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Thank you so VERY, VERY much. I send you light and all my love… I have so much struggle in my mind and your letters and inspiration are helping me each and every day….. You can sleep well at night knowing the lives you have and ARE touching each & every day….
- Chia
Hello Enoch ! I receive every your email with joy. I love your site for the big number of articles about the wonderful law of attraction. I hope for the future to find a way to have lots of money for live free and happy with my wife and can help many people…. Excuse me for the non correct English  language :-) best greetings from Italy
- Alex
Thank you for helping us become better. The world needs it!
- Ray
Dear Enoch, First I wish to thank you for so very much that you have done for me. You and your writings have done much and I can see your influence in my life. By the way I found you on ezine articles where I have found many other helpful writers.  But it always seems over the many years before I found you whenever I wanted to manifest anything I could read all kinds of material [some of it very good] but I would always ultimately come back to chap. 5 of Seth Speaks. Now It’s Seth and some of your articles for clarification and extra inspiration. I can give no higher compliment to anybody anywhere than to add you to Seth!!
- Irma Odell
Hi Enoch! I love your articles! I love especially the sexual-energy-creative-force-in-life one.
- Courtney Ragonesi
Hello, This is the best website, are you writing these articles yourself with Higher Guidance are do you have a team of writers? I’m on a spiritual growth with love and meditation(alpha) and these articles are so wonderful. I printed the Psychic Seduction-Turn Others On with Your Mind article on 28th of August 2007 and started using doing it. Guess what happen on the 29th of August 2007? I was sitting thinking about him using the Psychic Seduction. The phone rings and guess who is on the phone asking me to come over. Everyday since, I feel like I’m more connected mentally to the relationship.
- Loren
I agree wholeheartedly with what is expressed on this site. It’s amazing! I’d like to thank you first of all for being so much help to me. Thank you!!
- Everett
Thanks a lot for the nice work you have been spreading. My best wishes and blessings for this noble cause.
- M.K.Gupta, India
Hello Enoch, First of all I would like to say that after encountering your teachings my life has taken a wonderful turn for the better, and as the concepts you express become more clear in my mind, I find myself feeling more powerful and confident. Gradually, with help from many other sources I am taking control of the life that once had control of me. Your Manifestation Keys e-book is a source of constant motivation, joy, and inspiration, I always come back to it and each time it is like a new revelation. Thank you for your services to your fellow man, You have found your purpose, God has put you on this planet to help others. And I am grateful God has led me to your wisdom. I know that finding your website is just one step in my path to the life that I deserve. All the very best to you,
- Matthew
Have a great day, I feel deeply grateful that we have corresponded. I reflect on your words more than you can imagine.
- Chrisanthia Pierre
Hi Enoch, I searched google under “The Law of Detachment” and came across your article. Very good … in fact I enjoyed it so much I thought I’d write to you and say how fantastic it was. Keep up the great work you are doing. Regards
- Andy Ferguson
Thank you so much for the gifting of these wonderful knowledgeable little books.  I can tell at a glance that they hold unlimited answers to what would assist mankind. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!. Kindest Regards
- Sharron Baker
Hi Enoch, I’ve been doing a lot of research recently concerning who really rules the world, what are religions for, etc. I read in another book that “You are the creator of your World”; and to deepen the subject I typed these words in google. I found your site and read your articles. I also read 3 of your books. Enoch - you’re a genius. I absolutely agree with what you write about reality, how we perceive it and that the world within creates the world without. I saw the double slit experiment and it was an awakening experience. I’ve had a lot of discussions with my colleague about what you say and we find all this most empowering. I am now the creator of my reality. I am testing all the things you write about and it works. I am able to change reality as I wish, because I create it. Wow! Thank you, I’m looking forward to your articles and books.
- Alinka (24 years old, Polish, now live in Italy)
I do want to say good job on the articles, they are very fascinating. Some stuff i have learned in the last year or so, other articles had me glued to my computer. Thank you.
- Shawn
I just wanted to let you know that I am fully enjoying your writings. I have been a practicing metaphysician for many years and have studied everything from James Allen to Ernest Holmes to P. Quimby to Jesus to The Secret - you name it, I’ve read it. Your works are excellent. My spiritual practice has been taken to a new level. Thank you.
- Jamie Laine
I always had questions about the universe and you have answered them all. (Mind Reality) You helped me with the internal and the external aspects of the universe, and you helped make my life exactly like I wanted to. I still can’t understand how you know all this stuff, you are for me like a second Einstein. If I had money I would send you a big bonus, but unfortunately I don’t have yet, but I’m on my way to having it. Than I will send you a free gift;) I wish you the best karma in the world. God bless you… Yours sincerely
- Thelman Arakelian
Hi Enoch - I appreciate what you’re trying to do with your articles of enlightenment. I find reading them very illuminating and helpful. I notice some of your articles convey principles of what most refer to as the ‘law of attraction’ while others are biblical references such as ‘perfect love casts out fear’. I appreciate your multi-dimensional view and formulating them into integrated perspectives. It is a rare gift. I appreciate your motive in helping others very much. Kind Regards,
- Adrienne
Hi again, Thanks for the articles you send me, I think that will help. And like you helped me I will help other who need help. Many people want to make the world a better place for living, but they just don’t know how, Thanks to you the people get the knowledge to do it, so one day we all will live in peace. Keep up the good work, and God will reward you with such love that is thousand times powerful than the love of your Girlfriend, family and your loving ones together. God bless you.. Your friend,
- Thelman Arakelian

I read a few of your articles every week, they are amazing! Thank you, you are a genius!
- Susan
I have been reading many of your articles and I am absolutely amazed at your knowledge. May I ask, how long did it take you and where ever did you learn so much about this thing called life. I have studied metaphysics most of my life, never have I read such truths laid out so coherently and absolutely beautifully. You have the most wonderful mind I have ever encountered, plus you have the gift of writing. Well, this student is ready, at last I have found the teacher. Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge. I appreciate it with all my heart. Yes, you are a genius and the fact that you are Divinely inspired comes through loud and clear. Very Best Regards,
- Marilyn
Enoch I appreciate you beyond words. Your contribution to humanity is so, so special.
- Laura

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