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Dear Enoch, when I found your site by “coincidence” a few days ago, I first thought that your claim that it is the best site of this kind was just some sales pitch, some hype, but then I got impressed by the amount of coherent, intrinsic truth, and also bought your e-book “Reality Creation Secrets”, and now after reading the book and about 30 of your articles I dare say that what you write is REALLY the best, most concise, clear and intelligent material on manifestation I have ever read. Thank you and GOD bless you. Regards
- Ulrich Jung, Brazil

I’m most impressed with all the quotes on your website. I have been using “The Secret” - which I am sure you are familiar with, and my life has changed in numerous ways, all for the better. Thank you for the time you take to spread the word to other people who need and want to make a change in their circumstances.
- Susan

Dear Enoch: I would like to say thank you for your amazing insights into how the Universe works. I’ve been a constant reader of your articles and they have helped me a lot. I have achieved quite a few successful materializations.
- Eldar

Hello-Dear Enoch, thank you very much for such inspiring articles of yours. It is such a pleasure to read the information that you provide about your insights that it is a very difficult task to describe them.
- Dominique

Mr. Tan, Thank you so much for these letters you have been sending. I do so appreciate them and am gleaning from them. They are a source of strength and empowerment to me as they give me hope that I can master my life and achieve greatness. They affirm what I have known for a long time — that we are God of our life, of our existence, for good or for bad, and that we control how things turn out. Thank you for the letters. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to help enlighten us all.
- Terri

Greetings Enoch: I absolutely love your website and the way you explain the journey to enlightenment. You are extremely intelligent for a young man. As a nearly 60 year old guy working towards enlightenment and living near Seattle, Washington, USA, I must tell you…I’m a fan. I am trying to reach as many young people as I can in this world to help them ’see’ the reality of the world we live in and the ‘hidden’ power they possess to create any type of life they want to live. I built a website last December and I already have subscribers to my bi-monthly newsletter from all 50 U.S. states and in over 55 countries worldwide in only a few months. It’s amazing how many people worldwide are searching for ‘answers’ to life’s deepest questions. My site is at: and after studying your website I’m thinking of completely re-doing my site based on your teachings. Thanks for the noble work you are doing Enoch.
- Doug Allan Dammeier, Washington USA

Hello, I want to say that I think your website is amazing! I look forward to your new articles every week. is by far my favorite website.
- Sarah Kirk

I searched Zen on Google and saw your page. My first manifestation attempt was a motorcycle. I am pleased to say that there is a Honda shadow 1100 sitting in my garage right now. Incredible. I don’t know what I’ll try next!
- Tanner

Hi Enoch! Thanks so much for your articles! I find them full of truths while being specific. I am an avid reader and have had some great experiences in life using these very principles in life. I have obtained many things in the past and at one point I got discouraged by the expectations and also allowed distractions in my life to occur, so I just let go. I gained the knowledge and freedom of having things, yet not allowing them to have me. I read your article about keeping the level up and the focus of intent. So I was inspired to write and say thank-you for sharing and having some very insightful articles. I have had many amazing experiences in life and I am truly grateful for those past privileges. I believe I am ready for more and want to be able to maintain them. Thanks Enoch for contributing your gift and time to self awareness for others.
- Phyllis

Hi There! THANK YOU for a great website. I get a lot of insights and it helps me to be clarified on certain problem areas in my life. May God richly bless you and I hope this email will be read by you. GREAT THANKS!
- Cecile

Hello Enoch, I pray God our Father will bless you and keep you strong. You already know how I find your site a blessing, a great source of truth so fitting in these last days. But a little more than a source of truth, a wheel in the engine of Gods work, it is my spirit within that knows it for sure. If there was another level of membership I would be first inline. If there was an (MindReality) academy of truth to study with, I would be a student. Create some means, were by people can respond to what they are learning, to create a flow, a sense of belonging or association with other Children of The Light. Even a simple thing like arranging times of united spiritual awareness / focus would do this. You have the means to organize events of spiritual focus of the MindReality members’ group mind. This I believe would please the Father. These are only my humble suggestions. Your friend,
- Joe Townley.

Hello Enoch, “And Enoch walked with God and was not, for God took him”. Somewhere along the way Enoch, who knows when, in what far vista of time, God took you, my inconceivably precious friend, and now manifests you here in this incarnation as the teacher of nations. What you write always has the edge of synchronicity for me. This is especially so right now with your latest three articles. There is so much tripe being pedaled as wisdom on the internet. But you know that you are the real thing. And I know that too. I first came across your site via a link from Mindpower but only recently became a member.
- Harold Mitchell

Dear Enoch, I thank you for your wonderful course, which has transformed my life positively beyond my wildest imagination. God bless you!!!
- Sid Ganapathy, Mumbai, India

Hi, I am a truth seeker and striving for self realization as per teachings of My Tejguru Sirshree Tejparakhiji ( am reading your e book Mind Reality. It’s fascinating and mind blowing. Thanks to Genius within you. Happy Thoughts.
- Mahesh, Bhopal (INDIA)

I understand how you arrive at your conclusions, but I’d really like to know where your mind begins at it. And how you know such a diverse topography of things. Of so many things, really.
- Vani Subramanian Iyer

Dear Enoch~ Thank you So much for your articles~ I’ve also heard it recently said that Everything we see is in the past because of the speed of light, that by the time light reaches our eye, the object we are looking at is actually in the past, even if it’s a nanosecond like this computer screen. I would love it if you could do an article on speed of light and thoughts what we are seeing is actually the past. Or maybe you’ve already written an article like that I’m unaware of. Your articles have changed my life so much this year~ may you have many, many wonderful miracles this year!
- Susan Grisanti

Enoch, I am so excited I entered into the all is well detachment. You were a big part of it. Thanks. My core is I am in Christ and He is in me and I am not attached. Nothing the world has to offer could be better than this peace and assurance in my heart. What sealed it for me was believing God has my highest good in His control. I do not have to try to grow I am complete and nothing is lacking I can just be and all is well. I can actually feel the procrastination block removed. I accept myself and have inspired action. A LOA teacher wrote about an anti attachment pill and it touched me at a profoundly deep level. Thank you for being you.
- Dee

Thank you so much for your reply and your incredible website. I have spent many hours there over the last two weeks reading and printing some of the articles that called out to me the strongest. I am absorbing so much of what you have written and so very much of it resonates with my soul. I have been on an amazing, if somewhat difficult, journey over the last year but I know that it was not by accident that I was drawn to your site. You are an amazing person and your articles are incredible. You are providing much needed information to the world. Sincerely,
- Cathy Price

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