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Mind Reality and Reality Creation Secrets is an excellent and complete program for true wealth, success and self fulfillment. It is the only membership program that I belong to and never expect to give up. Actually, since I have been introduced to 2 new works, I have given up my membership-Adam Easonís new 21 day program and Alan Tuttís membership program. There are numerous updates monthly and I always look forward to them.
- Stan Pontiere (

Your site has hit my "EXACT" thoughts sooo many times!...Word for word Enoch! Your site is my only site.

Thank You, and yes, of course your Book is Really Good....  I am Enjoying it a Lot, I knew Many of the Concepts that you explain very well in the book, but I just knew them in a very superficial way... Now, with your Book I could Go DEEPER... and Inside of me I Knew that there was MORE Than just go to a Church and Sing Worship songs and Listen to the Preacher... Since 2004, I started to Notice that There Was MORE in the Spiritual World, and I started searching, Looking for, seeking, Till I found many Books that Have Helped me a Lot... and your Book is One of them... Itís very Complete, very Deep, oh Gosh, I canít even find the words to Describe it... But, yes, Thank you for your Book ... Really your Book is a TREASURE.
- Martha Torruco

Dearest Enoch, I am so thrilled to find your website. Your enlightenment views reflect perfectly with mine - you were what I was looking for! You seem to have answer for just about every question my spirituality was seeking. I would love to know more about you and how you came to be so aware. Kindest regards,
- Lynette Williams

I discovered your site when I was searching the Internet regarding Mind over Matter stuff. It feels like I know all the knowledge you write about in your articles which I always read with a wide smile, however, I am amazed at how easily you put it in words. Sometimes I think that your site is kind of dangerous for consumerist people who lack independent thinking and sound judgment. What intrigues me the most is how you come up with ideas for your articles. You surely must have an account in the Universal Bank of Ideas.
- Angel Mystery   

Dear Enoch, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you right away. I have been reading articles from your archive for the past one and half hours.  I must say that my fire has been awakened, I can feel the power within and thanks to your article, I now remember how to use it. From reading different articles, I have had so much confirmed already and the greatest thing is I know I have the power to ACCEPT who I AM. Thank you so much, and I have only just begun. It is amazing how we have always had the truth dangled in our face, but have always been taught to look for it in the SKY it's out there, GOD is out there in the heavens, when the reality of it is, all we need is housed within us. There for we are been taught to tap out instead of to Tap In (within), even when the cosmic literature, so many people fail at that because there are directly reaching out, opposed to tapping in and sending it out to the universe. Am I understanding this correctly, I hope so because I am feeling great about the information I have received so far and excited about all I have to learn. Many, many thanks,
- Sandra B

Hi Enoch and Tom. In the current newsletter that I received, as Enoch always does, he puts a special message inside of the newsletter. This newsletter talked about protection and power, which we all need at this time. The price says $47.00 and when you go to the sign up page, it talks about Tom, and how he was a loser, where does Enoch fit into this picture, he is all about creating the best of the best, and the best teachings I have seen in my 30 years of study. Please when you have time, please let me know what happened to Enoch as I do not think he would care about attracting the Hottest Chick and the best sex. I like him because of his spiritual nature and how the mind works. Sincerely,
- JJ

Hi, I am a member of MIND REALITY! I have followed this site faithfully for a few years and I cannot begin to describe the immense benefits that I have received from the many enlightening messages/reflections!!
- Pablo C Recino

I've always been searching for God in the sky, lessons learned from society ... my parents. Something did not seem right. In seeking answers throughout my life the right people would come along. In my wrong thinking there was hardship for years, because I did not apply what those individuals had taught me. It finally dawned on me sometime ago that I am God, why was I giving up my power to something outside of myself. Jesus said. "Seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened" This is just the beginning, I Am God, I realize that this matrix, this world we live in is just an illusion. I am awake. You are an interesting person, and the website is phenomenal. I will keep in touch with you. Amon
- Patrick

Enoch: What's up, my name is Ike Love, and I want to say that I totally enjoy your articles and your insights. YOU THINK JUST LIKE ME. I like your insights so much that I decided to be come an affiliate and promote one of your products. I consider myself a "Spiritual Christian", where I believe in God as my Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour, and the Universal laws and principles of reality creation with which man create his own reality through the desires God puts on our hearts.  It's RARE but refreshing to find someone who combines both these views. Most people are either totally religious and they think that reality creation is "sinful" or demonic, or they're so "New Agey" that they discount the personal relationship that one can have with God.
- Ike Love

I am reading your materials now... Wow! This is exactly what I've been looking for. Soooo glad someone (you) is on this path! The most profound material I've read prior to yours is a book called "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by a lady named Mary Baker Eddy (Christian Science textbook). YOUR INFORMATION TIES EVERYTHING TOGETHER. Well, I just want you to know I am thankful and very grateful that you took the time to write everything you have. Tremendous blessings to us all.  I feel like quitting my job and just marketing you instead!
- Bettye Keyes

Hello Enoch. Best money spent in ages. I've still not finished Reality Creation Secrets - but wow how powerful and so well written. Reading the book is a powerful journey in itself.
- Helen

I hope to meet you some day so I can give you a personal thanks. Every time I have a question that I need answered I just turn to your site & within minutes of reading the different topics randomly I find the answer. Words can't express how powerful this stuff is. I have become a powerful person mentally but still have a lot learn. I know my riches are coming soon in divine timing. Thanks a lot Enoch! Gratefully yours,
- Billy

Hi Enoch, I did a search for "receiving abundance" and came upon a link to one of your articles and wow~ I feel my consciousness and energy reverberating and resonating with your writings and teachings. Most of all it feels good to see the outside manifestation/reflection of my own ideas and beliefs in your articles. Ask and you shall receive! these are concepts I have been intuiting and writing about in my personal journal for months now, positive thinking, cocreating with Universe, abundance, creating joy and happy living....all I can say is that the energy of your work feels good and i just would like to take this moment to sincerely say thank you for the wonderful ideas and great seed of thought you are helping me to remember, sustain, and thank you for the new seed of thought you are planting, therefore awakening in me~ as your light shines, as does mine.
- Janice (

Hi Enoch, Thank you. It is so helpful to hear that you only have a select group of friends. I guess I thought most people could at least be able to have a friendship but I see now that isn't true. I didn't know intelligence is the most important thing in life. And being with intelligent people. I've been wasting my energy trying to have friendships. I am going to be more careful with who I give my energy to. They have to be intelligent. I thought being loving was the most important...oh but intelligence is linked to awareness which is linked to love. I see. So it is being with intelligent people that is important, I see. Thank you. You're right. All the people that have been painful have not been very intelligent! Oh, I wish I knew that. Thank you Enoch. Sincerely,
- Liz

List of All Testimonial Pages!

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