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You are a fascinating human being, Enoch. The depth of your knowledge is unparalleled to that of any person I spoke to or read about. Tonight I am going to begin to read your cookbook. I hope your in depth explanations to ďlifeís mysteriesĒ will resonate and penetrate my soul, to such a point that I too will be able to sift through the complex of life and realize its simplicity. Thank you Enoch for your prompt and very thorough responses. Take care.
- John J. OíHanlan

Hello, I donít know how to say this (well I do it just feels strange), Your knowledge on what Iím learning and teaching myself, following the guidance Iím giving myself, well I want to give you the biggest hug. You should be glad we wonít (never say never) meet because I would absolutely love to sit talking to you. Really, every time I stumble upon your work Iím so intrigued and you always answer what I was searching to know and give me insight to so much more. CONGRATULATIONS for your hard work, your study and time and effort of putting your words across. I love it and still have so much to explore.
- Beverley Phipps

Dear Enoch, I recently bought your e-book and I joined Mindreality as a member. I had a couple of amazing experiences which I want to share with you. About two weeks ago on a Sunday evening I heard a puppy yelping at the house of my neighbor. The yelping continued for the whole night.

On the Monday night the puppy started to yelp again. I knew from the experience on the Sunday night that the puppy would be yelping for the whole night if I donít do something. In my mind I talked to the puppy and I told him that he has nothing to fear because God is protecting us and therefore he should go to sleep. I also visualized several angels protecting all of us. Immediately the yelping sounded as if was coming from a very tired puppy. Within seconds the puppy was silent.

For the rest of the week we havenít heard the puppy again. I became worried and Saturday morning I thought by myself that maybe I did something wrong and that I might have killed the puppy with my thoughts. The moment I thought this, the puppy yelped and a thought came into my mind as if the puppy was telling me not to worry about him as he is well.

During last week there was an evening where all the dogs in the neighborhood barked viciously. I donít know why they barked but the dogs were barking from all directions. I tried the same which I did with the puppy and to my amazement it worked again. Within seconds all the dogs were quiet.

Nobody will convince me that these incidents are coincidence. I am now convinced that the mind really has enormous power. I am very eager to learn everything there is to know in this regard. Please teach me everything you know. Regards

- Theunis van Schalkwyk

I would just like to thank you so much for the information that you have blessed so many with. I began using your manifestation techniques and they are working. At first I was lost because I didnít know just how much I was fighting against myself and the universe with my thought patterns, my body language. I didnít realize that I needed to be in alignment with what I wanted to manifest I didnít know how to be in harmony with the universe. I feel so at ease and now I am so emotional as I write this letter that I am beginning to cry because I feel so much joy, so much peace. You are truly an angel and I believe that many will benefit from this information and I plan to pass it on to as many people as I can. Once again thank you so much. May many blessings come to you, until your website I didnít realize what I was capable of. Now I can manifest anything I want like magic.
- Halima Jones

Dear Enoch, What a gift we your subscribers have in you. I am so grateful to have your articles to read. The wisdom flowing from them really resonates for me and I pass them on to my familyÖ.selectively because as you say ďA personís mentality may get them a certain amount of results. But that same mentality may be what is keeping them from greater results.Ē I included! Thank you and ten thousand blessings to you.
- Miriam from KL, Malaysia

Enoch Tan, I have to tell you that everything I wanted I am getting. I believed on you, so I am receiving all the money I desired. I will thank you for the rest of my life. Thank you.
- Nelson Geraldo

Hello Enoch: I have been visiting your site since last yearís summer and must admit what a huge impact it has done on my life. I am a completely different person. I have applied your principle and have achieved great success in career. Thank you for that very much.
- Dominique

Enoch, I have joined Mind Reality and have read several of the articles you have written. You truly are an enlightened soul! I have enjoyed reading your articles, and I look forward to many more! You are awesome, we are awesome! Kindest regards,
- Larry Gonzales, Redlands, California USA

Thank you very much for such an inspiring website. Your writing is clear and beautifully clarifies the relationship between spirituality and science. For many people, God is this imaginary old man whom we have to beg for the rest of our lives. Your articles reveal that goodness already exists for us. We just have to open our consciousness and awareness to it.
- Sharon

Hello Enoch, I have really liked that literature about how to live a full life, I mean where you talked about total surrender to God, you know I have been trying to search for God but I think the problem is failure to totally surrender, thank you, that information is really helpful this is my first time to visit your site (I found it on Google) and I have really liked it, thank you, keep it up Brother,
- Arthur in Uganda East Africa

Hi Enoch, I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful book and for taking time out of your schedule to respond to me. I appreciate your wise words of advice, and I will try my best to be detached and trust in my Higher Self to give the best solution. The book is so very useful, I have not been able to put it down, am on page 75 right now, and will not go to sleep until I finish it! I will definitely put it into practice as I can now clearly see some areas I have gone wrong. You have been very helpful Enoch, and the advice you have given me will last a lifetime. I shall always refer to it. I wish Godís blessings upon you and thank you for the empowering message as well as your brilliant website. I think people can tell that you write from the heart, and not just to get money. Best wishes,
- Sharon

As you know I read your articles when you send them to me and I am truly honest when I say that I always looking forward to receiving your emails, in fact, I canít wait sometimes to get home and recharge by your emails. I find them so full of intelligence and so powerful.
- Alberto Ferri

I really enjoy your writings. They really synthesize much of what I have been reading. Your site is now my home page.
- Greg

Enoch, I have to tell you that all the articles I read cannot compare to your articles. They are easy to understand and very clear. You get the information across in a really understandable, clear way. I canít quit reading them!!
- Kathy Israel

Dear Enoch, I bought your e-book and I am also a member of your site. I think that your work is marvelous. After reading a lot of your work, I begin to understand how things work. Regards
- Theunis van Schalkwyk

Hi Enoch, I really enjoy your wisdom, since I became a member of your site, I am totally hooked on reading all of your material. I wish I could stay up all night reading all of your articles but I know that does not do any good because I must let the information sink in. I was wondering if you donít mind, what books you recommend reading and or websites. Your knowledge is deep and definitely beyond the ordinary and I am sure that you have many, many resources. Thanks in advance
- Margaret Hutchinson

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