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Your writing is simply superb! I am sure that Krishna has blessed you with an abundance of inner clarity and knowledge of the workings of the material universe. As a follower of the Vedas and worshipper of Lord Krishna, our interests are similar. I was pleasantly surprised at your examples that supported individual free will within a world controlled by the Divine. That is definitely the conclusions of our teachers and Krishna Himself. These scientific conclusions seem of great value to my spiritual growth. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours truly,
- Mahashakti Dasa

When I stumbled upon “Mind Reality”; it struck the core of my inner being. I knew that some where in these pages of text is one of the thoughts of reality that I have been searching for all of my life. I have read Mind Reality once and wish to reread it a few more times to let it fully sink in. I also hope to some day soon to purchase Reality Creation Secrets. Enoch, thank you for being you! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights as they have helped to inspire me to do the great things that I always knew I could do, I just didn’t know how. I have the utmost respect for you because you are sharing with everyone who has an open enough heart and mind to see the truth behind all things in life. For me I find it amazing. What I find amazing is that all through my life I have heard bits and pieces of the truth and always wanted to hear the whole story of the truth. I hope that the last statement made sense!

I am sending you this email because I know to the core of my being that this is right and the truth and you deserve recognition for the secrets that you have revealed so far! From the bottom of my heart, Thank you!!! Sincerely,

- Steve Ciarico

Hi, I found your site by searching on the law of detachment. Thank you, your article “Flowing with God” is wonderful. Thank you for helping me in my search to flow with God. The article on “The universal and personal aspects of God” helped me tremendously. Thank you again for your articles and for your generous sharing of insight.  Cannot begin to say enough words to express my gratitude. This could very well be the best web site in the world.
- Dee

Congratulation! Your site is full of inspirational messages and truth. I like it very much. Thank you for this.
- Virginia Novellini

Hi Enoch, I just want to say THANK YOU for your messages and all the wonderful lessons you teach to us! Many Blessings to you!
- Cathy

Hello, Enoch Tan: I have been reading books and articles on Mind Power and want to say that your site is one of my biggest sources of information. Thank you for your great job!
- Eldar


I got FINALLY the ANSWER when you explained the two aspects of God… His UNIVERSAL NATURE and HIS PERSONAL NATURE being sovereign over His own creation. So that even if I study and apply metaphysics relating to the Mind I don’t have to be guilty again of dabbling with Satanic forces. Something that really hindered me those precious years of my life from having abundance which I deserve and should have enjoyed in order to be more useful to my loved ones and my countrymen. Now I believe being in my 6th decade is no hindrance towards regaining wealth lost due to my ignorance.

I wish you could be my mentor as I re explore the wonders of metaphysics in the eyes of an enlightened Christian. I have been invited by a few Christian fundamentalists to talk about subjects dealt with in the famous movie THE SECRET. I tried to explain the Law of Attraction from strictly the psychological viewpoint. But gaining wisdom from your writings I can now venture to explain LOA from a more meaningful (and useful) perspective that ensures better and quantifiable results in attaining material wealth for instance in this temporal world of ours.

Thank you once again dear guru… You’re indeed an angel sent to me by God this season of His birth. God bless mightily your own ministry. I’ll do my best to propagate your teachings here in this part of the world. We are not God forsaken (as a people) after all. Thank you.

- Amado (Philippines)

You have an interesting view. Never heard about this kind of mixed view of things before.
- Stella

This is really amazing stuff! I’ve been doing the stuff for months & my life is transforming. I had tried All the ‘Christian’ approaches before with relatively limited results…..
- Susan Grisanti

I love your work! I read a number of articles on your site yesterday, and was thrilled with your insights. What is your background? The Quantum Physics article was a bit difficult due to its esoteric nature, but I still understood several basic concepts. From the time I saw The Secret, I have made a search of the scriptures to verify the ideas with revealed truth. I have found very few inconsistencies. You have truly blessed my life, and I thank you sincerely, and bless you for your efforts on my behalf and no doubt many more. Please keep up the wonderful service. You are bringing joy to all of us! Thanks again, Tan! God bless you for your wonderful work!
- Tom Ballantyne

Hello Enoch, this is your soul brother from South Africa. I’ve just been surfing through this page and I find it very exciting to be exact, it really transformed me in a big way. I hope you will continue to furnish me with greater details in the future, keep those correspondence coming through. Have a superfine day.
- Thabani Mkhize

I have spent hours downloading your stuff and feel that I will need another lifetime reading and absorbing it all - and now I am not referring to your book, but all the other stuff that is an overwhelming fount of wisdom. You are a very busy man so don’t reply to this. I am 72 years old and I feel that I am now back in the kindergarten, or just learning to walk, not yet quite out of nappies! I first read about you on Christopher Westra’s site.
- Marita Neethling

Thank you from the very core of my being for all light you are bringing into the world… you are among the greatest gifts I have ever discovered!
- Bradley Ott

Dear Enoch, Ever since I read your Mind Reality book,  I am so much at peace and this experience I have never felt before. This book has brought a fresh meaning to my life. I have shared this book with many of my friends and relatives. I feel like a new person. It is my great desire to see you in person. God bless you for touching so many lives.
- Saroj Gandhi

I enjoy your little emails and you are an intelligent individual with many great things to say. Your “work” is along the lines of pursuits that greatly aid mankind and the overall consciousness of the species. Keep up the good work.
- Essence

Thank you, Enoch. You and your work products are some of the things and events that I am grateful for in my life today. There is great gratitude and appreciation here for you. Thank you… for coming into my Life!
- Andrew Bosque

When I bought 50 books from Self-Improvement ebooks, your book was one of them. You know, I read your book like a BIBLE, because it is so deep and one can’t just rush through it. I said, what a book! To be honest, I have not read much of others. I kept going over your book’s thoughts: Heavenly and Sanctifying thoughts in your book. Your Newsletter is Marvelous! Are you truly Human being or who are you? Are you that old Enoch who God took to heaven and now returns back to earth? Thanks Enoch Tan.
- Daniel Osho

I was doing some random searches related to manifesting and intentions, and came across your articles. I have now spent a few enjoyable hours devouring their content. Thank you for these, they are very well written, I gleaned a few lines which I have put into my affirmation folder. I will watch this site in future now.
- Dean Sanders, New Zealand

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