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Dear Enoch Tan, I just want you to know your articles are a source of inspiration and support to me. Being a 42-years old freelance journalist from Amsterdam, I’ve been skeptical for long time on supernatural phenomena and spirituality. But since a year or two, actually since I started practice Zen meditation, I can not deny any longer I’m clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient. I guess we all are, but I started to give up my resistance and it all came in, in a sometimes overwhelming way. Yesterday I took the last barrier and asked my guardian angel to appear to me and tell her/his name. And she did, I still get the shivers memorizing it. Yet it felt natural. Live is a miracle indeed. Thanks a lot my friend. All the best,
- Peter Pijls

I want to thank you for all the archive you have put on your website, I have found your site from the But I have to ask you a question and I am really needing your help with this issue, hope to help me. I am reading your archive everyday and there are a lot of important and Benefits from this site.
- Joe

THANK YOU! Article was SO right-on and informative. Makes forgiveness/releasing of myself/others easy to do now. Much appreciation for your time and attn, but most of all, the articles you provide in helping the world grow brighter as a whole.
- Anna

I found your site with Google. My search terms were “All is void” or “I am  god” “Void” or something like that. I am 33. I was 23 when I visited the void. I did that by denying everything untrue. I saw the self I truly am, and I saw the self creating this world. I remembered the big bang. It was both bliss and suffering. It was both Judgment, and a total Absolute love with no judgment at all. I see it reaffirmed time and again. The veil slips aside, and I recall my bodhisattva vow. This site is full of the things I realized that day. Some of them are the sorts of things one can find in any book on Buddhism or mystic experience or whatever. But some of the things you say are more subtle. And when I see them, I want to say “Hi there” I hope you are well and enjoying all our dreams. 
- Dwayne

Dear Enoch Tan, Namaste. I have been your subscriber and also read all of your books. They are very interesting and charged with goodness energy. After reading your book I developed a habit to read mind power and spirituality books. Something interesting that I found is same principles and teachings in western as well as in eastern cultures. Warm regards,
- Basavaraj Udapudi

I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your wisdom with me/us! Bless you abundantly! Peace always,
- Jane

I have read your writings for about a year now with great delight. You truly have wisdom that is God-inspired. You unlock secrets of the universe like no one I have ever read, what a joy. And the way that you answer some of the burning questions in life are priceless. It’s amazing that if we had a thousand lifetimes we could never know it all. I know like myself that you also are always learning and garnishing more wisdom day by day. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, it continually blesses my heart.
- Daniel Ginther

Dear Enoch Tan: I feel very grateful for finding your site and others on Mind Power; it is the greatest revelation in my life that has completely transformed me! Thank you for doing this wonderful job!
- Eldar

I continue to enjoy your work, most recently the articles, “Prayer is Advanced Level of Reality & Difference between Intending and Requesting”, have helped me to better understand communication with God. In Christ with love,
- Joe Townley

Dear Enoch~ I so enjoy reading your writings~ there is something I’ve found about my own life: when the Dream in your mind becomes LARGER than the reality of where you are, is when the dream manifests into reality~ for Years I imagined myself performing in castles in Spain & Germany, then in 1995 I was invited to tour performing in Castles in Germany~ it was Exactly what I had been imaging in my mind for over 10 years!! I know somehow this is tied to your teachings~ lately I’ve been imagining myself performing on a movie set in Hollywood~ I’ll be Sure to let you know when the movie is released so you can watch it! I think this will work for anything in any walk of life~ lately my Dream is Becoming larger than reality, so I know it’s closer to happening now~ you have a wonderful Christmas, Chanukah & New Year my friend!!!! Hugs from Texas,
- Susan

Dear Mr. Enoch Tan, that was the very first time that I have visited this website and I’m Delighted with it. I have read and also studied various, videos, tapes, and attended various seminars but never understood like the way you do. It is really spectacular the way you do. By the way I was born in Mozambique and live in Portugal and I will follow your lessons and will spread the world around for your site. Thanks for inspiring wellness, accomplishments and hope. The world really needs educated and inspired people, willing to change some poor realities which still see in XXI century. Once more thank you! Sincerely
- I. A. Issufo

I have so enjoyed your site and the articles. I have sent hours of reading time here.
- Martin Wilson

It is a very helpful site. I found in it many answers to my questions and my research, coz I care a lot in the invisible world.
- Nadine

Enoch your site and your writings have changed my life. It is one of the most useful and easy to understand resources on reality creation I have ever encountered. Many thanks for your beautiful work. Regards,
- Billy

Dear Sir, I am a regular reader of your articles. They are so much attracted me. I am a Christian and new born. Your articles are almost matches with the BIBLE. Your articles are so interesting. Thank God for putting a great idea in you. You’re doing a good Job. I am also interested to do some thing like you. And I like to meet you personally. Thank you Sir, Thank You very much for giving great information in your site. Yours faithfully,
- A. Rajan Babu, Andhra Pradesh, India

Enoch, I really enjoy and benefit from your writing. Thank you!
- Antoniette Guglielmo

Enoch, what you wrote in your ebooks was so profound and I never saw the bible explained through quantum physics like this before, where did you learn about it and who was your mentor? I’m so glad I signed up for your newsletter and free books. God bless you abundantly for coming into my life. Sincerely
- Lucy Rowens 

Hi there. Just wanted to let you know I think your site is great. My journey has led me here and to many other Quantum Reality/Holographic reality types of information. Thanks again.
- Todd

Thank you so very much for your e-book “Spiritual Mysteries Revealed” Your explanation of the universal and personal aspects of God has helped me tremendously. Thank you so much for clarifying that. I was so excited when I learnt you were a Christian who has a knowledge of all this. I am a Christian too and yes, you are exactly right when you say we’ve been told all this stuff is not of God. By the way…who are you? Where did you get all this knowledge from? You are amazing! I am so looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much. Regards,
- Janet Stephen

I have always been interested in vibration and consciousness, this interest expanded after reading power vs force by Dr. David Hawkins. I like your site.
- John Patrick Farrell

Hello Enoch, I discovered your site not too long ago, and I’ve already learned so much from you.  Thank you for sharing your insights with us, and god bless. Sincerely,
- Jee Hyung Kim

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