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Enoch my friend! You cannot even imagine how much your articles are helping me. My Top three favorites are: 1) Law of Detachment-Flowing with God2) Law of God Action-Creating from the Highest Level3) Hold Your Consciousness on God to be Invincible. I believe I was “divinely led” to this site. It is God’s one of many ways to let me know “I got ya, don’t worry” I’m always in touch with you through your articles, though you may not know it.
- Ysobelle

Dear Enoch, thank you very much for your efforts in life improvements. In my eyes you are one of the greatest in this century. Your infinitive power has to rule the whole world.
- Ronald Geiser, Germany

Hi, I just signed up as a member yesterday. is FANTABULOUS!!! The article that prompted me to sign up was the one about psychic seduction. Amazing. Totally influential man.
- Cleve Wong

Dear Enoch, I am very pleased with what I have read of this site so far. I am grateful that there are still people, like myself, that are not satisfied by one perspective, but try to incorporate all perspectives to attain TRUTH. I too am young and have a fairly great knowledge of the universe, and all of its wonderful mechanisms. From, reading your site I have seen most of your ideas are the same as my own. It is good to see there are an ever increasing number of people starting to progress throughout the phases of enlightenment, and I am glad you are doing your part to help.
- Paul

Hi Enoch! I really appreciate your wisdom and inspirational teachings. They have made a great difference in my life such as rolling with the punches. Life (on this plane) is way too short and way too sweet to get hung up on trivial things. Through your teachings I’ve learned to accept that every situation no matter “how good” or seemingly “how bad” it may be, is simply an opportunity to learn and grow! Whatever it may be, as long as something is learned, something is gained and as you say, “knowledge is power!” So Thank You from the bottom of my heart! Peace,
- Troy Fedow

Dear Enoch~ I’ve been so blessed by your teachings~ I was just sitting here quietly & a thought came to me~ the universe is to each of us like our own personal computer, & God hands us a blank hard drive when we are born~ it’s up to each of us to ‘program’ our own individual universe. The problem arises when we blame others or God for the way our universe is programmed. So that’s my thought for the day, I know it’s pretty basic but I just wanted to share it with you, have a terrific week!
- Susan Grisanti


Dear Enoch: I am so grateful for your wisdom. There are so many things I either sense or am just aware of that most just overlook. I call the underlying truth, a perspective that is instinctive to my old self, an added perspective if you will. It’s as if there are two me’s from time to time, observing this reality. I try to let the old me stay in check you might say. “None” of which would be made possible if it weren’t for the “injury” and as or if not even more important than this meditation I seem to have created.

I contacted someone that is renowned in meditation and after describing what I do he said that it sounds reasonable and if it works for you keep it up but that he hasn’t heard of it. A person many years ago that looked to be of Indian back ground told me to close my eyes and focus on the white dots that resemble a television screen that’s off the air, snowy looking. When I did this at the time I had just worked out and was standing. After one minute I opened my eyes and had a slight feeling of relief.

Years pass and I have my frontal lobe injury, watch what the bleep, read the secret and decide to try this white dots eyes closed method and add the sounds of or “vibrations of nature” which is what the new me calls it and I SWARE that as I begin the entrance or the beginning of my meditation and force all thoughts and or words away and focus on those dots with the sound of down pouring rain I “loose track of time and space” Time seems to evaporate and an altered state has begun. There have been moments that when the sound of lightning strikes the vibration reverberates through my entire being. When I REMOVE the head phones there is tingle that feels like its maintaining a vibration that is “beyond words!” I fall asleep in utter peace. The following day I seem feel an inner sense of peace and “LOVE”. It has been noticed by coworkers and every one I meet.

One day I was working on a foundation for a hose digging with four others and as I feel the permanence once again of this feeling of “glee” I notice this beautiful monarch butter fly ten feet above my head and decide to raise the back of my hand for it to come to me…”It was already pass me and stopped in mid air came back and landed right on the back of my hand I instinctive leaned to its head and kissed it on its head and it let me, it fluttered just above my hand I turned back to my task and it followed me flying all around me up one side and down the other I giggled a bit and noticed everybody had dropped their shovel’s with their mouth’s agape eyes wide and looked so stunned they looked like they were going to drop to their knees and bow their heads

“Please brother, what would you call this world I seem to have awoken into?” P.S. BY the way I caught this new contractor steeling pictures of me with his phone the fallowing day. NOT to mention you are the first one I have had to even come close to be understood by “I AM SOOO GRATEFUL!” UNIVERSAL LOVE TO YOU AND EVERYONE


Hi, this is strange. EVERY TIME I think about something, you write an article about it the next day. I’m a student, but I’m going to sign up to your site, once I collect the funds. This is insane - I’m a medical student. I’m not ’supposed’ to believe in this. But my friend, the world is proving to be much stranger than I ever imagined. Thank you, for everything so far. Regards,
- John Ndikum

Mate, you really astound me! I always knew there is something that we can tap into but at least what I then thought at bad things were really good things because I am enlightened now! Your membership is well worth it! Cheers,
- Hamish

It is extremely rare for me to get excited about any self fulfillment program but, I am totally sold on the Mind Reality program by Enoch Tan. To me, this trumps every other program on the market including Silva, Dr. Anthony’s programs, SOGR and all the rest. At age 62, I suddenly feel like I have my whole life of limitless wealth and success ahead of me. I have had a very successful life but now I feel that this is just the beginning. Damn, I am excited and joyous.

No questions asked-This is absolutely the single best self fulfillment program available. I have learned more in the past month of following this program than I have in the past 10 years. I feel almost child-like with nothing but limitless wealth and success in both my current and future reality. Name any program that you like-Silva, BrainEv, SOGR, Dr. Anthony’s work or any other program and to me, they are all good but now they end up in second place. I am totally sold on Reality Creation Secrets and the Mind Reality Membership site.

- Stan Pontiere (

Hi Enoch, Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I’m one of your subscribers. I am impressed by many of your articles. I am not a Christian, and all my life I have subscribed more to the Buddhist worldview. I’ve explored Christianity before but no one has ever been able to explain certain concepts to me. However, after reading your articles, I find that much of it makes sense and in fact seems to marry both the Buddhist and Christian worldviews so well. I am now reassessing my past worldview in favour of a personal God (previously, the universe is just an impersonal one for me). I put the concept to the test yesterday - I prayed humbly and committed my problems to God, asking him for guidance and help. Strangely enough, I found myself at peace and very calm and unburdened. I have also been seeing synchronicities in the last couple of weeks that sort of blew me away. I am very happy and excited to be on this learning journey, and just want to thank you for your insightful articles. Am looking forward to more! Cheers
- Pat Werner

Thank you very much. I am enjoying the insight already and applying the principles! This is going to continue to be one continuous manifestations of the greatest life ever for humanity. Thank you. I LOVE THIS WORK
- Augustine Edafe

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