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Enoch, I have very much enjoyed your website and the insight that you have. You have given clarity to me on several issues. It’s amazing how God’s Grace brings the right people into your life at the right time. Blessing and Grace,
- Marilyn W Wright, Charlotte, NC.

DEAR ENOCH, I do not have words to tell you THANK YOU for your fantastic INFO so real, helpful, clearing the clouds in my mind and giving some different light to the blocking dark tunnel time. Your clear, organized messages are vital for me, a “product of communist system” where spirituality was not permit freely. Thank you and keep me informed.

I love your web site and the way you send us emails … I could die to join the web site for I know it has so much information and I will join your website once I get my job to pay the monthly fee …I promise. Thanks for your emails
- Hasina Khateeb-Baker (Nina)

Dear Enoch~ Just an update here for you: I went to a music event last night with a friend. I noticed people were treating me differently. I was being treated like a princess. It was distinctly different than even 6 months ago. Then after a few minutes I realized what was happening. Your teachings have been ’sinking in’ this past year, & it’s even changing the way people perceive me. Enoch, you’re right, all change truly does begin inside with each of us~! I recently read that Warren Buffet, the richest man on earth, when asked what was the greatest key to his success, said ‘never make decisions based just on emotions, but learn to be objective when making decisions’. I thought of that when I read your article “Equanimity Gives Freedom from Pull of Emotions”. Thank you again Enoch for helping to change the world!
- Susan Grisanti

Hi Enoch! I found your website from your sales letter on ClickBank while doing market research. The name “Enoch Tan” sounded suspiciously Singaporean and haha turns out you are! =)I’m Saiful Rizal and I just started out learning and understanding more about the law of attraction when The Secret was released. How about you? I’d love to connect with you, maybe I can buy you coffee and we can share some information together. Oh by the way, I started a personal development site about 6 months ago and it’s doing quite well =) I’m so happy and grateful for that and I’m releasing my Inspired Action Coaching Program in the next 2 weeks!!! =) I’ve read a PDF on your website regarding an interview and you believe in synchronicities. I’ve had increasingly more of them in the past month and I believe I attracted you into my life for a reason. I don’t know what that is but I’m nudged to say that maybe we can get together and do something together and become the next Adam Khoo / Stuart Tan combination =)Tell me what you think, Enoch. Sincerely,
- Saiful Rizal

Enoch, I have been reading all of the information in your three ebooks and as much of the website allowed a non-member, I can not express enough how much I appreciate all the hard work in writing and research that you have done, just to help people like me. The information is easy for me to comprehend, however I must admit I have done several re-reads on the topics I wanted more clarity on. I am in the beginning of my learning about mind reality and how to better my life, I did not have the funds to pay the membership fee, (I am a single mother of two small children with only one income.) however after applying the principles that I am learning to my finances, I have been able to see an increase in the available funds so I can make this investment in me. Enoch, please keep studying and sharing your insights, as the knowledge is changing my life in such a wonderful positive way. I am stepping out on faith that spending this money each month will bring about the knowledge to shift my reality and the plane that I now travel. I will soon be your newest member. With much admiration, your soon to be new member
- Becky Coburn

You are a brilliant and beautiful person, your message of God, love and hope are a gift to us all. I am not where I should be in my life but I am getting there, THANK YOU for adding to my life, for simplifying and clarifying.
- Danny, Canada

Hi Enoch Tan. Can we meet you? My husband and I would love to know you. Let’s just say that this website and secrets to Mind reality have been a tremendous blessing. Words cannot describe. We bless you Enoch Tan and we praise you for the God-life in you!
- Yaovi & Danielle Dagba

Enoch…. I’ll keep it short…. This is just to say ‘thank you’….!!!! For all that has been… and all that will be no doubt coming… THANKYOU…! Your words are wise and direct, my friend…. very informative….and both comfortable and enjoyable to read…. Good on ya Enoch… and thanks again mate….!
- John Goodlich

Thanks a million. I truly appreciate your e books and read each word with great interest. May you have all the success you can ever dream off. Thanks again.
- Hasina Khateeb-Baker (Nina)

Hi, Thanks for your helpful advice which you will recall from the e-mails below. I have been following your advice, and it has worked. With the problems I faced (e-mail at bottom), with the intention of receiving some positive contact from my ex-girlfriend, I decided to pray more, and send more Psi-balls. I also decided to send a ‘missing you’ card to her (against the advice of many people). I expressed my true feelings of love. I then prayed regularly, and sent Psi-balls with feelings and thoughts so intense that I could feel a warmth in my chest, and felt very emotional (as I do when praying). Three days later, I received an e-mail from her thanking me for my thoughts, and saying that she wants to be friends again at some point in the future. I don’t believe in coincidences. Should you have any more advice for me I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks Again. I’ll keep you posted on further developments. Yours,
- William

Dear Enoch Tan I wish to say thank you for what I have received from you to date. Your work is tremendous and has had a profound effect on my life. I would so much like to purchase your work and will do at some stage. I am an aged pensioner and have been one of those folk who have read every book on the market over the past 25 years, starting with Napoleon Hill! I have had a modicum of successes over the years, but it is only now, with the help of the writings that people of your caliber produce that I am so aware now of why my manifestations have not been consistent. Right now, in this present moment, my budget does not always allow me to purchase what I want in the moment, but I create lists, and eventually all the items come into my life. You r work is on my list! Many thanks for what I have received from you. Kind regards
- Jo-Anne Hart

Dear Enoch, I don’t have the words to say what an impact has been having what you write into my life! It cleared up so many things for me and answered so many questions! There’s not a day that goes by since I discovered your website when I don’t log in to read and reread your articles! Many blessings to you, Enoch!
- Diana M.

Dear Enoch I want to thank you so much for such wonderful information, I have been so enlighten these last 2 months of my life from reading your work, and not to mention the freedom one experiences from the truths you teach.
- Linda Attia

Mr Enoch Tan, you are a wonderful human being! Thank you so very much. The articles that you have been putting on your site seem to have been particularly just for me, at the very least arriving at just the right time. I have a whole folder of your articles that I have printed out and I sit and go over them many, many times and I have had many AHA moments as Oprah would say, or the light bulb suddenly grew bright. You write in such a way that I connect with the article immediately, like having found a long lost friend or a book you knew you had put away some where and you could remember only half the story, but everything falls in to place as soon as I begin to read from your site. Thank you for sharing with all of us your knowledge, you are a shining light, helping others to shine as well. Many thanks
- Wendy Starick

Enoch, I just wanted to thank you for defending a Christian perspective in a post you made in 2006 on the site Pavlina (Personal development for smart people). I am an American that lives in the Philippines now. I am not religious, yet love God. I recently saw “The Secret” on video. I have experienced self awareness in the late 70’s and still valued some of the principles. I eventually got involved with being an evangelical Christian and really took a hard stand against “new age” stuff. Being more balanced now, I seemed to have connected with the message of the video and realized perhaps the turmoil in my business here, may be coming from my attitudes and mental state (dealing with trying to do what should be a successful business to no avail for 5 years now in a radically corrupt country). The video seemed to use biblically based principles but, left God out of the equation… I started to do some searching on a Christian perspective (just to see what good and bad opinions were out there) to Charles Haanel’s work and landed here. It helped me to put the two together. Discernment. Keep up the good teaching. Thank you,
- Doug

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