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Passion Energy is Life Force for Manifestation

Posted By Noctis Enoch On June 13, 2009 @ 1:36 pm In Uncategorized | Comments Disabled

Creativity is human’s most basic need. We are all artists, and our life is the art we create. We are passionate with what causes us to grow because it is creativity within ourselves. We are passionate with experiencing better health, prosperity and happiness because it is creativity experienced in our reality. We’re passionate in contributing to others because it is the pure joy of giving. You are the creator of your reality. This reality is your reality. We’re here to be conscious and to live consciously as creators.

We are here to live, to express the joy that we are. We are here to enjoy life. Passion energy is life energy. To feel passion is to enjoy. It is abundant life or Zoe which means the God kind of life. Passion energy is the energy of creation. It is the life force for manifestation. Your purpose here is to be a creator. Creation is the alpha and the prime factor. Passion energy is the foundation to all things. It is the joy of life. It is life itself. It is the creative urge. It is the magic. It is love. It is the spirit of existence.

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