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Be a Helping Mind - Psychic Influence

Posted By Noctis Enoch On June 4, 2006 @ 11:40 pm In Uncategorized | Comments Disabled

What people need is a helping mind rather than a helping hand.
There are times when people come to you with a problem on their minds that is bothering them. They feel negative about it and are having thoughts of not being capable enough to deal with it. Maybe they lack confidence, belief, ideas or whatever they say it is.
You might feel there’s nothing you can do to help them because you are not in a position to directly influence the factors of their situation. But the truth is, that is not true!
If that was the case, then what is the use of your friends telling you what their problem is? Is it just to share their sorrows with you so that they will feel better? Well, that does help to a certain extent. Talking about a problem brings order to the mind so as to position it to deal with it objectively. Having a negative emotion released in the company of an understanding friend dissipates its influence so that the person will start attracting less of the problem.
But, there is more that you can do than that!
Contrary to conventional thinking, instead of what you can do with your hands, actions or even money for that person, the greatest help that you can give is actually mental! You would probably be thinking what that means is about giving advice and speaking words of encouragement that can change the mind of the person into being more positive. But that idea is only part of it.
The most powerful form of mental help is psychic influence. You can influence the actions of another by using the power of your mind.

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