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The writings of Enoch Tan blow me away - and that’s putting it mildly. This is the first time I have devoted an entire issue of the E-NEWS to one source. Enoch Tan’s understanding of the intrinsic nature of our reality is so masterful that it is difficult for me to believe that this universal wisdom is coming from such a young mind. And if it is, I think it’s time that the world became aware of Enoch Tan. Enoch Tan – whoever or whatever you are – thanks for the clarity, confirmation, and sharing.
- Peter A. Gersten (
I discovered your website while doing a google search for “reality creation”; a few weeks  ago. I like the articles very much and I am also pleased with your Christian approach. While there is much I respect in other religious traditions such as Buddhism, I feel Christianity comes closest (so far in human development) to explaining spiritual truth. I purchased your book recently and while I haven’t finished it yet, I am happy that I did, and your website is one I check regularly now. Best regards,
- Yasmin
Hello, I know you get a lot of e-mails from people that visit you site, but i have to admit that i am a better person because of your Articles.I feel more aware and powerful about who i am. I especially like the Article- Love, Liking, and Attraction where you write “be someone who is powerful, complete and whole. That itself is attractive.” I think every woman in world need to read this article. Thanks you so much for sharing your Articles!
- Loren
Your words have challenged me radically.  I have been searching the past week to pick up where I left off, my Christian experience (or experience with Christ).  I left it many years ago when being trained for confirmation.  I could not accept the logic of what I was being told to believe.  All I knew at that time was that I trusted the words of Christ & no other - but that I could not even trust the translations of his words - so I “gave up”. But now I discover that with the internet I am able to discover & access so much data as per God’s original words - it is so exciting! 
- Pru Joy
Dear Enoch, Your articles always Amaze me! I read your article here on ‘Simplicity’ and that is so true! I always tell my guitar students ‘Everything is easy if you know how to do it!’ This spring I was hired to do a recording for a producer in Phoenix, Arizona, who sent me a KORG digital recorder to record here at my home in Texas. The KORG had a 160 page manual & the machine itself had over 100 buttons! The producer did not offer to pay for any technical support, so I had a real mountain to climb. I spent hours trying to make sense of the manual for about 3 weeks, many times in literal tears because this project was extremely critical to my life this year! And I didn’t have extra money to hire someone to teach me. So after about 3 weeks of pondering & frustration, one day the light came on & I figured out how to work the machine. The manual had made matters Much more complicated than they needed to be, just like Your Article stated! The truth of the machine was actually quite simple. The result is the recording at the ‘Isaiah Project’ video. Thank you Enoch for all your wonderful Writing! I hope someday to meet you in person when you are giving talks here in the US! Keep updating us with your articles, we love them, you’re helping change the atmosphere of our planet for better, much better!
- Susan Grisanti
I received your info from Clarence Richardson, a good friend of mine, who introduced me to Mr. Bob Proctor’s tapes and books app. 3.5 years ago. I LOVE YOUR SITE, and I surely will send a donation to you soon!
- Cheryl I.
I have found inspiration and enlightenment in your site and I often start the week reading your articles.
- Joice
Dear Enoch,
I am a black single South African lady of 35 living in South Africa . If I was to relate my story to you I would have to write a book (which I want to as soon as I focus on it). I believe my book will help a lot of black people especially in South Africa and Africa with the myths and voodoo practices which are enslaving our people.
Coming to your work, I can’t even remember how I stumbled across it but I love surfing the net for motivational material. Your writings have confirmed that as a person you can do and be anything you put your mind in. It takes a lot of work BUT if you mix with the right people, read and listen to the right material, you are focused, then yours is a life filled with infinite possibilities.
I look forward to your monthly articles so much that I even have files at home were I file them. Your articles talks to me. They are so inspiring and what I love about you is that you’re not shy to talk about GOD. You have a brilliant way of connecting God with the Universe to make us understand in the simplest terms where and how we go wrong in life. I must say that I trust you so much that anything suggested by you, I don’t’ take it lightly because so far your articles has leading me to the right path (my purpose in life).
Back in the days, I would have laughed if someone could have told me that I can be healed, rich, peaceful etc by just thinking these things and focusing on them.
I grow up very poor were sometimes we went without food and still go to school and concentrate. I remember I used to tell my mom how successful I am going to be, the nice cars, houses, good jobs etc. Today I have all that except for a husband and children. After achieving these material things I used to blame God why I don’t have a husband and kids.
Now I realize that all the things I listed to my mom that I will achieve, not once did I mentioned a husband and kids. Reason being there were too many siblings at home and my father didn’t support us and he ill-treated my mom. I vowed to myself that I will never live my life like my mom and I will never allow a man to control me. I promised myself that I will be successful and be financially independent.
Since changing my attitude about life and reading your materials and others, I have seen a lot of improvement in my life.
Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon! Your greatest fan from South Africa
- Mogoboe, Jane (MJ)
I am a regular visitor of this site. This is a marvelous site I have ever visited. I love and enjoy as well as experience each and every article of it. You have done great job getting hosted with such beautiful material on the web. Love you
- Shailly Manchanda, India
Dear Enoch, I came across since last September when I was doing a Google search using keyword “Law of attractions”; Since then, I have been a regular reader of your archives. Your insight into the mind-reality dynamics really fascinates me. When I read your articles, I wonder, more than once, that whether you are a god or a human. I am not kidding. I mean your awareness level amazed me. Maybe I could call you “Messenger from the Universe”
Sometimes the reality makes me believe what you once said, that the human mind is all one. A couple of days ago, since I was invited to give a talk in a church group discussion, I’ve been organizing my topics. I wanted to express my thoughts on being “judgmental”–I wanted to suggest people to have a healthy dose of judgment. But then I feel it is really too opposing to what Bible suggests, so I planned to give up. Then…yesterday, during my lunch break, I visited your website and found you just addressed this topic in October!!! I immediately felt the Universe is going to show me something. After I read your article, I must admit your insight echoes a lot with me. You however, really articulated it in a well-structured manner. I eventually decide to add this topic back in and I am looking forward to my talk on Oct26.
I see myself as a time-space adventurer. And I want to evolve (spiritually) as much as possible and as fast as possible. I am acutely aware that my growth will be exponentially accelerated if I have a helper, a mentor like you.
- Catherine Zhang, China
Dear Enoch, I’m so thankful I found your site. I think it’s the best in the planet. You are truly a blessing for everyone that will find your website. I can’t stop reading your articles. Plus when I looked at your picture you look very young. You are born a genius, you were born for a reason. I’m from California and I wonder if you travel around the world… God Bless,
- Maggie A. Parker

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