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Moving Energy with Attention to Change Your Life

Posted By Noctis Enoch On December 20, 2008 @ 12:45 pm In Uncategorized | Comments Disabled

Learning the law of attraction is the first step. The next step is to apply it through the use of deliberate creation. Once you become aware that you are the one who is the creator of your reality, the next thing is to master how you create your reality. The important thing is to never stop learning and to always keep working at it. What is made conscious can become unconscious again. That is why it is necessary to keep bringing back knowledge to conscious awareness. This is the purpose of mental renewing.

Everything in the universe is energy, and when you move energy, you will see changes in your own life. Energy moves where attention goes. The way to give your attention to that which you want, is to constantly read and look at things that inspire you. Read about success, growth and wealth and you will fill your mind with these things. Your attention will be on these things and your energy will go towards manifesting these things into your reality. Read not just to gain knowledge but to refill your mind on them.

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