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I want to take time to THANK some very SPECIAL people who are in my life and helped me to attain the SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT that I have experienced: Rev. Robin Tekwelus Youngblood, Clinton Terrell, Ex. Dir of the Breakthroughs for Youth program, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Enoch Tan of Mind Reality and all their support staff who has made my healing possible. Much love to you all! Much, much love and many, many blessings for good health, happiness, PEACE and a prosperous New Year- 2008.
- Cathy

I found you because I was getting my life answers report. In the report it stated that I should research metaphysics. I typed in metaphysics in my search engine and decided to use the encyclopedia to discover what the word truly meant. I found that life answers and yourself sponsored the site and decided to find out more about you. I really enjoy finding out all I can about the mind. I have had some strange experiences during my life and I have been searching to find answers. My motto is ‘Love Never Fails’, I thought you might like that. And your name is an anagram of ‘cheat non’. Thank you for the information I have read, it has helped be see I am on the right path and that it is alright for me to use my powers. Thanks for everything. Kind regards
- Karen Bestwick

Enoch, I found your site by searching on Google for “inner peace”. The search came about because I had a desire to help my teenage son who is emotionally struggling almost identically to myself. I have only recently begun to discover the power of independent thinking. I was absolutely festinated by the articles on your web site because it has helped me to more clearly identify and understand what I was beginning to suspect from my own research. Your articles have given me the confidence to believe in my senses and perceptions. All that is left is to practice. I know my son will not suffer for length of time that I have and I have gained a great deal of peace knowing that. He is not completely ready to receive this knowledge but I am preparing his way. The truth is the only possible outcome. You will receive a gift from me some day that expresses the true amount of my gratitude. Until then this simple note of thanks is the most I can give.

I am content knowing that people like you exist as I have been surrounded by much doubt and claims of insanity. My will was tested greatly and you could not have come to me at a more perfect time. Our loneliness will be vanquished! Sincerely Your Friend,

- Damian J. Meltesen, Green Bay, Wisconsin United States

Enoch, I like you, believe myself to be on the path to being all I was created to be in Christ Jesus. When one receives, one likes to give in return. I am very happy to find someone who desires to give unto the world—always giving their best, but their all. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. My gift of singing and playing my guitar has been shared through the years. I accept your loving gift of vision and insight and thank you for sharing it. I also, thank God for allowing us the wonderful opportunity to share with other like ourselves. Gods Blessings on you……and in all our getting, let us get understanding. In His Righteousness,
- Lorri Jones-Stone

I would definitely visit your website again, Enoch. I love your articles and you insight and your ideas have helped shape my life. Thank you.
- Cory

Hi Enoch, I wish to thank you most sincerely for sharing your incredible insight with the world so freely. I came across your site by accident and have been blown away not only by your depth of knowledge but the simple way in which you explain things. I live in South Africa, and for the last 6 years have experienced enormous changes in my life, which has lead to my spiritual growth. Nobody warns you when you choose to bring God into your life, what a roller coaster ride it will be. My biggest issue has been to overcome my fear and self doubt. I now speak and do workshops to help people change, and I call myself “The Spirit of Change” so we both have something in common. I was wondering if ever I have a question about content or what to include in one of my courses if I could ask your advice? Thank you once again for sharing. Blessings
- Farryl Nafte

Blessings, Blessings and more Blessings unto you my brother in CHRIST. I have been saved for seven years. I was studying metaphysical books and knew my thoughts created what I was experiencing. It is such a great work you did on this site to have the whole picture in one. I am a mother of 8 children in Colorado I homeschool and have the free time to read all of your beautiful truth. I tell people all the time God provides I don’t work and my husband works at olive garden part time and I lack nothing. They say they can’t afford there 1 child and I say IT IS DONE UNTO YOU AS YOU BELEIVE. I preach the gospel everywhere I go and believe GOD pays me. Money always shows up I am believing for a 13 acre farm for $2,500000.00 I will let you know when I receive it. I also see miracles and healings every day. One of my twins broke her shoulder bone 2 years ago and the bone was back in place over night. The doctors gave me the x-rays with dates for non-believers. PRAISE GOD brother.

WELL DONE FAITHFUL SERVENT AND GOD IS BLESSING YOU NOW! Please don’t stop shining his light, love, and truth on this site. YE SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND BE SET FREE THANKS!!

- Nicole Sparano

Good morning and blessings to you this day! My name is Ronni. I’ve never written to you before, however, I’ve been reading your writing for about 2 months. All I can is WOW! You are truly God-inspired and I love you for the way that you share what you KNOW with others, including me. God is leading me also, to teach and share. I am a nurse and a writer and I’m writing my first book…for Him…GOD. Just wanted to let you know that you have another fan! God bless you forever.
- Ronni

Thank you so much for your newsletters. They are truly inspiring and empowering!
- Veronica Wright

Hello again my light filled friend, this site is so awesome! My warrior spirit is on fire praise GOD. I just read Awareness in reality manipulation and I have been set free!
GOD has been using me to heal the sick preach the gospel talk in tongues and rebuke demons for the last 7 years I’ve been saved but I’ve had my own thorn (tree) I could not get rid of until I read your site and the light flooded my mind thank you Jesus my husband has had a addiction to alcohol for the last 13 years. I attack him every night he comes home drunk telling him how weak he is and how the devil is jacking him up and using my sword of truth to chop him to pieces.

But now I see (thank you ENOCH) those evil angels know my weakness and know that if I see him drunk I come out of the light and lose all control. It will never happen again I will stay in the light no matter how much I want to fight the spirit of addiction. I will see my husband in my mind as a man of GOD and not a drunk. I will not lose my peace to the emotion of anger again. You are a true solider of light in the battle thanks for equipping me for the fight, to bad the church is completely blind or is a part of the devils world manipulation. I’ve been shunned from every church in Colorado because I come with light into there dark religious world and they can not comprehend.

It’s so sad that the church is supposed to represent Jesus. I thank God I was an atheist for the first 28 years of my life before I was saved. I picked up a bible wrote down all the red words and realized it all ha d to do with using the faith God has given to us. I had known religious belief that said only Jesus could heal or have a relationship with God so the miracles have been flowing for 7 years non stop. Now GOD has led me to your site to open my spirit eyes to the real battle. Thank you Jesus for Enoch TAN BLESS you!!!!!

- Nicole Sparano

Hello Brother, I know you’re very busy but I have to let you know how much this site is blessing me and my family. I homeschool all 8 children. My oldest is in 10th grade and this site is now a part of Bible study which with me is all day long. I know Yahweh led me to these beautiful works you and the Holy Spirit have created. I have read almost all of them in the last two days and I feel my self going from glory to glory I cant thank you enough. I felt everything this site has to say sense I received Jesus in my heart but I couldn’t find one person in any church that saw the light like I did. I didn’t feel like a Christian. I always said I was a disciple of Christ or a sprit filled warrior for Yahweh or a renegade of light. I always say I don’t worry about the devil or demons they worry about me and Jesus. My 4 year old is filled with the holy sprit and all my children have a personal relationship with Jesus, Yahweh, and share their FAITH with adults and children. The last church I went to told me they have Know room for spiritual war fare in there church and I should go somewhere else. I prayed to Yahweh and I searched for about three days online for some truth from anyone and then a miracle I found your site and I cant stop reading it feels great to find other soldiers of light and know I’m not the only one on the planet that actually BELEIVES GOD!!!! Thank you Jesus for ENOCH and the truth on this blessed site! It is the best site in the world!!!! Blessings to you Brother
-Nicole Sparano

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