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Thank you for an excellent site full of extremely powerful information. All the best, and have a joyful Christmas break!
-Ursula, Stockholm, Sweden;-)

Enoch, Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful Holiday Season! Thank you for all your inspiring messages! Many, many Blessings to you and your loved ones.
- Cathy Wenska

Brother Enoch, If there’s one single event that I consider most significant this year and as God’s wonderful gift for me this Christmas it was when I encountered you (and your amazing lessons in metaphysics) At long last I met someone like you who reconciled perfectly my anxiety about my Christian faith and the findings of quantum physics. I appreciate very much your generosity in gifting me (and my therapy group here in the Philippines) with some free lessons I downloaded. Being my mentor and model I’m now inspired to go out in the fields and share insights I got from your articles and program. I pray God will continue to shower you limitless abundance as channel of His blessings. We love you so much and wish you all the best this season has to offer. We send you our hugs and kisses
- Amado

Praise to God, I have finally received answered prayer. That is to have someone come forward, who would have the ability to explain in simple ways who we are, and how things work. Thank you so very much for following through with what was placed in your Spirit. I will be spending many days (hahaha) delighting myself with what you have to share. Again let me thank you. If you need confirmation, someone to encourage, strengthen, or uplift your work, feel free to ask. Before I end this email, let me share with you how I was given your website. Holosync Technology—-Bill Harris sent me Bradley Thompson works with info using your insights. There is a lot out there, please share with me others who believe as you do–it has been a request for sometime. Let us remember…… with all our getting, let us getting understanding. In His Righteousness,
- Lorri Jones-Stone

Hi Mr. Tan. I stumbled upon your site from a forum started by Steve Pavlina. I just wanted to comment on how wonderful your articles are. I am so appreciative of the eloquent yet understandable way in which you communicate these concepts. I visited your site to learn more about detachment. Your explanation illuminated the topic of detachment immensely! Thank you very much. Please continue to write these great articles. They inspire me and surely others to strive for harmony with God.
- Pam

Dear Enoch, This Catherine from Houston, Texas. In the recent past I have contacted you about guidance in my life’s dilemmas. I really appreciate your time in replying me. I have now arrived in London for one year training. The transition from Houston to London is a miracle itself, but if one truly understands and practices your teachings, miracles like this are quite natural.

It’s Christmas again. You are the first one on my list to send my greetings. You have impacted my life in ways words can’t describe. You have brought serenity and clarity into various situations in my life. I once read about a book addressing fear. The author summarized four levels of fear: the first level, the surface level of fear is the fear of appearance (’I am not pretty enough’, ‘I am getting old’, etc);the second level of fear is fear perpetrated by ego(’I fear to attend the party because everyone is wealthier than me, I feel bad’, etc);the third level of fear is the fear of failure; the deepest level of fear is the fear that ‘I can’t handle it’. Ever since I became a loyal reader of your articles, I have obtained a set of spiritual tools that make me confident enough to abandon the deepest level of fear. I now still have those first three levels of fear every now and then, but it doesn’t take me long to center myself back into a state of serenity, in which I know: Whatever comes my way, I CAN handle it. I must say you have helped me abandon my fears.

In the upcoming 2008, I am acutely aware I will have tremendous opportunities and challenges. I will continue to be a practitioner of your spiritual teachings and try to bring the best out of every opportunity. Wish you a Merry Christmas! Sincerely,
- Catherine Zhang

Would you believe that every time I wanted to know something specific it was a new article on this site? Because of God and the knowledge from mindreality some very, very different things are happening in my life and those around me without some of them knowing. After a powerful event happened in my life, I was sitting on steps and Christ inside of me started to cry through me because of all the “sin” and deceit and scorning I witnessed and a dove rested down by me. It even came to a point where People around me were having dreams relating to my life because of knowledge.
- Jon

Remarkable. Really Remarkable, Enoch. You have done what I have been seeking to do all my life. Nowhere else have I read the pulling together of The Laws of Universal Reality with fundamental Christianity. That feels complete. I left the ministry a few years back because the two view points seemed somehow in opposition to one another, yet deep down inside I sensed that they were not only NOT in opposition to one another, but, in fact, essential to one another to understand the complete picture of existence. Thank you for making yourself a channel for God.
- Barry N. Curtis

To mindreality team, Good day. I visited your site today. Good stuff of information. I used to read Osho’s books. I am finding lot of similarity. I am appreciating your effort. Be blessed by Divine.
- Sudar

Hi Enoch Tan. Just found your site. I’m truly amazed at the depth of wisdom you have and I am grateful for your knowledge. I’m finding a lot of answers and helpful instruction to help me organize and learn how to manifest better. I have been seeking, asking and knocking, for answers and things: as Jesus said we should. (I’m a Christian also) great site! I’m going to be reading and inculcating my mind and subconscious mind with all the precious truths on your site. God Bless and keep…”
- Phil

It is a rare thing for me to run across someone who has an apparent knowledge of the Bible as a whole much less the ability to integrate it into their writings almost seamlessly as you seem to have. There is just something about the way you write and the way you integrate Biblical passages that is different from anything else I remember reading. I cannot quite put my finger on the difference, but it is there. Thanks for showing me that it can be done and be done effectively. Thanks for being that voice crying aloud in the streets for all to hear who will hear.
- Barry N. Curtis

Enoch, Thank you so much for all the valuable info I learned from your site, truly amazing. I will return to your site very often and I will let you know in future that your words have influenced me in a positive way. I am positive that this thank you is just one of a zillion. I must say, that what I read from what you say makes so much sense to me. The more I learn from you the more I want to learn, it’s like honey to a thirsty bear!
- Ronald

Hi Enoch, I am into Seth’s teaching for the past 16 years. I have also been researching into esoteric Taoism, Vedanta, and Mahayana Buddhism over the past 18 years. I am intrigued by your teaching and writing. I have always wanted to find people who share my belief in YCYOR teaching and how the universe is a hologram projected by our deepest consciousness. However in Singapore, I did not know many people who are into such teaching and practicing such teaching assiduously. I was surprised by the high quality of your writing and even more surprised that you are staying in Singapore and not US or Europe where most of top people in this field resides. I am wondering whether you can meet up with me over a cup of coffee.
- David Chia

Hello Enoch Tan, I am Alan from India. I feel the modern day new age philosophy and magic and witchcraft and Wicca and other such new age philosophies on the mind out there is a bunch of trash and you don’t get much out of it and it does not make much sense to me they just go round and round the bush and arrive at nothing. I am interested in the science of reality and the mind and I am a Christian believe in the Bible and Jesus Christ I am a born again Christian, I was searching for answers to many questions in this universe I believe that God has led me to your website, it is a treasure chest of wonderful revealing information of the universe. Now I am glad that I have found someone who thinks like me and I have learned a lot about the universe God and human beings from you.

I have read a few of your articles and some of them are very reveling are making me examine my life we may not be like the great prophets of the old testament but I believe God has given us a mission to fulfill on earth before we die. I believe that you are like me a little prophet sent by God to humanity to explain to them the truth. you your spirit your mind and your thoughts will be immortal forever at the day of resurrection when the messiah arrives when you die in your body flesh your writings will be preserved, preserved in electronic form as bytes on a hard drive or CD or on the internet and many generations shall read about it and come to know you but most importantly they will come to know reality and come to know God and the Messiah Jesus Christ.

God bless you my Christian brother and continue to do your God given work by inspiring giving hope and freeing lost souls from the darkness and leading them to the light and the truth of God and the Life in Christ Jesus.

- Alan (India)

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