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Your will to enlighten others is amazing, this path you follow, It's affecting so many people and enlightening them, I have nothing to say to you that you donít already know, I will study your archives deeply and after I am fully enlightened by them I will meditate and gain more knowledge, I will communicate with the angels and free my mind from any other minor questions I may have. If I learn anything you donít already know, which I find unlikely, I will gladly inform you, I am still at the very first steps of true enlightenment. I am a child thirsty for knowledge, and you are the second man I have ever admired greatly in my life. You possess the knowledge of almost everything, so I'm sure you know we are able to communicate with angels and call them down to speak physically through us so that we may transmit physical messages to others. I wonít bother you more as Iím sure you have plenty to do, I will continue my studies and who knows I will achieve goals thought impossible until now, like bending spoons, or levitating things, that sounds a fantastic thing to do, it must feel so powerful. My best regards to you Mr. Tan
- Ricardo Camacho

I'm so glad I finally decided to even consider looking into your system, and not to mention was more than extremely impressed at your collection of reading materials and the archives. What I found was much more than an ebook or three, but it was like stumbling upon the Library of Alexandria!
- Brett Geissmann

Dear Enoch, I would like to thank you once again for sending me the package yesterday. I am reading your book Reality Creation Secrets, I'm in page 10, and I am enjoying your book immensely; so I had to stop and tell you how much I am enjoying it and how grateful I am to be reading it. I feel such joy reading your book that I am certain that I succeed in attracting what is important to me in my life. The way you put your knowledge is very empowering. I find inspiring the phrase you use in page 10, 'Learn to play with energy'! It motivates me to make this attracting of what I desire a project of fun and joy, eliminating the stress and negativity which accompany doubt and attachment. I am really enjoying myself feeling happiness, contentment and joy in my inner world. Thank you once again for the magical way you impart your knowledge. It really makes a difference! God bless you; wishing you all the best! Yours sincerely,
- Rita Debono

I just wanted to say how amazing your site has been for me. Deeper and cleverer teachings than I've ever heard! And your help on 1) Grace 2) Peace 3) Resting 4)  detachment/letting go....have helped me over come everything that no other church teaches - EXCEPT Pastor Joseph Prince from New Creation Church, Singapore. In fact, your teachings are so similar. I'm wondering whether you have heard of him? Regards
- Georgia Gill, London, UK

HELLO, Life is a funny thing, never ceases to amaze me. I prayed/talked the other day to my ancient father "ENOCH", the angel of GOD, (the one who records the deeds of the soul) to assist his daughter (me) to be the best that I could be to fulfill GOD'S desire for me. I put myself into GOD'S hands completely. Two days later out of the blue...I received your E-MAIL. The remarkable thing is that Enoch Tan wrote some articles, a coincidence???...I think not... must be Kismet. I look forward to these research/articles. I became a member right away. A higher power led YOU to me as myself to you. Life is funny. Keep smiling' always, I will too. Thank You!!!! Hugs :)
- Virginia Bowman (Ginger)

If I tell you that your thoughts echoed mine in a way I never thought possible, you would know EXACTLY what I meant, yes? Your use of the word impeccable, for example; I recognize the Castaneda in your thoughts. It resonates with me. I've read around 40 of your random articles. Your work is well organized, and so similar in every case (I've seen) to my own lifetime of reflection, that I can't help but feel I know you. At any rate, your work has been a very, very helpful conceptually, and as a timely reminder of my mission (you know the one). Keep up the good work.
- Geoff Adebonojo

I've learned so much with your website & downloads that came with your package deal & for this I am so grateful. Itís amazing how the universe works through you & your website to answer all my questions that go through my mind on a daily basis.
- Billy

Enoch... when I read some of the stuff you wrote, it floored me. WHY? Because it was so revolutionary? NO (but it IS revolutionary). Itís Because 95% of it I could have WRITTEN. It seems that you have come to the same conclusions as I have. All of my studies, observations, experiences, have gotten me to this point...but there are so few people who understand at this level. I think you have the edge...Seeing how you seem to have known this for longer than I have. I would love to bat ideas back and forth with you one day.
- Bernard

I just wanted to share that even though I just signed up the other day I am very impressed so far with what I am getting from the material. I am almost done reading 'reality creation secrets' and I can say that it is the best material I have ever read on LOA and manifesting. Undoubtedly the information on detachment really sunk in with me finally. Thanks again,
- Walter Hubler

So after reading at least one fourth of your archive, I've come to the conclusion (although possibly a false one) that you are either a rogue Illuminatus or an ex-Ilumminatus.  I am not an Illuminatus although I do subscribe to much (and damn near all) of their beliefs. I am simply asking for confirmation of this simply because it seems a very unlikely coincidence that you use quite a few of the concepts and phrases so much from Illuminism, but that you wouldn't either be a rogue Illuminatus or an ex-Illuminatus...or possibly someone who merely studies Illumination and also agrees with the majority of it, but not all, like myself.  Of course the other option that I've considered is that you are Illuminati and that some Illuminati do subscribe to the Abrahamistic religion of Christianity, although in a much different way...much more like Mithraism.  Of course if you are Illuminati (which I doubt) you wouldn't tell me anyway, but if you would tell me anything I'd appreciate it.  As a fellow truth seeker I'm simply curious to know where you stand on this issue. Thanks in advance.
- Derek Alexandre-Christophe

Hello Enoch, Your site has really filled in a lot of the gaps that have plagued my philosophical endeavors/theories and for that I am extremely grateful. Of course, Christ said seek and ye shall find and I believe that the law of attraction probably brought me to your site in order that I may have much more fulfillment in my search for truth, knowledge, and enlightenment. It's nice to know that there are other intelligent thinking Christians out there that actually have some valuable insight on life instead of the same old hum-drum traditional, and often very wrong, viewpoints/comments/thoughts. I can't thank you enough for what you've done with this website.
- Derek Alexandre-Christophe

Greetings Enoch. Let me begin by saying that you already simply astound me and I think we could have some of the most enlightening encounters and discussions possible. You believe that you represent/reflect the first Enoch from the Bible. And I believe you. I was researching supernatural powers and how the Bible and Christianity looks at them. On the third (three is another important religious/spiritual number) page of Google results, I finally found your article (which may have been the third on the page) about magick and Christianity. I also believe that God had been preparing me my entire life for that moment and final realization on March 18, 2011. That's why I agree with your interview answer about integrated understanding.
- Wes Francis

Hi Enoch, Thank you so much. And, yes, I'd very much like to write an article based on your articles on Intelligence. I find it very interesting the people you chose (and I agree on your choice of you in Level 6). I will have to look up those others. Fascinating that you put Michael Jackson in Level 7. I cannot wait to read these articles. Your work has transformed my life. I greatly appreciate all you give to the world. You are my favorite writer of all the writers I've ever read, including the greats in the mind/thought/spiritual realm. Best regards,
- Jane from

List of All Testimonial Pages!

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