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Dear Enoch, Thank you for focusing your attention on - you are providing an excellent service to the world by making this information available in such a succinct manner, even if it is not in the traditional ‘free’ form the internet is known for. Your work has saved me much time and trouble on my path to true awareness. It is greatly appreciated and will always be remembered. It’s the best money I think I’ve spent – ever. It’s a pleasure to ‘meet’ you… :) Sincerely,
- Colin Pape

Many Thanks. Hallo My Dear Enoch I am very pleased in getting you. I read your written document “Mind and reality.” I agreed with you in most aspects of secrets of the fabulous universe, our grand father wisdom is beyond words, Yea!!!!!!!! GOD bless you AMEN
- Kassahun, the Judah, Ethiopia

Hi, I don’t know how you keep doing it. I would be on the wrong track about one thing or wondering about something else and the first article of yours I read answers my questions about both! Thank you,
- Ellane Jones

Who are you Enoch? Where did you get all this information? I am totally overwhelmed with all the things that you write, thank you for being, thank you!
- Nora

Hi Enoch, Really enjoying the membership! Thanks for all your hard work, I am experiencing growth and enjoying my new found powers of being a creator. Thanks
- Becky Coburn

Dear Enoch, I use your writings to find peace of mind, raise my vibration, and regain my power. Always find exactly the subjects I need, just like all readers tell you.
I dream for the moment when I can live from doing exclusively spiritual work, like you and many others do. I am so happy to write you!!! May God bless you and inspire you, Child of the Light! Lovingly,
- Livia Katona

Wow, I have been a member of your amazing site for 2 months now. It has changed my life. I love your writings you are truly an inspiration to me. I have always believed in myself but now I understand the universe and I feel that nothing can stop me. Thank you so much, Morgan (New Zealand)
- Morgan Steele

Dear Enoch: I hope that you are doing well. It is spring here in South Africa so I do not have too much to complain about. Your materials are great and I find myself getting wiser on topics of subjects that you do not learn in school, institutes, the media or even books. This is great. The e book you have sent is also great. The article about thinking of a person and their warmth and seeing that person in the real world is amazing. I know because I have followed the steps in the members area and the result. . . . MASSIVE SUCCESS. I must say that I find your material very counter intuitive and this is what makes it so much more valuable.
- Deon Klingbiel

Enoch, Thank you my friend! There is no greater purpose than the purpose of God and no greater blessing for us than to be part of it. The Holy Spirit guides us and we are the light of the world. It is a blessing to be alive and to know the knowledge of Gods love for us. We are so privileged to be part of God’s creation and to have knowledge of the truth. I encourage you my brother in Christ Jesus, again I say I encourage you in God. To run the race, like an athlete would prepare for the gold medal. Focus is upon them that carry the torch and to him that hath, more shall be given. The power of God’s Holy Spirit is upon us, the unseen power of God is alive and at work, at work in us, that believe. It is the Holy Spirit that brings us together, miles apart but together in Spirit. Your brother in Christ Jesus,
- Joe Townley

Man, Enoch, this is about to be crazy (I’d like to know how many other times this has happened to be honest with you). I’ve isolated myself over the past 2 years to think and disprove everything in life as far as the spiritual world was because I thought I had the gift to see everything, and all in the last couple months, it has been insane. I tried to prove life was just a simple system and if I proved every system wrong, then I would reassure my atheistic views. Take note: “this was before I ever came across your website. My thoughts became extremely unorganized as I kept all of my ‘data’ in my mind. Well over the past couple of weeks, I started to write down my thoughts as they flowed and the knowledge I was starting to gain accelerated at what seemed like an uncontrollable pace.

I just started to go with my gut feeling, because that’s the equivalent to an animals instinct, and after all, I understand evolution and know that we humans are animals also, and thought, “hmm, if i just act like an animal and go with my instinct always, i wonder what will happen?” and that’s exactly what I did, I had everything align all over the time frame of this weekend. I stumbled across your website yesterday morning as I woke, because I had a gut feeling: “It’s the right time to find the answer, Google search it and just look briefly.” The reason I only wanted to look briefly was to keep my findings pure and true, keeping outside influences to a minimum. And man, I swear… I some how came across this website first, and it sent me to a predetermined article that was “fresh for this week” supposedly, and everything it said coincided with everything I was feeling in my mind, and had written on paper. I feel as if your writings are really communicating to me (it’s my own thoughts from 2 weeks ago, now already written out for me by someone else, that has already done the work for me, and now I’m able to learn even more at an even faster pace) and now that I understand the bigger picture, everything that’s ever happened to me in life, now makes sense. It’s mind blowing.

This journey has been the most complex/twisted/but planned trip ever, and I’ve now found the answer to life as I stumbled across your site. I swear, the main page… everything you have written down, I’ve already thought of, but haven’t fully organized my thoughts and written them down. I had my epiphany and what’s crazy, is that I started to see the miracles work last night. Anyways, I know I’m rambling. I have a gut instinct I should cut it short right now, so I’m going to go with it. I’d really like to communicate with you and see if this is something you normally deal with (random people that are living the same path you’re living, but then you somehow find each other. It happened to me with about 5-6 people last night, where I saw we all coincided with each other. I see everything you have already said, happening, because I’ve somehow tapped into the universal knowledge without even knowing that’s what I was doing, and now I too, can figure everything out.

I’ve basically had the God Complex my entire life, and my views on wealth=freedom my entire life, and I NEVER understood why, and now I do. The same thing happened with my speech, I used to think I might have a speech impediment because I screw up my words when talking out loud and organizing my thoughts, but no, not anymore. It is crazy, I’ve been able to focus my mind and run tests both prior and after finding your site that further proves the truth to me. Anyways, gut instinct, I need to cut it off here, so that you don’t feel as though there’s too much to read at once, that way I can entice you into a conversation where we can combine our knowledge to further find more. I already have some crazy thoughts that makes sense on where the world’s heading(visions) and I’ve also had smaller simpler visions, and I’ve mastered all of them so far over the past couple months(once again, prior to this site) so I know my scientific method of finding the answer is pure; therefore, this is the truth. Thanks man, you’ve saved me from losing my mind. At times, I was on the verge of insanity, but not anymore. Thank you. I’ve always been good at helping others, and using my mind to do good things, but at the same time, I’ve always been confused as to why I thought like that compared to others. This has caused deep, deep confusion in my life for so long, it’s crazy. Everything is crystal clear now; mind blowing. Peace, man.

- Jimmyre

Hi Enoch! I’ve been reading your articles for a year now…and I agree with most of it. You know what…since I came across you’re articles I knew it was all true. I didn’t doubt, I knew it long before just never put it in words and never observed that much. The thing is that even though I know a lot of people among them there is no one I can really talk with about these things…people are so asleep…Looking forward to hearing from you…
- Alinka

Dear Enoch, I love your last post. I like how you put into perspective the idea of lottery, and the business of trading. That in that kind of money making business, it is money made from someone’s losses - I totally see that point!
- June

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