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Emotional Suppression makes us Less Powerful

Posted By Noctis Enoch On December 29, 2006 @ 4:40 pm In Uncategorized | Comments Disabled

We mostly suppress emotions as a way to avoid expressing them. All social groups beginning with the family, develop their own sets of good manners and behaviors which govern the acceptable and unacceptable times for emotional expression. A society full of people all spontaneously expressing their emotions threatens unending chaos. In order to form polite, civil, working groups, individuals must somehow control their emotional energies. Maturing socially means learning to rein in our natural (but childish) tendency for emotional expression.
Yet while emotional suppression may sometimes serve a useful purpose, inhibiting the free flow of emotional energies over the course of a lifetime causes serious damage to our bodies, minds and spirits. Our efforts to stifle emotion become a stifling of life itself. Though the symptoms vary, most people die from a slow suicide of self strangulation. Therefore we must understand just how badly emotional suppression injures us, even as we find healthier ways to deal with ever flowing emotional energies.
When we suppress an emotion, the energy of that emotion does not go away. Instead it subsides, it sinks deeper. Rather than resolve the emotional energy through some form of response, we choose to hold it inside. Though the immediacy of the feeling may pass, the energy does not. We hold it deep inside and, typically it stays inside.
Mass becomes energy as energy becomes mass. Although emotional energy forms the most subtle stuff, it is stuff nonetheless. If you hold enough of this stuff inside you, then you become energetically “stuffed up,” which carries the same implications as a stuffed nose, stuffed colon, stuffed arteries, or even owning too much stuff.
Energy moves within the body in regular currents and beyond in radiant fields. As emotional suppression becomes an unconscious habit and emotional energy becomes stuffed inside, the free movement of vital energy gradually degrades. Think of a wide rushing river into which one daily throws several large stones. Over the course of a lifetime the river becomes clogged, diminished, and sluggish. Likewise, over the course of a human lifetime the habitual suppression of emotion energy clogs and diminishes the once rushing river of light.
As we clog and diminish the flow of emotional energy we block and interfere with the fundamental design and function of the human organism. This causes system wide dysfunction, with most biological processes failing to operate at full efficiency. Life spans shorten and creative potential declines. Sickness, disease, and general unhappiness all take a larger than necessary role in the human drama. Our bodies and minds struggle through energy-starved lives, while suppressing great wells of life force within.

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