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I am having a little trouble finding the words. It’s the strangest thing. I have been reading these articles for hours now. Each one, one right after the other, you filled in the blank spaces for me. I thought I was the only one that believed this way, or that maybe, I made it all up in my mind. Wow. I really thought I was nuts for most of my life. I may still be nuts, but I’m not alone. I really enjoyed your site. I will be back. I hope to get many more to visit your site. I believe again. You answered alot of questions I had. Thank you,
- Valerie
I am extremely interested in the mind reality links and your site was extremely uplifting. Thanking you, With gratitude,
- Margaret
Hello Enoch, Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom…I have over the past few days been enjoying your writings! How on earth have you written so much…everything written is full of nuggets of truth …that are enriching! Have a fun day ! Life is Sweet,
- Missi
This is one of the most interesting sites I have found on my searching. I completely agree with you. Now its a matter of training my mind how to stop any negativity that will interfere with me. Yesterday, I was all about positive affirmations, and it seemed like alot of things kept going wrong throughout the day but, I kept on saying positive things. Everyday is a new day for me to apply these methods of controlling my mind, being aware of what’s around me ect. Your articles are great, and some of them I am just trying to comprehend and make a mental picture of just how to apply it. Thank you for these articles and if you have anymore advice I’d love to here from you.
- Daniele
Re: Free your Conscious Mind for Subconscious to Work
This is the article I have been searching for. A real a-ha moment. Just a quick note to say thank you. I have been on this quest for a while and I have always felt something was in the way. And it was ME! I have spent way tooooo much time thinking at the conscious level that my subconscious hasn’t had the opportunity to do it’s stuff. I have been told often that I should “let go and let God” but I never knew what that meant. Your article explained it so well. Love the pilot and autopilot line (actually, I printed out your article and virtually 90% is underlined). Your article is SO GOOD and will become a permanent fixture on my wall! BTW - I used Google to search for “how to tell conscious mind to let go” and your site came up in the number two position (but I clicked yours first). Now, I can’t wait to enjoy the rest of your Web site. Thanks again,
- Steven Lanham
During the last few years my spiritual thirst led me to meditation and teachings from eastern religions. I would experience enlightenment and could identify it as experiencing a presence of God. I then found “The Secret DVD”  & the MKS teaching of Charles Haanel, the World Mind Society & others.
Because of all this new experience & knowledge, my newly evolving beliefs had reduced Jesus to having been a great teacher, who died because of our sins. But, when I found, and read about how one could experience God via Enlightenment and or Salvation, and the lies & trickery of Lucifer to draw us away from the importance (and great joyful benefits) of believing in Jesus Christ the Savior, The Holy Son of God.
Enoch, I really want to stress the importance of what you are doing. The content within the teaching Articles & e-Books I have not ever seen before. They contain so much truth. Truth so hard to find. I have spent a life time in a very spiritual type church, I was one time described as a pillar in the church and never have I heard such truth. (forgive me if you think I don’t get out much). But what I am telling you is true. So much so that this truth is the only quality that was able to restore my Faith in our Blessed Savior Jesus Christ. Bless you, and may the love of God shine in your heart. Kindest Regards,
- Joe Townley
I wish you well. have spent some time reading the ebooks and intend to re read many times to fully feel the full content . What is written is excellent and indeed extremely close to the perfect truth . Many kind thanks
- Matt Culling
Hi Enoch, Are you an ‘energy essence’ from the other side telling us the reality of life? I enjoy reading your material and I’m finding it had made a difference in my life. Thank you. Regards,
- Tom Ho
Enoch, Thanks for all your prolific writings, especially Spiritual Mysteries Revealed. I’ve been a Christian believer for 33 years and though I’m learning every day, I have known for awhile our inheritance as sons of God in Christ is limitless. Not that I’ve always walked in that fullness and abundance that’s available, but I knew it was theoretically there. I love the way you’ve explained the universal and personal nature of God. It explains what I couldn’t put into words, and has helped me release many limiting beliefs. Keep up all the good work, brother. In Love and Blessing,
- Dean Delker – The Dean of Shooting Hoops
I read your ebooks and they are very educational. I like mindreality the most.
- Steve
My complement to you, Enoch, for your generosity to share articles with the worldwide web. You are certainly of the opinion that if other people appreciate and benefit from consciousness, the world indubitably will also find itself a better place for everyone to relate to one another.
- Sonny Peng, Melbourne Australia
I have been reading all your material and I find it very beneficial.
- Lauren Kennedy
Your articles are fantastic! I’ve only read a few of them but have enjoyed them immensely. Although I am a believer in God, I am new to this view of spirituality. I had recently bought a copy of “The Secret” and enjoyed it. I first found your site by doing a search on “the law of detachment”. Your article about the law of detachment and flowing with God was brilliant.
- Louis
Enoch Hi just want you to know I am finding your articles very interesting and I purchased Manifestation Keys after reading an article posted on It was about the Mind Matrix and I really enjoyed it. I guess what I like the most is that your a Christian/Believer. One I am very glad for you and to me what you say makes sense, as others do, but others tend to believe in a universal none personal god and that in no way makes sense. Can you imagine a non personal force creating people who thrive to interface with other people? No GOD is far more interpersonal than we are and He is forever reaching out talking and trying to get our attention. Look at Jesus He was forever going to parties, preaching teaching healing loving!!! He and the Father are one and He made us one with Him…its all about relationship..
Well, back to you. I look forward to reading your materials because of your center and foundation. I know there is so much more to this life than I am living and Jesus continues to tell me so, in His Word but also by His voice…so blessings to you Enoch and I will keep you posted on how this journey is going. My love to you brother. Be well and be still…
- John Butera
In all of my searching/learning/observing what others have said about the etheric and beyond (the opening of the eyes past the physical), you are the first source of information that has acknowledged the truth about Jesus. Everywhere else I have read on the internet and in what I have heard from general information in everyday life, everyone seems to come to the conclusion that Jesus is just a spiritual teacher like Buddha or Mohammed, and nothing more, and everything is just part of a God consciousness. In your article about the devil, it is true that there is truth mixed with lie to misguide people from the Truth. I often hear of people getting information from “sources” non-physical, and they never seem to say that Jesus is Lord, but that Jesus is a “teacher” merely. Thank you for your insights. Finally someone is willing to tell the truth and see the truth, acknowledging there is much evil leading many astray in all of this “spiritual” awakening, getting them to believe something different than the truth of Jesus. You are in the VAST minority.
- Keith

Through google, I typed in Universal Vibrations to get more info on that, and through searching many sites, I found yours. I couldn’t believe what I was reading!!! Much of what I am teaching in two classes through my church about all this, you are writing about in your articles. Where my understanding and knowledge was limited, you seem to finish the thought and tie everything together. I am so excited about this. I just printed off the Mind Reality long book to go to the park and read in its entirety. I read probably for two hours last night, going through your stuff like a kid in a candy store! I hope to hear back from you! Now, off to the park to read your “manuscript”! Sincerely,
- Sandy Scott

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