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Dear Enoch, This is Catherine, one of your loyal readers at I am currently in London, but will soon go back to Houston, after a 1-year intra-company training. I would like to thank you for your wonderful writings you’ve been providing freely. Ever since I started reading them, and practicing them in my daily life, I have witnessed many miracles, both in my professional life and personal life. I have a habit of jotting down the “gems” in your writing in a palm-size notebook. And when I am waiting for the bus, or in the tube, I would take it out to spend my time in a more meaningful way. Sometimes, when I have a stressful working day, during the lunch break, I would go alone and take out your writings and read during lunch. Your words never fail to calm my spirit and help me center myself and the 1-hour lunch break restores me in ways no other 1-hour activity can. No amount of words could sufficiently express my appreciation for you. I feel I am a totally different person now–armed with powerful mindset and approach life with more boldness. US is in a depression now, and this situation will not soon change. I don’t know what is waiting for me when I go back in next January, but I do know whatever comes my way, I can handle it. I sincerely thank you for your contribution to my spiritual growth and will continue to be your avid reader as I have always been. Merry Christmas! Best,
- Catherine Zhang

Enoch is a great spiritual Master. He dedicates this earthly journey to our enlightenment. He is divinely inspired to share to us the secret of hapiness, joy, abundance, fulfillment, everlasting true power. He teaches us the only precious and necessary knowledge of all - that of our divine nature, which we need to realize, and become from slaves, masters of our fate. His site and writings is a powerful source of inspiration for all those who follow the spiritual path. His contribution to humanity progress is invaluable. I recommend to all my friends, and to everybody else to visit his site, and understand the message. Thank you, Enoch, for spreading Light upon us! Your faithful disciple,
- Livia Katona

Dear Enoch Tan, I was very much attracted like a magnet reading your website. Though I have read many books on Law of attraction, The Secret and websites related on this subject, nothing matches yours. I have been reading and reading your website many times and it definitely has the magnetic pull. I wanted to subscribe to the membership instantly, but I had to delay the subscription due to my financial crisis. To be short I even had the problem to pay this subscription of $29.95. I have been cheated in an African business and as a result the lost heavily. So, as you have said, I may the one who needs your help the most to create the abundance. In fact, having known your website is the GREATEST GIFT from GOD. EVERY BREATH IS A GIFT FROM GOD AND FOR ME AT THIS MOMENT YOURS IS ALSO A GIFT, AS EQUAL TO THE SAME GIFT AS THE GIFT OF BREATH FROM GOD. Thank you GOD and thank you ENOCH TAN. With all the BLESSING FROM GOD.
- Ramasamy Muthusamy

Enoch, Just in case…. no one has told you lately, you ROCK! Keep on sending out these emails and doing your research on behalf of all of us who are looking to you for direction. I am a better person today due to the richness bestowed upon me through the understanding I’ve gained from reading your materials. Thank you.
- Rhonda Lasater

Hello Enoch, It is with great gratitude that I write to thank you again for the messages you provide. So many times I am led to your site by Divine Guidance. There is a sacred essence to your words which continue to heal my heart and nourish my soul. Blessings and love to you.
- Diane Schmitt

Enoch, You Rock!!!! I love many of these articles. The Law of Detachment/Law of Surrender/Law of Attraction Articles. I Love reading them over and over and over and over. They make me feel sooo good. I love their messages because it is in divine timing with what I am experiencing in my heart right now….A strong desire to manifest something. And I am happy to say that “Inspired action” is something I instinctively do already as opposed to “Forced action” (just to throw that in there) But now I have to learn how to listen to the messages of God/my higher Self/Angels. I have to remember that my desires are really not mine but they are actually “messages from God” to act on it. Beautiful. Well that makes it easy. Who wouldn’t wanna act on a desire!!! Also, I am merely a hollow reed, God’s instrument. I will (am) open, open to receive the flow. I am nothing. God is everything. Every good feeling every good thought every inspiration comes from him. Open and receive the flow. Beautiful. The secret to a worry-free life. It is God’s life living through me. So relax dear heart. You are taken care of. Relax. And when you relax, you also release vibrational blocks that keep you from receiving…..the flow. Oh…beautiful!!!!! Enjoy life. Enjoy the drama as it divinely and opportunely unfolds. As we say in 3D “It’s all good” Actually “IT’S ALL GOD” Thank you for the articles Enoch! You rock! In Joy,
- Ysobelle (eye-sa-belle)

