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Enoch, I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful messages. I appreciated the book I bought off your site and your emails are a constant reminder and quick teachings that really do help. All the best to you,
- Suganth

Hi Enoch!! AS you know, I am reading your articles with pleasure and at the moment I am reading one of your free ebooks which is sooooooooooo interesting!!
- Alberto

I find your website superior to so many other websites I have seen. Great work. Regards
- Parham Davoudpour

Enoch, you’re an excellent soul, and I am glad to know your awesome website. I sure appreciate your web site - “It’s the best one in the world.” Haha. And it is! God bless you. Take care.
- Maureen King

I am an ardent reader of your articles and revelations on your website. I am resident in Accra, the capital of Ghana. I wish to meet you face to face and in view of that I am ready to fly to whichever location just to meet with you see the earthen vessel in whom dwells so much wisdom and inspiration from on high.
- David Vanderpuye-Orgle

Thank you for the information you provide. When I feel low in energy or am overcome by fear and doubt, I like to reread your articles for encouragement. They really help a lot of people.
- Elena

Hi Enoch, I want to thank you once again for your wonderful writings. I am learning a lot from studying religion, particularly Christianity and mainly Christian Science, as once mentioned. Yet I want to go beyond religiousness to the truths of God, my Self and Reality, which I believe are far greater and better than any religious SYSTEM can comprehend. Often I find myself getting “sucked back” into religious thinking which encourages only “their way” and implicitly discourages, or explicitly condemns “thinking for oneself” as being, at best, ‘mistaken’ or at worst ‘the snares of the Devil!’ Then I read some of your writings Enoch and they remind me that I can have a relationship with God, learn of Reality and Be ME, outside religious boundaries, without having to give up Love, goodness and my integrity.

So thank you once again and keep on writing and sharing this Wisdom with the world. For anyone considering joining - if you are a sincere Truth seeker and willing to “sell all to purchase the Pearl beyond price”, I would encourage you to subscribe as part of your journey. I have spent many thousands of dollars over the last 10 years on books and while all have some value, I would describe very few as being pure gold, to be learned from for as long as I can read. Enoch, your work is in that category. (I am lucky enough to be a free lifetime member and I am so grateful I found your site when I did and signed for life when I had the chance). The value of the knowledge you share Enoch - for those with the wisdom to take it in - is ‘beyond rubies’. With much love and appreciation,


Hello Enoch, I finally finished reading Mind Reality. I am grateful and I say Thanks!!! It is a wonderful book.
- Ido Etim

Dear Enoch, We were introduced to your site through Real Mind Power Secrets which is a “buffet” of wonderful mind/spirit food. My husband and I especially love reading your posts as they have been the most helpful tool in our journey to success and enlightenment. We cannot adequately express in words the gratitude we feel for your site. You have become our life coach in so many ways…thank you, thank you!
- Diane and Barney Schmitt

Enoch Hi, I just want to thank you for your continual flow of excellent and insightful articles. Of recent the Spiritual Warfare and Empowering Beliefs really have helped me with what I am going through. Also the article on Mental Pictures lines up exactly with what I have been learning from Gregg Braden and Dr. Jim Richards. Your articles as always shed new light on old problems and allow one to move from the fallen nature to the True Nature of the Sons of GOD we are… I continually share your articles with all I feel are in tune with this thought process. GOD bless you my brother my prayers are always for you!
- John Butera

Hi Enoch, Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us and using the internet for the spiritual upliftment of humanity as a whole. God Bless,
- Angela

Dear Enoch, This course has yielded the most wonderful of results beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.
- Sid

I am most pleased with your discourses; a man of great wisdom, in my humble opinion.
- Sarah Simmons

I have read some of your past articles and per its title it seems to answer most of my questions and advocacy. You are right - It is one of the best website when it comes to transformation. Yours Truly,
- Cristina Flores, Philippines

I really love your articles as I have been studying metaphysics since I was a teenager and now am 76 years of age-many miracles have occurred during my life. With much appreciation,
- Patricia Leonaitis

Hi Enoch, I am currently reading your Mind Reality ebook; I downloaded all 3 free ebooks you so kindly offered. I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying reading your material. At the moment we are experiencing a bit of financial hardship, but I am aiming to become a member of your website. What a gift you have. Your information is pure information, not just filler fluff like some other sites offer. Kindest regards and blessings to you,
- Adriana Pusztai, HAPPY TUNES

Enoch, Your E books are incredible. Your Metaphysics writings are top notch, up there with Deepak, Wayne Dyer and Jane Roberts. Your talent definitely warrants getting some books out there where you can dive deeper into specific subjects.
- Joel Rivard

Hi Enoch, The other day I asked for advice on an article to read regarding my problem with smoking. BANG! You hit the nail on the head with that one, thanks for that. Many thanks,
- Paul

Hi, I am a big fan of Mind Reality. I read and save almost every article you release.
- Jason Larose

Your site is excellent. I look forward to reading it everyday. I found you through Psi Tek. I played Merlin in a play when I was in 4th grade. Now I know why. Best wishes!
- Lisa Karlskin

Hello Mr. Tan. I want to personally thank you for this opportunity to become a Mind Reality Member. I hope you keep this membership drive up for a while as it will take a miracle for me to join your site. I am learning and am deeply grateful that I am so privileged to get your newsletters. I make the most of them as best I can at the moment and hope to make more of them in soon time to come. Even reading your membership homepage advertisement is very informative. Thank you, Mr. Tan. Thank you very much. Thank you for teaching us the real meaning behind our reality and how it is really more a matter of mind than anything else. This is a very significant and very pertinent lesson to learn. Many may not agree, but I for one do see how things not taught over the pulpit are in fact very scriptural and should be taught over the pulpit. Glad for the distinctions in life and for how things work together for the good of all regardless of who thinks so or not.
- Terri

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