Secret of Giving and Receiving

The general notion is that the more you give, the more you get. As you sow, so shall you reap. Thatís all well and good, but I believe the misunderstanding of this wonderful secret could be easily cleared up with a simple corollary to the law of giving. The corollary is that itís not what you do but why you do it. Intention and motivation are everything.


What this means is that you should only give if you are giving for the pure joy of giving. If you give because you expect to get, you are defeating the purpose. The universe is not so easily fooled. Giving with the motive of getting is actually an affirmation of lack. Saying that you have to get because you have just given is saying to the world. I donít have enough. Your belief will soon be proven correct. The energy vibration of lack will only attract more lack. Again, as you sow, so shall you reap.


Many people I know give grudgingly or feel deprived after they have made a gift of time or money. If you give out of a feeling of obligation or a sense of sacrifice, the underlying feeling is one of lack. Dressing up a feeling of lack under of mask of generosity will only lead to disappointment. Itís not what you do but why you do it. Donít waste your time by giving with the expectation of getting a return on your investment. God is not a share of stock that you trade on the NASDAQ (ticker symbol GODD). If I give, Iíd better get something back or else. Such thinking originates from a position of thereís not enough.


So much for the ways NOT to give. What to do instead? My personal experience suggests waiting until you are in flow with life. We all have mood swings. Sometimes we feel good, and sometimes we feel bad. When you happen to catch yourself feeling good, seize that opportunity to give out of a sense of sharing the abundance that is already yours. By being grateful for whatever you currently have, it is much easier to pass some of your good fortune onto someone else. In those moments, you get the sense that there is more where that came from.


If you are having a bad day, or you are in a negative frame of mind, donít give just because you think you are supposed to. There is no extra credit for God, and it wonít benefit you or the other person under those conditions. Instead, wait until you are having a particularly good day and are feeling great. Then give while you are in that state, and observe what happens. If you find yourself doing mathematical calculations to decide how much you can afford to give or worry over what others think is sensible, donít bother. Youíve lost the feeling. Wait until youíre back in the flow and just choose an amount based on your first impulse. Go with whatever amount makes you feel good and that wonít cause you to feel poorer because there is that much less in your wallet or bank account.

GIVING tells the Universe that you believe YOU are provided for. For even as you empty your purse you fear not, demonstrating faith that you will remain whole, that your coffers will be replenished, and that your love for whomever you gave, is whatís most important. Verily, as you believe these things to be true, you will experience such truths, and abundance shall be showered upon you as if the heavens had opened up.

If you feel lousy when you give money, then you are associating money with bad feelings, I explained. You probably donít want to attract more bad feelings, so you probably wonít attract much more money, either.. Wow. I never thought of it that way.. And if you give because someone asked for it or even pleaded for it, then you are reinforcing need, I explained. In order for you to experience increased wealth, you want to give money wherever it makes you feel good to do so.


The spiritual law of financial income seems to happen when you give money freely to wherever you get your spiritual nourishment, with an expectation that somehow, some way, some day, your finances will increase as a result.

Again, the subject of this book is the greatest money-making secret in history. And you activate that secret when you give freely, joyously, to wherever you currently get spiritual nourishment and nurturing.

Give money to wherever you received spiritual nourishment and youíll activate the money-attracting law.


The best way to determine where to give money is to ask yourself one simple question: Where did you receive the most joy? And if you want further clarity, or more questions to assist you in knowing where to give money, try these on for size: Where were you reminded of your divinity? Where were you encouraged to go for your dreams? Who made you feel glad to be alive? Whatever your answer, thatís where to give your money.


When someone offers you money, accept it. When someone offers you a compliment, accept it. When someone offers you any gift, joyfully welcome it. If you refuse gifts, compliments, and money, you are closing a door on the prosperity that is trying to come to you. The key is to be in the flow. When you give and receive, you are participating in the flow of life. After all, money has to circulate to do everyone any good. Give it. And when it returns to you, receive it.


- Joe Vitale, Greatest Money Making Secret


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