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Thank God for truth. My dreams are the Best and Most High only. A synchronicity I keep noticing is that when I think about specific words and phrases to know more about, I see the same exact phrase as a new article on mindreality a couple days later. I love this knowledge, it is so sweet to me. In the past, because of this by God I felt like an orange light or glow covered me and my voice became deeper, like another being, probably from reading and assimilating so much, in the past when a bad event happened, the knowledge would all come back to me and my whole being would transform, I love this. I know that this site was made especially for me because I am a born Dreamer and evolving Dream maker, the best creator with God. Enoch- Pray for me to dwell with God on the Highest pinnacle in complete total comfort, peace, Bliss, and firm stability for eternity as the best walking with the best.
- John

Dear Enoch I would dearly like to thank you for your website. My spiritual awakening happened approx 5 years ago, after a devastating year in 2000/01. And only just recently NLP has come into my awareness of which I am exploring along my life journey. I was just browsing through various websites when I came across yours a few months ago, and since then haven’t looked back, I’ve been drawn to your incredible enlightenments which you are gladly sharing with the world. By NO coincidence books have appeared from the blue, either given to me or word or mouth (Celestine Prophecy being one). Then I realized this is happening in my life for a good reason. Heartfelt thanks keep up the good work and keep the words flowing. Blessings
- Jackie Webber

Hey, your site is wonderful. And as a Christian I enjoy reading your essays, b/c you won’t find this message in the Church or even in the books, it’s there within us. Peace
- Pete M.

Enoch, you know that it was through you that I came back to God, after ~ 10 years. You should know that from that… now my youngest son, also my granddaughter, have both accepted Jesus Christ into their lives. Mindreality is my lifeline to truth. I don’t yet know how, as yet, but I really want to be part of sharing truth from mindreality. I know the best way by far is to be a living example, and that I do. Regards,
- Joe Townley.

Dear Enoch, Sincerely God does not cease to amaze me through you! I live in the middle of nowhere in the Kootenay Mountains and barely have someone to converse with about God and Jesus Christ. You are helping me so much, writing the words that are so deeply burned into my heart. I have the understanding to receive this knowledge but not the talent to speak it. I have given your website to at least 20 people in these past few months. I pray you spread like a wild fire. I wanted to send you a picture I took around the beginning of January. I was trying to take pictures of orbs in the yard because a friend of mine did in his field and WOW I have this most amazing picture, but can you believe I am not sure how to send it. We are so in the dark ages out here we don’t even have high speed internet yet. As soon as I can get help to send this, I will try and do this. Hoping you receive it. I will send it on a reply to your awesome newsletter or if you have another address I would be grateful because this is too special for anyone in the world who doesn’t deserve to have it. Give me a few days. Thanks! Love and Prayers,
- Maureen

Hey Enoch, I just read the article of yours ‘Peace and Joy is Key to Attracting Good Things.’ What a wonderful article, especially when someone can associate personal experience with your very words. God have blessed you with spiritual wisdom. There are no words that can describe God’s love, and the way it feels when we begin to receive it from within. Many people will read your article and leave empty. It is not until we actually receive and feel for our own, that we can associate that experience with your beautiful words. World is so external today, that people nearly forget about within. On the contrary your words are so deep, that people are too shallow to comprehend them. I remember when I started making the shift by learning to see with the eyes of the spirit. My physical senses were so bewildered; there were many nights when I was wishing for death, for it would be more pleasant than the experience I was going through. I am still learning, but now I understand why it had to hurt so much. Anyway, I wish you the best. And keep writing… Peace
- Pete M

Dear Enoch, I have just spent 2 hours reading your articles on your site, and I am impressed. Especially with the Hypnotic article. I did what you said, and I am amazed. I am a Registered Emergency Room Nurse, and I never would have thought that I myself would react to your written words. My chair actually was difficult to lift, and my arms were one up and one down. I am 53 years old, and have seen a lot in my life and career, but, I always felt that I could not be “hypnotized” in any way at all!

I am inspired to continue with my “quest” as I have had my “awakening” just before I watched the Secret. When I watched the “Secret” something told me that it was just the icing, but where was the “cake”? That has sent me on my quest since last June. I also like to read and listen to channeled “Light Beings”. They are very informative and know all that goes on in the Universe. I hope that you have listened or read them. I especially like Tobias from Crimson Circle, and of course one of the originals “Seth” who was channeled by Jane Roberts (now deceased), but there is a new channeler in California who is channeling “Seth” (Mark Allen Frost). But, many of the original “Sethians” don’t believe it is really “Seth” as Seth stated years ago that he would only channel with Jane Roberts. If you have not read Seth, please do, he is very informative. I just thought I would let you know how informative your site is, and also let you know (if you haven’t found them) about the “Light Beings” who have been sent to help us from God, as they state there will be a new consciousness, especially after 2012. What are your thoughts regarding 2012? Sincerely, Light and Blessings to you and your family
- Cynthia Hill

Thank you Enoch, for your beautiful work. Yes, I understand that much of your ideas are from ancient teachings, but you bring it up to date with the clarity of one who has been spiritually gifted. Thank you again. I found you by browsing with Google
- Len cooper

Hello Enoch, I personally want to thank you for your contributions to Us All. As I take in the information and knowledge you freely share, I feel natural uplifting and true grace. Your courage and persistence “pays off” for One and All! With love and blessings,
- Steve Amarant, Mountain Ranch, Ca.

Hey Enoch, after coming to page 19 (!) and not farther of your E-Book “Reality Creation Secrets”, I am already so amazed of your lecture. It is unbelievable how dense your wealth of information is presented in a clearly structured way. Although I am interested in metaphysical and spiritual information for 2 years, by now I never came across something as valuable as your text. I had various Highs and Lows that are almost unbelievable for me: From time to time, I more or less ridiculed this stuff, and then believed in it again. But your writing coming into my life is like a miracle for me. It makes clear so much. Dispelling a lot of false information I received, respectively allowing me to organize all the thoughts…Understanding God/Universe/myself MUCH more than a couple of hours ago. Thank you
- Daniel Lorencic

Dear Enoch, I want to thank you for the wonderful gifts that you are sending me by your ebooks. I have received many advices and suggestions about how to achieve the desired quick success in our life. They were really good, but something was missing. What I needed I found in you e-letters. I am entirely inspired and amazed. I feel like I want to read only them. They contain everything about how to perceive the world and respectively our awareness for proper and wise actions. Sincerely yours,
- Diana Grigorova

I don’t know how often you get this, but I feel a deep need to say thank you, Enoch, for this site. Thank you for sharing your information. Because if I had so much knowledge, so much revelation, I would keep it and not tell anyone. Thank you for this site and for answering my emails. God bless you.
- Cory

Hey, you write so well so I’m asking you if it’s ok if I use some of your sentences in my screenplay about enlightenment? Thanks,
- Eva Svendsen

Hello Enoch, Great Stuff, Man, I love it! Anyhow, I purchased most of your stuff, and have been on a Spiritual Journey, all my life, but just Now realizing that it is only “Now”, this very moment, all the time, and it always has been this very moment Now (Always). Keep up the awesome work, or path… :)
- James Hughes

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