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Early this morning my husband read several articles from your website about Jesus-Christ, the Atonement, reincarnation and several others…he is in another realm up until now, he said it was mind-blowing!! Thanks for your hard Work. I can’t wait to read some of them myself and to apply the keys you gave us. Amen! To our Success, always in HIM
- Danielle Dagba

Enoch, you are my FAVORITE email each and every morning. Thank you for sharing your wonderful mind and abundant knowledge with the masses. You are most kind and generous. I always look forward to hearing from you. In fact, I’ve delegated nearly all of the rest of my email to the spam folder, to glance through later, so I don’t have to search for you in the morning! : ) Miracles Wrap Around You,
- Lora

Hi Enoch, I cannot even start to explain how your website has changed my way of thinking just by reading the first page. I am not a member but would love to be someday. I am only 17 years of age, and I don’t have a clue about life and its mysterious ways. I have new from about the age of 13 that I was capable of such more than the average citizen. I just don’t how to unlock my true potential and I genuinely believe in you Enoch and would love to hear more about what you do.
- Ross Guppy

I was Enlightened about earlier by the influence of God through you to us by your article Reincarnation is the Return of Soul Information. This knowledge is perfect for me, but I was looking for faults and couldn’t find any so I started to make up lies , and the awareness that I have from this knowledge has me looking at it, and just laughing at how I was thinking. Now when I see these unnecessary thoughts I just blow them off. Truth is, this is the best thing to ever happen to myself.

Before I really got into this I was Spiritually under attack and my mind was bombarded with all sorts of things, like reptilian humanoids, illuminati run on, mind blowing theories and speeches from David Icke, conspiracy theories and I could see or was drawing the deceit out of everyone around me including my parents because of reading the book The 48 Laws of power, plus my girlfriend turned out to be kind of a harlot and she slaughtered my heart at the beginning of this. Someone with a lot of authority even made me believe I couldn’t read properly and I stopped reading properly for like two months, lol. Because I was down so, so low, I was basically dragging down those around me wherever I went. I had thoughts like “I wonder how much more time I have left on this planet” and the only thing that made me feel better was mindreality and a few good friends. This restored me completely. God talked to me 2 times because I was so hurt .The first time he told me that these are his people and I should respect them. The second time he required something of me, and that was to give him my life. What I Give is what I get back so he gave me More life than ever or the best knowledge to live life so I am detached and flowing with him.

One of the stupidest things that happened to me was to call another human God and trust in him only to be betrayed, I believed one of my friends was God. I really believed this, even after God talked to me. I was deceived, but I still came back to life. I started to write a lot too, from pure inspiration. It came to me that “knowledge is Living Energy, and people perish or die for lack of Living Energy”. I’m having fun being a channel like you, it trickles through sometimes and other times it pours. A tree is known by its fruit and I’m blessed to be in this garden. allot of things happened besides this too in the past I stepped on a bus with my mother and it was empty , the driver was talking to his friend but I felt it was directed to me, He said if you cant fill up this bus….. I couldn’t hear the rest. It made me kinda mad so I focused on drawing people in the bus and in minutes, the bus was filled. While driving, he probably felt the power I had and was contending with me in the invisible while talking with his friend. All I know is that I was winning and before we came to our stop he said out loud “but the 14 Laws of power blah blah…..” lol. I stepped of the bus a little mad at everyone because I thought it was a conspiracy against me, that’s why I hate conspiracy theories. Anyway, my Mother told him seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all these things will be added to you. So that showed me that the power of God is much more than using deceit and making enemies to have it.

This all happened because of Gods words being in my subconscious by learning mindreality, it’s a beautiful experience to read all of this and an eternal blessing. You only could be walking with the father, I’m glad to know you and believe. I’ve experienced these miracles so I cannot doubt or fall back. I felt like I needed to share that and the words from you are valuable treasures and I only collect the best now so speak to me. God Bless

- John Forbes

Hi Enoch, I found your website about 6 months ago and it’s my “go to” website as soon as I get online. Whenever I have a spare minute I like to read a couple of articles, really insightful! Thanks
- Tracey

Dear Enoch…………..many thanks for sharing your wisdom so generously!!! I have recently become a member and love reading words of such truth and self-empowerment on a daily basis. I teach Kundalini yoga and meditation here in Singapore.
- Rebecca Pflaum

A revelation came to me about Ecclesiastes chp.10:10 it says “If the ax is dull and one does not sharpen the edge, then he must use more strength; But Wisdom brings success.” I looked at the ax as our conscious mind and sharpening it is absorbing more of the knowledge of God, and if we as humans do not keep absorbing this knowledge we would have to work harder to gain wealth or cut through the illusions and limits to have what we desire. Thanks for sharing yourself, Thank God.
- John

Hi Enoch, You are very, very interesting. Yes, I had read many spiritual books before. I do believe that in order for a person to be wealthy, he/she needs to know the foundation of spiritual life. I also believe in giving and receiving, and yes, like you, I had read many other books. The difference is, you have the ability to express your writings into sorts of simplified forms digging up from complicated texts. I also went through sort of different experiences before, and Of course, I would like to be a very successful human, helping the less fortunate ones. I also see new and very amazing things in your writings, e.g., SELF = You & Me. So from today onwards, I will try my best to stop bearing grudges of those of hurt me!! Anyway, I would like to keep in TOUCH with YOU.MAY GOD BLESS YOU!! :)))
- Ng Kelly :))

My Dear Enoch, I have been waiting for you for 60 years. As a child I prayed for wisdom to know the truth in all things. In all my searches, the Holy Spirit kept moving me on until I discovered your writings. All the pieces fell together. I feel secure in my beliefs and am able to do what I am called to do. The world is so blind and confused. They search for solutions outside themselves when God’s love is within and available to all. This week, Todd Bentley (Fresh Fire Ministries) is preaching in my area - Indianapolis, IN. His ministry is seeing and talking to angels and traveling to the astral plane daily. This could be the truth but not the whole truth. I plan to go and pass out one of your writing -”Knowing God through Enlightenment and Salvation” with an invitation to your web site. - This is what I feel I am directed to do. I have so many questions. I will keep you informed on my travels. God Bless
- Helen Looft

Hi Enoch Tan: How are you? We just wanted to say a quick hello and to say that our life will never be the same again. Finding your website has been a tremendous blessing, the keys of wisdom and truths it contained have enabled us to open many more doors and to see more endless possibilities. Furthermore it has enhanced our spiritual walk with God and broadens our vision of Christ. Your website has helped us in finding the answers to many questions and has helped us to “connect the dots” so to speak in our quest to know Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for having embraced your calling, in doing so you have contributed to all of our divine callings. In Him always
- The Dagbas

FOR 54 YEARS METAPHYSICS is my way of life…your teachings have guided my own thoughts up to the conscious level…that was there all the time. Thank you (It is so) “and so it is”
- Doris Clemons

Hello Enoch, It is hard to put how I feel about Mind Reality into words. Your Knowledge, Wisdom & the ability to communicate them with others is PROFOUND!!!!! I love it!! I am so thankful & feel so fortunate to be able to be a member of it. Thank you for sharing your Wisdom & Knowledge with me!! Sincerely,
- Carol Ann Lance

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