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I just got your membership a couple of days ago and I am simply blown away! WOW! Who are you?? You must be at least a few hundred years old. Your wisdom is above and beyond! Unlike most Christians, you've embraced universal laws instead of demonizing them. I think I'm picking up some Kabala study, Golden Dawn maybe?? and definitely the Christine doctrine. Did you study major religions or is your knowledge a gift from God? I see, I'm going to enjoy being a member for a LONG, LONG time. Thank you!!!
- Denise

Good Day Mr. Tan, I am very pleased to great you today with great tidings of peace and joy. You have the best information, insight and analysis ever. I am happy to report I have begun manifesting and I am growing more excited and confident each day. As you know, I was having some financial difficulties and just last night I found two thousand dollars among some old clothes! I had been intending for a larger sum but I recognize this as signs of my greater manifestation unfolding. I am totally at peace because I totally trust God to provide all my needs and desires at the appointed time. I am cherishing each day and each moment and absorbing every lesson. Iíve already experienced a major miracle, and I don't mean the money. Not long ago, I was empty and desolate but now I am vibrant and brilliant. I thank you very much for all the knowledge you are sharing with me. The more I learn about the personal and universal aspects of God and the universe is the more i am filled with awe and splendor. Every day I love God more and trust him more, you have enhanced my understanding by quantum leaps. You have taught me more and uplifted me more than any church or bible study. Thank you so much for glorifying God rather than yourself, and thank you for teaching the truth with such authority. You truly are a great inspiration, a great guide, and a great man. God bless you Mr. Tan. Sincerely
- Ava Constantine Eden

I love you to death because what ever you write is as if whatever I think and thought in the past. It is like all my dreams come true. I am happy god uses some people every time. By the way I myself consider my self as a Christian goddess. Many times people asked me are you god? My answer was just like Jesus replied it is the spirit of god which reveals you that truth. I pass my wisdom to others whenever I see it needed. Also I am so much inclined about studying mind. I am a nurse by profession and I like to heal people. I cannot see suffering. I like to be young all my ages.
- Siji Thomas

To whoever writes these articles: I would just like to say that you have excellent writing skills. The subjects you have to share are very interesting and I believe the contributions you make are very helpful. May you continually be guided with your writings. I have enjoyed the articles the first time I looked at them last week. Keep up the good work..  Keep God first and the blessings will follow.
- Shedrisk Scott

Hi Enoch, I spoke to u once before. I just wanted to thank you so much for your help. I am empathic and have been for a longtime. I often had problems with people feeling the love I have for someone and having them think they were in love with me. Well you helped me to understand better what was happening. It was obvious but I was looking at the solution and the problem at the same time and I didn't realize what to do to resolve the issue. But when I read an article of yours it made everything crystal clear. I just wanted to thank you so much and I also understand why things have changed so much in my life and what I need to do now. Thanks so much, bye
- Lynn

I found this website by following a white rabbit through the Internet, movies, my understanding of language, my immediate surroundings, my coincidences, my understanding of duality, singularity, my disbelief, my understanding of time, my discussions with people. This website feels like I wrote it for myself to wake up... It's progressing amazingly.  Coincidences are popping up continuously and I am very aware of their implications and how my view of the solidarity of the known world is being tipped slowly but surely upside down and inside out.  It is a magical feeling, and the sunlight beaming on me at this exact moment is another hint. Thank you Enoch.
- Ned Collyer

I have to tell you, I have been able to take my skills/knowledge and power to the next level and accomplish some amazing things, thanks to the knowledge I've attained from your amazing and genius work.
- Jane, Editor of

I am a Muslim and I obviously felt I was looking for deep spiritual answers and I already had some idea about the higher self and lower self, manifestations etc but I was led to this web site: chance coincidence??? NO it was meant to be because I wanted knowledge of something I understood easily, something with Truth and deep meaning and yes I found what I was looking for, this has answers or clues to help me understand my religion more better, better understand humanity cause and affect, how truly if we all felt this way yes this would be paradise! There are so many topics with only few I do not agree with but 90% is definitely loads I agree with makes true sense please become a member because knowledge is priceless! Knowledge is power how could we sit blindly? This is worth more than the earth. If you are scared of the Truth you will not become a member but if you truly want peace and truth you will become a member, remember you have a choice, you reading this is a blessing because billions of people do not have a clue about life? Take care May God Guide you Enoch and all to the Right Path always
- Shigufta

To me, the material you write about is absolutely fascinating and exactly the kind of material I have been searching for.  I have found answers in your articles to many things I have wondered about and I am truly thankful for your website.  I am sure it was The Law of Attraction in full action which led me to your articles in the first instance which was about two years ago.
- Cynthia Olmedo

YOU ENOCH ARE THE ONE I TRUST. All the things I thought I only knew, you knew as well. And then some. Thank you for the clarity Enoch you have brought to me. This is the best site on this side of the universe :) YOURS TRULY
- Burton

Good morning Enoch...What I am about to do is probably most unusual in that I am writing about something before I actually receive it! I came across your site via the "Mind Power News" site which I have subscribed to for some time. Many of the articles promoted there were of great interest but not to the point of my purchasing any of them. There were two other promotions I discovered in my net searchings, both by Bradley Thompson which I downloaded and read but there were a couple of things that didn't quite sit right with me and so I hesitated. And it was as well that I did! There is that oft quoted saying about how when the student is ready the Master appears. Well this has been my experience upon encountering your writings "Reality Creation Secrets." As I read and downloaded the material I experienced what can only be described as "orgasmic convulsions" within my body and this occurs every time I read, re-read the article and as I sit here now that same feeling comes back!

In my quiet moments of contemplation, that feeling is present; suffice to say whenever the thought of Creation as presented and explained by yourself comes, so does that almost ecstatic feeling! My reasoning for this is that my cells, my heart, my mind and my Being immediately and totally recognize what is being presented as the culmination of 26 years of searching. This is their way of indelibly impressing upon my soul "This is it, this is it, look no further!!!" I see the wisdom of this spiritual technology coming into my life these many years later. Those 26 years have been filled with experiences of all kind and have led me progressively to where I now stand.

Ever since I read "The Psychology of Winning" by Dennis Waitley after my marriage broke up I knew what I wanted in my life but was not sure how to get it! T here were times of joy, there were times of disappointment which at some times bordered on "mild" anger as to why a thing didn't work and there was no reason forthcoming...the Angel Council bore the brunt of those complaints! Great wisdom has been acquired during these years and if I understand the information that is being presented correctly, it that very wisdom that is required to utilize this information for the benefit of self and the wider humanity. To all those authors, sages, advisers, angels, archangels and extra-terrestrial entities who have been my guides for the past 26 years I give grateful thanks for all that you have contributed to this life.

Finally Enoch, to you grateful thanks also for honoring the instructions of those who have mentored you during those early years of your life to have brought you to where you are now and that you are making this information available to us all.

- Arama Rolton. New Zealand.

List of All Testimonial Pages!

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