Mr. Enoch? … YOU ROCK! I LOVE you so much! Your website is totally awesome!!! Just the way you think and present your divine ideas are unheard of! I’ve been playing around with your concepts and notions for a good while now, and nothing else can compare! My life, kids, wife, friends just kind of worship me!!! But when I present your material, they just can’t accept it for some reason… Fine… that’s not my problem… They are entitled to live life as they please… But I have personally and passionately embraced many, if not all of your ideas! They rock so got dam hard, you have no idea man! I’m sorry this isn’t a post that you can show off to people, but I just had to let you know that you are so magnificent! So awesome! So…I just ain’t got words… can’t find an adjective worthy of describing you, Mr. Enoch! You ROCK! I love you!!! Sincerely
- James J. E.

Hi Enoch, Really enjoying your information and putting it into practice. I particularly like articles you do about Time as it’s very fascinating and I’ve had three experiences of purposefully asking for specific events that did end up taking place as I specified but I know that something had to have changed in the past for that to have happened. I’d love to learn much more about Time and Space. If you ever plan on doing a workshop or seminar on Time/Space/Manifesting, I’d love to attend. Regards
- Helen Melbourne, Australia

Your articles are truly enlightening, inspiring and full of a wisdom I have never witnessed anywhere else! You are as close to brilliant as anyone can possibly come and I would like to thank you for making such knowledge available to the world!
- Jacob Abramov

Good Morning My Friend, Just wanna say “You Rock”!!!! Where do these fabulous writings come from? You? From spirit “through” you? Or is it from various sources? Fantastic! I am such a big fan. To me you’re a rock star! Just got finished reading “All Factors of Wealth and Reality Creation” Of course I re-read previous stuff over and over and over… I was just telling my friend that “Enoch is the new Neale (Donald Walsch)” Thank You for everything,
- Ysobelle

I really appreciate this post; “Finding Grace of God through Rest and Trusting”, it has helped me so much. I think it is the most beautiful and enlightening I have ever read.
- Joseph Townley

Dear Enoch, I live in Bogotá, Colombia, South America, for over thirty years I have been looking for answers to the great questions of life, Who am I?, Which is my origin?, Which is my destiny? what is the purpose of life?, I studied all eastern and western philosophies and religions, I tried meditation, LSD, mushrooms, yahe, etc. looking for a link that would unveil the mystery of life allowing me to share the oneness of consciousness, perhaps I wasn’t prepared, but I insisted, it was my only goal in life, I left aside my worries for money and now I am paying the consequences, I don’t have a house, a car or any money to cover my most elemental expenses for food or cloths, but I felt happy because I thought that my goal for knowledge was the only important thing in life. One month ago I downloaded your Mind Reality ebook from, and suddenly I understood!!! the shadows that covered my mind and my eyes disappeared, knowledge filled my life with understanding, I just finished reading very slowly your teachings and will start to retrain my mind from this moment to make a complete change in my life and fill it with all the marvelous things that universal mind intended me to have and that I rejected because I thought that abundance and prosperity had nothing to do with true knowledge. Kind regards,
- Juan (The most grateful person in the world… thank you!).

Dear Enoch, I believe you are having fun doing what you do. I can’t think otherwise because I am having a blast, Living the greatest time of my life. You know how your instincts, intuition and everything within you that could not be verbalized is suddenly presented to you on a silver platter…You have revealed CERTAINTY to life. Need I say more? I don’t think so…THANK YOU.
- Ernest Amekporfor (Accra, Ghana.)

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