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Dear Enoch Tan~ I watched the Secret ‘Law of Attraction’ work at a very miraculous level yesterday~ I was called to jury duty for a capital murder case~ the jury pool was over 200 people~ the final jury would be sequestered in a hotel, probably for weeks. Since I am a self employed musician, this could have ruined my career. I don’t mind doing my civic duty, but this time was completely not possible. I sat there for over two hours while the jury pool was interviewed. For two hours I said silently ‘Everything I need comes easily & frequently’ and I pictured myself being excused from the jury roll. After two hours the judge called 3 of us to the bench & said ‘You three are excused because you are in conflict with the defendant & witnesses in this case. You can go now. The other 197 remaining in the jury pool had to stay & fill out quite lengthily questionnaires & be individually interviewed, which probably lasted the rest of the day. The Secret worked miraculously, & I peacefully went back to my music teaching job at the college yesterday afternoon. I just want the world to know how amazingly the Secret works, frequently against great odds. Thank you for all you have done to spread the news of the Secret~~!!!
- Susan Grisanti Guitarist

Mr. Enoch Tan, I just wanted to thank you. You have given me hope and spiritual renewal. Jesus I Trust In You. Thank You
- Joseph Valenti

Hi, I’m very glad I’ve found your site. I began to read Mind reality - The Universe is Mental and. It’s exactly what I was looking for. I need that kind of information to grow. Lately, I’m very interested in quantum physics and I have been a long time interested in spirituality. I must admit that I’m here because of synchronism. Thank you a lot to be on my path.
- Carmen Brisebois

This site is without a doubt the best reading I have ever read. I deeply thank you for it. I read a lot about which you write and a lot of times I just cannot understand it. The way you write is so very clear.
- Kathy Israel

Hello bro Enoch! I thank God for your Good works in Changing lives. I say in changing lives because My Life is Changing at a very fast pace. My understanding about my self is increasing and am able to make some meaningful decision with Good result. It all began to happen when I got YOUR e-BOOK on Mind Reality about two month ago, after reading it I started to apply some of the truth in it and believe me! I am truly seeing some fantastic results in my life and that I went to thank you for it.
- James Agbadi, I live in Ghana- West Africa. Please, THANK YOU.

I found your articles up lifting and have many times helped me make sense of what is happening with me. It has helped my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which I have been diagnosed with after a home invasion and rape. I want congratulate you on such a wonderful site and the wisdom in your articles, while I was working in my own business of natural therapies I recommended your site to all my clients, so I hope that they have at least visited your site. It was your site that finally made sense to the book called the secret, I always felt there was something missing in its instruction and sure enough I found the answer in your site. Thank you for your work and putting things in to words that can be understood and put in to practice. Well done. Sincerely
- Wendy Starick

Dear Enoch, this is the absolute best website I have ever read. I can hardly quit reading it, but I have to so what I read can be absorbed. I have been looking for this for years. Thank you.
- Kathy Israel

I really enjoyed the article, Truth about Satan and His Real Agenda for All — that was great! Finally, someone who talks about Jesus Christ! That was one missing piece I received from you. Seems most authors just speak of Him as just another person who reached higher consciousness, like the Buddha.
- Dustin

Dear Enoch, I wanted to tell you that I donated money to your website from another name: belly girl. I don’t know if you would know that it was me or not, but I want to tell you how much I appreciate all you share. It is a gift given from my heart with joy - the joy and peace I get from your website and your writings.
- Kathy Israel

Hi Enoch, I bought your book Manifestation Keys and downloaded your other books from your website. Wow, I’m very impressed and grateful that you wrote them. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! How did you acquire all these knowledge?? Your book sounds like you are a Christian, someone who is familiar with the teachings of the Bible. Do you have a bio? What kind of books do you read for you to understand all these secrets? I’m just so amazed. Sorry I asked so many questions.

Anyhow, please let me know how you can be contacted. I thought you might be of Chinese descent with your last name, but I am not assuming anything. I would just be even more amazed that for all the information and secrets you have gathered and VERY THANKFUL that you are allowing people to download them for free. That’s very kind and generous of you. Thank you once again and I hope to hear from you and perhaps speak with you personally as I’m a spiritual seeker and really enjoy meeting someone who is like-minded. Blessings,

- Rick Chang

Dear Enoch Tan, I have been following your writings for the past 3 months and my god, are they brilliant! Absolutely breathtaking and always so practical, enlightening and uncannily spot-on, that it’s unbelievable that they have been revealed so masterfully simply! I’ve saved most of your precious, priceless articles in my laptop so that I could refer to them time and time again; I’ve studied Osho Rajneesh’s works, Zen teachings and a host of spiritual sources, but your work has been towering above them all, in terms of the essential core and source, practicality and immediate applicableness. Your revelations seem normal on the surface but great mastery always makes great work look ordinary, reachable, and simple. You are certainly doing great work in raising the consciousness of our kind while you’re at it here. I don’t know how else to express my happiness and gratefulness to Life for coming to know your work, but there’s one thing I’m absolutely sure: in due time, many of us will be illumined and achieve self-mastery by understanding and living the metaphysical truths that you reveal.
- Adrian Lek

Thank You Enoch Tan you have influenced me to have a better life and you have actually evolved my consciousness and have practically saved me from myself and the bad thoughts I again thank you for what you showed me.
- Roberto .M

Mr. Tan, I am a Christian and for the past few years I was growing increasingly confused and frustrated about what is being taught to Christians in Church ( here in the U.S.). I kept telling myself that there has to be more than what is being preached. The bible speaks to certain truths about the power of the mind, prosperity, etc but the church continually glosses over those subjects, leaving many Christians suffering and helpless and just waiting on God, while taking no action. I kept wondering why is the “world” prospering when Christians, who know Christ and live their lives for him, remain in bondage. It’s as if they are being blinded. I recently began to start having my own thoughts about the matter and made a petition unto God to show my how it all worked. After a few months of petitions, God lead me to your writings. I felt relieved when I read your teachings. Like I had come home. Thank you for your enlightenment. I am a Life Coach and work with clients to teach them to reprogram their thinking and begin changing their reality. Several years ago, God told me that I had been called to set the captive free and daily he further equips me to do that work. Thanks again,
- Tonya

- (Unnamed)

Dear Enoch, I thank God for you. You have given me so much. God has certainly gifted you and your willingness to share what you have with the rest of us is quite outstanding. You help me every day. May your blessings multiply infinitely. Thanks for everything. Appreciatively,
- Maureen

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