Incredible Mind Power Secrets

=> http://www.mindpowersecretspackage.com

You're about to get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to access "insider" shortcuts to creating a sensational life. With all this knowledge at your fingertips, you could easily become wealthy or even famous. You could easily be a groundbreaking author, teacher, visionary, inventor, royal advisor, and other things. Dozens of new opportunities open up to you because your entire context of knowledge is highly advanced. Your chances of success are multiplied thousands of times over ordinary citizens...

=> http://www.mindpowersecretspackage.com

Unlock the limitless potential of your mind! Yes the millionaire's mind is yours with this simple secret! You'll be overwhelmed by your new-found powers to attract money from everyone around the world! (Financial independence has never been SO EASY!) Discover the most highly guarded secret of all times! Achieve absolute freedom! Yes, you can travel the world and achieve blissful happiness! How to multiply your happiness in every situation! Escape misery and suffering, almost like magic!

=> http://www.mindpowersecretspackage.com


Email 2:

Subject: Insider Shortcuts to Creating a Sensational Life

--------email body-----------

Insider Shortcuts to Creating a Sensational Life:

=> http://www.mindpowersecretspackage.com

This could be the most exciting, important letter you'll ever read. Here's why: I am about to show you insider shortcuts, derived from the greatest money/sex/power discovery of all times.

Use these shortcuts now, and you can experience more wealth, romance, and happiness than you ever dreamed possible. Once you uncover these underground secrets, you will understand why priests, professors, and politicians are desperately trying to stop me from spreading this information.

Fortunately, nothing can stop the spread of this information. Nothing can stop you from collecting a life of power, wealth, and romantic passion.

To begin, let me show you a personal story from someone and how he seized this power...

=> http://www.mindpowersecretspackage.com

He figured that if success concepts really worked and are available to everyone in books, then why isn't everyone super successful?

It just didn't make sense, especially because the success concepts seemed to be correct. Frustrated, he let his dreams of success fade away and die. Until one day, when something amazing happened...

It Was Like A Miracle From God Himself !

With the secrets I'm about to show you, you will transcend the limitations that hold back everyone else. You will break out of the traditional world and enter your own world of power - honest, genuine power that generates riches while benefiting everyone else.

I'm Ready To Reveal These Secrets NOW!

=> http://www.mindpowersecretspackage.com



The following Email Swipes can be used for:
Uberman Power (Squeeze Page)

Email 1:

Subject: Ever Dreamed of Being Super Human?

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Ever Dreamed of Being Super Human?

....who hasn't, right?

Thoughts of flying high in the air,
speeding faster than a bullet, doing
good to hundreds or thousands of folks
in your hometown, or the world...

Well, it isn't as far from "fantasy"
as you might think. (Welcome to the
21st Century of Consciousness Tech!)

Sound interesting?

You ain't seen nothin yet.

Check this out:

=> http://www.UbermanPower.com

It's the next best thing to becoming
a high flying super hero overnight.

If you're into stuff like Law of Attraction,
Manifesting and Creating Miracles... then
this web site is most definitely for you.

I learned more things about myself and my
reality than I ever knew existed. It's
deep, exciting stuff you won't forget!

Enjoy this... I certainly did.

=> http://www.UbermanPower.com

I bet you're going to like it as much as I did.


Email 2:

Subject: 2 Magic Words To Give You Higher Power

--------email body-----------

People will sell you courses and charge you
thousands of dollars to beat around the bush
and flush out the truth I am about to tell you.

I have used this method that consists of only
2 words to create anything I want usually
within 24 hours if not instantly.

All you have to do is know what you want to
make this work.

Then put it in this sentence: I Command -
(Then just state whatever you want)

I know it sounds too simple. Your disbelief
in this might actually aid in its power.

Good. What can it hurt to seriously give this a try?

Why does this work? (I'll tell you in a bit!)

But FIRST, you can find more MAGIC WORDS
for other purposes here!

Super Mind Tricks and Magic Words:

=> http://www.UbermanPower.com <-- Click Here

P.S. Why does 2 simple words "I Command" works magic?

Simple. It's about raising consciousness and awareness.

By using a demanding word such as "Command", you set
your mind to automatically attract the opportunit.ies
you need to get what you want!

Go forth now to claim your place in the Universe!

Click here for other mind tricks and magic words!

=> http://www.UbermanPower.com



The following Email Swipe can be used for:
Uberman Power (Sales Copy)

Email 1:

Subject: WEIRD mind powers and A Simple Secret

--------email body-----------

WEIRD mind powers and A Simple Secret

Have you read Jason & Skye Mangrum's "Uberman" book
yet? If not, I URGE you click the following
link and take a look.

=> http://www.UbermanPower.com/book.html

The book's tagline is 'Almost Superhuman' because
after you read it-- that's exactly what OTHER PEOPLE
will think you are!

It contains some WEIRD and slightly controversial
stuff like...

* How to turn yourself or a friend into an instant
"lie detector" - this misunderstood technique can be
performed by anyone, anywhere at anytime...

* How you can influence another person's strength,
without ever touching them.

* A 'deceptively simple secret' that's like giving
yourself "admin" access to the command prompt of your
mind... and then gives you commands you can use to
begin influencing physical reality.

* How to cure any addiction... once you learn this,
no substance, concept, idea or experience can ever
be attached to you again, unless you want it.

* Plus a ton of other material I dare not even discuss
in a public e-mail like this.

All practical, step-by-step stuff you can put to work
right away to get near immediate results.

Check it out...

=> http://www.UbermanPower.com/book.html


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