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Dear Enoch, Thank you very much for writing reality secrets e book and articles. I have read several books/articles on law of attraction, magick, Buddhism, Christian Science etc (what I called mind stuff) and I would certainly say that yours is the best out of all what I have read. More importantly I don’t have to look for any other book because all what I was searching for is written in your articles. I have related my past thoughts to my life today and realized all you say is very correct. Your price is very, very reasonable. In fact the real value of the book is priceless. THANK YOU SO MUCH and GOD BLESS YOU!

- Surangi Wijayapala 

“I have tested and reviewed so many great products ranging from Silva to Tony Robbins and beyond and as far as I am concerned if I had my choice of only one program, it would be the Mind Reality membership site. From metaphysics, Law of Attraction, powers of the mind, quantum physics and everything else that you need to achieve wealth, success and self fulfillment. Take all of the other great programs on the market, put them together and you might come close to Mind Reality. Enoch has a wonderful talent for writing in a clean concise manner that makes even the most complex subjects seem like child’s play. Unlike many of the other self fulfillment site, not only does Mind Reality explain the mysteries of life but gives you practical methods for implementing the mysteries of life, the mind and the holographic universe. Enoch’s site is the most complete self improvement program available.”

- Stan Pontiere, Owner of

First I must say you are truly gifted and enlightened for your words are exactly what I needed to hear. There’s much more to this world then what we can observe. Truly remarkable how mind-blowing your wisdom can be, hoping your source is correct, I feel everything you speak of is indeed true. Our minds are powerful and elaborate, deep within our thoughts and our sub-conscienceless are something so unexplainable and mysterious, but you have done an incredible job with mankind's big debate!

- Randy Vega

I came across yr web side recently and was captured by yr brief on writing is crystallized thought! I read it this morning and felt compelled to drop you a word to say I like what you wrote as it seems to resonate with what I cannot articulate. Your words inspire me. I am a Christian, devout and happy in the Lord. I like to find out who you are as usually such sites or products are from the Angmos (Caucasians)! So, I am just curious! With thanks,

- Grace

I feel like I should say that God has blessed me tremendously through you and your writings. You write about information that's very significantly hard to find, and I'm at a place right now where it's God truth that's really setting me free from different issues I essentially didn't have to deal with but have anyways. I'm sure you would guess this already, but knowledge of these things helps me feel confident in what I'm doing to worship God and take care of myself. That's a gift I'm very grateful for. So, thank you.

- Stephanie Eleni McKee

Dear Enoch, this is amazingly intuitive. When I make love to my long distance girl friend, the most amazing thing happens. We can experience each other cuddling, caressing and stroking each other with intimacy, warmth and love. I must constantly reinforce how effective your paid and free services have been in attracting success, manifesting things and bringing about almost magical changes to love relationships, wealth, health, relaxation, peace, friendship et al. You are indeed the harbingers of goodness. Yours truly
- Sreedhar Krishna Ganapathy

Congratulations for the excellent job! When I start reading your documents I saw you were a Kabalist with Knowledge in Quantum Physics. But then I realize that your perspective is wider and by far more complete of everything I have been reading until now about law of attraction, Kabala and Quantum Physics. I am from Santiago, Chile. I hope one day you could sell your reports in Spanish in order to wake up the Spanish people. Keep up the excellent job and you are welcome anytime in Chile. Best of All,

- Andrea von Roth

Hi Enoch, I have been reading your website I wanted to send you a message to let you know I have to be honest and give you credit where it is have created a veritable treasure trove of information. I am no guru and have no desire to be but I have been a student of the metaphysical, spiritual and mind sciences for a long time and you have some really great information there. Very concise and extremely fact more deep and powerful than I think many would realize and understand. Well done and I am very happy to keep reading... it's like Aladdin's cave in there!!! Sending good Intentions and Vibrations!!

- Dean Hopkins

I think your Mind Reality website is the very best and you should be louder & prouder about it. How the information is relayed is absolutely genius (not knowing if I'm addressing one person I'm thinking of Enoch Tan, or more likely a collective & multi- dimensional effort). I am always amazed how so many are so blind, or is it just that "there is none so blind as he that will not see." or is it being willing to turn a blind eye, because to face the magnitude of just how big and how much is at stake. That could unnerve a lesser warrior into a state of panic. I also consider myself to be a Soul Jah, a vibration, unlimited in my power and belief. This is due to your vast wealth of information and teachings that my experiences have headed to terminal speed as rapidly as they have. Wow what a ride huh? Wouldn't miss it for the world.

- Denise Vautrin

Enoch shows an exceptional understanding of the hidden powers of the human mind. For a human being to have this kind of conception of the hidden powers of the mind is TRULY extraordinary - what makes it even more unique is Enoch's ability to impart this knowledge in a real-world natural way. Enoch Tan truly is one of the great metaphysical thinkers of the world

- Spencer Conway

Dear Enoch, I've been reading your amazing writings at and the "spiritual mysteries revealed" eBook. You have a unique god given gift in "connecting the dots" and I have been inspired by your writings. I was born and raised a Christian. At around my mid to late teens I decided not to believe in God, religion or anything else; I became aloof. After reading your writings (still reading with amazement), you've made me a believer again. I feel that every person in the world should have this knowledge, especially now with all the negativity that is going on. I want to help spread God’s message.

- Jerry Castro

It's always exciting to stumble upon someone with the same mindset as yourself. The content, in pieces, is intriguing and entertaining. As a whole, I consider it so be invaluable information. It will sadly be dismissed by most people as some nonsensical, hair-brained scheme before the idea of giving it a chance is even entertained. I know from experience - I used to be one of them. Your ability to captivate is ridic'. I've always considered myself to be a more than exceptional writer, but I am truly humbled by your skills. I certainly notice a unique madness to your genius. Never quit writing. Ever.

- Hunter Gaddy  

List of All Testimonial Pages!

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