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I love your words. You seem to encapsulate everything I have realized over the last few years. Its great that you actually pick up on the sexual polarity aspect of our beingness. SO many will remain safe and gloss over our sexual energies. It just astounds me. How does a young guy in the middle of Singapore manage to become so articulate in the expression of truth?
- Graham Mason

Hello Enoch, I have been reading your work off and on for awhile now. I have even printed out “Mind Reality - The Universe is Mental” and read it and re-read it. Why? Because I like you have been searching for “truth” my whole life. There is nothing available for me in words to accurately describe my gratitude for having found your work. Your descriptions of the material are excellent and make what could be considered complex easy to understand. Your work has advanced my “education” beyond what I could have hoped for and will propel me into my next stage of development. I am one of those people who on a daily basis are trying to keep themselves in balance mentally, emotionally and physically while staying aware of the universal laws and in alignment with them. Not as successful yet as I would like but definitely on the right track. Thanks to your work I am more and better than I was before I encountered it. May your heart forever be warmed by my love and gratitude. Your co-searcher,
- Frank J Toomes

I believe that, I found an H-link to your site, on mind power news! Enoch, you ROCK! I can see YOUR wisdom’s relevance to using my mind’s power, so THANK you! For being online, and being affordable enough, for PRACTICALLY anybody to purchase access to your site - wisdom! I KNOW it’s WISDOM, because I’ve looked at my PAST, and seen where I’ve used your wisdom. To produce the VERY effects, that you say it WILL, AND it HAS! That’s the PRIMARY reason, that I say you ROCK, because IF anybody follows your teachings, they’ll become MASTER manifestors, in SHORT order! E my FRIEND! KEEP up the AWESOME work your doing, Ok Enoch! ROCK’EM 1!
- Keith

I just want to thank you for putting all your fantastic articles on your website. They are truly inspirational. I am a Christian and was having a hard time reading some materials out there, because some of their teaching is ungodly, so I was very glad to find your site. May God richly bless you in every way…keep up the good work!
- Lori

HI MR. ENOCH, truly you are GOD-SENT!!! You have shared GOD WISDOM with so many people - including me - and we have been enlightened more and inspired too thank you very, very much!!! GOD IS WITH YOU ALWAYS,

I have added your site as a “BEST SITE” to Firefox Browsers “Stumble” button, which means people who search under “self improvement” will stumble across your site. This site is amazing and has uplifted me like none other. I live in South Africa and am a devout Christian. Your teachings are 100% in line with what I believe and what I’ve learned throughout my life. Yet now, it seems to put it all together so that I can begin practicing these wonderful truths in my life. Perhaps this was the perfect timing. I’ve been reading so much but your site has truly given meaning to all I’ve been aspiring to do, and also given me CLEAR DIRECTIONS for my road ahead. Truly inspired by God, this site can do much for many people. I am going to forward your site-link to everyone I know and I truly thank you for all the free information you share with the world. I would love to be able to buy more of your work, but as soon as I have the bucks I need I will do so. May God richly bless you in all your endeavors dear brother!! Love in Christ,
- Paul Jay

Hi Enoch, just letting you know that I loved your recent post “mind principle over every area of your life” Just today I read an article in a new age magazine describing in excruciating detail some of the ways that some foods, such as sugar, can be so bad for you. I was about to buy into it when my wiser mind yelled out “don’t create this reality if you’re going to spend your life fighting it” And I got an inner lecture reminding me that food is just energy and WE determine how it affects us. Then I read the same information in your post and it came as a wonderful affirmation for me that I can believe in myself and the truths that I just KNOW are true, no matter what the “normal” world says.

So keep writing your stuff Enoch, it is gold to “fringe-dwellers” like myself and others of your readers. (“ fringe-dweller” being a term used by the metaphysician Stuart Wilde, to describe more aware people who are sick of living by the paradigms of the “Tick-Tock” world of so-called “real” life, which is anything but!). By the way, I have signed up to be a free lifetime member, and thank you for the opportunity. I am sure you will do well with paid memberships, because the information you offer is priceless, and I feel privileged to be able to continue getting it for free. By the way Enoch, I asked you several months ago whether you’d heard of Christian Science and the writings of MBE. Great minds think alike, because many of your writings illuminate for me, in contemporary language, much of what MBE writes about in religious 19th century language. The Source of Truth is the same for all, but how it is interpreted and communicated to others makes a big difference. Best wishes always,

- Yasmin

Enoch, I have been wanting to write to you about the newsletter you have been sending me and I can’t express my thanks and gratitude to you enough. The topics of your writing are amazing and heartfelt and very eloquently expressed and very, very helpful. Sincerely
- Agnes (from Australia)

Hello! I’m so thankful I found your site! You seem to have a Christian perspective to your beliefs. I am a Christian who is currently trying to strike a balance between metaphysics and staying saved. I think this is that for which I have been searching! Thanks,
- Derrick Frazier

Your site/information is so RIGHT. I am a Martial Artist. Multi belted. Number one in the Nation. I’ve known this that you write so well about AND have/do practiced/share it throughout my life. You have simplified it to layman’s term and by doing so are offering a great service to ALL of US. Thank you….
- Denise Davis

I have been reading your articles and found that I resonate with your thoughts in many ways. They say that there really is just one of us here - so I feel a connection with you in many ways.
- Patrick Gray, Vice President of DC Brainwave

I think you are a great writer as you have the ability to explain deeply by picking the right words within well formulated sentences. Your style is very powerful! Keep it going! Have a wonderful Day, Love and Light to you, 3nity
- Yvonne Love

Hi Enoch!!!! Let me tell you your website has inspired me to achieve greatness instead of mediocrity. I have found much valuable information in your news letters and articles that have helped and are helping me evolve as a spiritual being. I want to thank you very much and as a token of my appreciation, I would like to invite you to dinner at the restaurant I work at, it’s in Davis on 2nd and G, Aiolis Espanola Bodega. It would be my pleasure to Serve you, and an honor to meet you.
- Vasilios Diamantopoulos

Thank you for your extremely interesting articles and site. Something interesting lead me to your site, and I discovered in your writings, exactly something I have felt strongly about it as well, you just confirmed it. It is a wonderful discovery. Please continue and follow your insight.. God gives us the wisdom when we ask Him… Kind regards and lots of blessings
- Addy

Dear Enoch Tan, I stumbled upon your work through upon my research on the law of attraction. First off, I just want to congratulate you on your success in this field. I also want to let you how I much I appreciate you dedicating your work to this study because I feel not enough people devote their time and effort to this study. Your work is amazing and I think the whole world should read your articles.
- Crisanto Santa Ana, Orange County CA

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