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Dear Enoch,
First and foremost I want to thank you for putting God into your work and for blending logic with God. I have been waiting a long time to locate answers and guidance regarding my beliefs and what works for my mind. I have know about the law of attraction and such for a long time, yet I could not hold on to it. I assumed it was with out God, therefore I would not embrace it. I stumbled on to this site and it spoke to me. You have given me the understanding as to why things happen, the knowledge on what to do and the strength to carry on. This, Enoch is what I have been praying for recently. As I work towards what is in my heart, fearing and loving God, I use the principles as base as-well-as an instruction… Once again thank you for your time, dedication and your wisdom. I know God is working in you.
- Andrea, Toronto(area), Canada
Your site is Awesome, you are a truly gifted writer!! I have enjoyed reading every entry. Keep up the awesome work that you are providing to others, your contribution clearly makes a very positive impact on those who visit your site and read your body of work.
- Mac
I love the information on your site and agree completely with it, so I figured maybe your the one to give me peace to this question, Thanks
- Dave Tyler
First I just want to say nice work on the site. It has information of very high quality and is easy to follow and read.
- Isaac
I enjoy your site and look  forward to reading your articles. I’m interested in reading your articles  because I feel it’s more intellectually stimulating and the approach not too  ‘new age-y’ or motivational-speakerish.
- Jen Wise
Your a great man with great knowledge, keep the great work up on your site;)) You got a great purpose in life, all those you’re helping with your website. Thanks again, love your website.
- David Secret
Hello Enoch Tan, This is Leslie Adams I am really amazed with your website and will keep continue with my education by studying all the info you have provided. The strange thing is all you have wrote about are things I have been thinking my whole life but now that I have read your articles I truly believe in all of the things I have thought. Thank you for increasing my faith infinitely and I would love to talk to you on the phone or in person. Again thank you from the deepest part of my soul and God Bless.
- Leslie Adams
Dear Enoch,
My name is Anna , a while back I downloaded Mind Reality, put it aside as a number of events were surrounding my life at that particular time. Last night I finally managed to sit down and read it, from beginning to end.
I felt elated that I had finally come across such wonderful thought provoking writings as yours. Hopefully that makes sense. I have been an avid reader of Charles Haanel, I found your style of writing extremely easy to digest…
I felt extremely humbled when I read The Kybalion.. some where in the deepest part of my soul I recognized….with feeling.. a wonderful recognition of what was being relayed back to me
I am not coming from ego, I am not talking about the new age drivel and I would not be so egotistical as to say ….as many people do…”it was a past life…I just had a strong recognition of what I was reading I could not help but smile, nod and sometimes I would feel tears well up of pure happiness.
I am thanking you for you deep wisdom and knowing . I need not say more. Regards
- Anna Greenwood
I found your website through Google (keywords “reality shift”, “change reality” or something like that, can’t recall exactly) about an year ago. I found exactly what I needed and it provoked a major breakthrough in my personal seekings (to be more precise, it was the article “Change reality by creating it anew”). I came across your site again about 2 months ago (through Google again, keyword: “synchronicities”) and discovered the full range of your articles. Never said thank you for the books, did I. Well thank you for existing. You had all the answers I needed, perfectly structured and ready-to-use. You’re a genius, although you already know that. I must tell you: every now and then I have a question in my mind haunting me but I know where I’ll undoubtedly find the answer. The very next day you write about it in your latest article. Looks like synchronicity, but I bet many others can say the same about their personal experience with your articles. I read the comments as well, can’t add anything new to what the others have already shared with you, they all express what I think.
Finding you was an answer to a prayer: to find a sensei (it’s the meaning of your name anyway; “Enoch” is not your family name, is it?) We share the same interests, probably have similar experiences in our personal lives, but I need some(solid)help in decoding to whatever is happening to me and my immediate surroundings. Guidance, that is. One thing I’d really like to know right now is how the hell did you manage to amass such huge/profound knowledge on the matters of the mind; were you born with it, is there a relative family history of wise men or was there a triggering event in your life that unlocked the urge? I mean, you look so young. Before I saw the picture, I had this image in my mind of a sort of a Harvard professor impeached for his revolutionary ideas. The surprise was very pleasant though. I have so many questions but I think you’ll start feeling bored at a certain point so I’d better stop the torrent here. I’ll write to you soon if you let me to. Blessed be,
-Valeria, Greece
P.S. I’m better than you in animal communication, esp. with cats .:P
Dear Enoch, Great articles, man, you rule. No one out there is so …hmm, say - deserving to be read and referred to. I need to search no more, should have replaced Google with your site for a homepage long ago. Thanks again for existing (if you got a dime along with all the thanks you’ve received, you would have been a millionaire, wouldn’t you? I’m working hard on my reality so not in the very distant future I believe I’ll be able to make a fat donation, I owe you one ;))
- Valeria
Enoch you are a genius. This website really is the best in the world. I can’t help but gasp in amazement and jump for joy at how neatly your article ties in all the ideas I have already spent much time researching. I can’t believe that I’ve  spent a year looking for the information this site had, when it turned out it was right under my nose on your MindReality site :D Keep up the awesome work I love it!
- Scott Henderson
Hi. Would just like to tell you that I find your writings as very wise and I find them excellent. I think the way you combine the Scripture with the “mind/ reality” is refreshing and it’s nice to see and read someone that thinks and believes what I always have. The way you place God on top of all everything is just spot on as it is He who has put all the other laws in place. I just thought I needed to send you this encouragement. All the best - Tim Power
Hi, You have an awesome news letter… nothing I have read is stated any better than yours… (and I am well read) books and all of it… Keep on doing what you are doing , you must be helping a lot of people as you are me….. Thank you
Dear Enoch, Today is my birthday and wish to send you on this day special thanks for the great material you have been sending me for reading. I feel great as I read and feel greater as I read again. You are surely a talented thinker gifted with great belief and for all that God bless you.. with my best wishes.
- Hamid
Enoch, I would like to commend you. Your articles are very powerful and I get a lot out of them - read and reread constantly.  Thanks for letting me in your world.
- Clay Bauer
Mr. Tan I have bookmark your website so that I can have easy access to it when I want.  I am from a country in the Caribbean called Trinidad. I really enjoy reading your articles.  I have saved some of them and read them very often.  Long ago I would have shrunk away from reading articles such as the ones you write because I am an Evangelical person but, I find my self drawn to topics such as the ones on your website. I acknowledge God/Jesus as SUPREME. This website is helping me tremendously because I am at the crossroads in my life and I have some serious decisions to make concerning my dreams. I am sorry that at the moment I cannot contribute financially. I desire to make a great impact on people’s lives - be it just through the giving of charity or motivation. I see human beings settling for less than they are capable of and it truly hurts me.  Once again keep up the good work!
- June

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