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Dear Enoch, You are right there is nothing in life that is a coincidence. I didn’t know you existed, I have been checking out various works on the law of attraction (like many people the book the secret left me cold and I knew there was much more). Well I was searching spiritual sites and happened to type in metaphysical and there was a whole page of info and my hand was literally guided to your site. First I signed up for your free ebook (I was pleasantly surprised at this because several days ago I had spent 37 dollars on an ebook that told me stuff I already knew).Then when you offered membership for 29.95. I didn’t hesitate and so I am a member and looking forward to all the wonderful information that is now available. I have been metaphysical student since the age of 13. My family were Rosicrucians (AMORC) and I was a colombe from 13-18 years. I have also studied extensively on my own over the years and so far I like the way you have gathered your knowledge and are expressing it on your site so far. I will let you know what I think after reading your book. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!! Blessings from
- Marushka Parker

Dear Enoch Tan, I was happy to read your paper! Your ideas were beautiful and new in the world of transcendency. I have some questions: You explained correctly according to the laws of physics the 6 states of matter. Are you a physicist? Where did you read about the six states of matter? Did you read about them in my homepage or book The Electric Universe? If yes, please mention my name in your next circular! In this case I will recommend you in my future papers and congress. I write a letter in the next day about you to the organization of the last congress in Paris. You are a very interesting and very original scientist. In my young years, I wanted to be educated to be a priest. You can imagine, that your beautiful bridge between matter and mind was for me a pleasure. More, you found the order and beauty already in the beam-state of matter. Interestingly, the whole Universe is filamentary, therefore, no chaos but beauty!
- Dip. Phys. and Dr. Ing. László Körtvélyessy

Enoch who are you and where do you live? I have been so involved in your writings. No one has ever explained the universal law the way you do. You have to be the nearest spirit to the universe I have ever met. I wonder so much about you.
- Patricia Gaines

I am a normal teenager who lives normal, no difference compared to all of my friends, except one. I have mind reality’s magic, trying to get me through my whole life. I think that it is very important to know and believe in yourself, and from previous experience, I deserved and got every single things I wanted, including objects, exam scores, friendship, Love, good family relationship, health, happiness, and so on. The great thing that I discovered is that if I keep on believing myself that I will be able to do whatever I want to, the dream will come DEFINITELY true. Thank you for reading my life story, and thank you for bringing up a great website.
- Chinatsu K. Yajima, 13, Indonesia.

Dear Enoch Tan, I am a subscriber to your newsletters and I have to say, you are my favorite writer of all time. I get so much from reading your work and I feel we are on the same frequency with what we believe. I am writing today to ask for your permission to use one of your articles in a book I have been writing. The book is called Mirror To Mirror and the article I would like to add to it, along with your website, is “One Consciousness By Which Everything Exists.” This article supports the philosophy I have used in the book and I would be so grateful to be able to include it. I haven’t made plans to publish this book as yet as it also comes with a rebirthing hypnosis MP3. As I am still working towards attaining my qualification in Hypnosis, I am unsure of what the legislation is when it comes to CD’s. However there are friends and acquaintances who are willing to test drive the book and MP3 for me so I can get some feedback. I would also be willing to send these to you if you were interested in taking a look. Thank you once again for allowing me the privilege to read your wonderful work. You truly are a genius and the work of the most high God is evident in the work you do. Kind Regards
- Debra Martin

Dear Enoch, just to say what you write is the best and coming of age!!! I mince words praising, rarely say this about anyone. I think you write from the highest level of spirit. It is incredible how life changing and transformational your writing has been. It has helped me deal with the ghosts of Christianity over time from RC to protestant to SDA and now I truly can say that being a true Christian is being a disciple, following Christ and being Christ like not some denomination or cult. May the Lord God Bless you and keep you and strengthen and empower you.
- Rachana

Dear Enoch, Yesterday I become a member of your site. Although I’m a lawyer and the author, I’m still without adequate words to express how good it is. Please keep on going. It’s really great. My best,
- Tomislav Tomic (Croatia)

Dear Enoch, I love your wisdom. Here are some acts and facts of events in my life. I have seen more than 15 miracles. Including are matter creation, including tools for picking up cigarette butts, food, disappearing problems like soiled underwear, creation of water in a cup, control of water with the mind, healing of my father, skin regeneration in 4 hours, no food without loss of energy and weight, reading minds, resurrecting insects, coincidences in my life, and apotheosis… I did it all with your help and belief in myself, God and Christ.
- Colin Eadie

Enoch I can not thank you enough for what you are doing for me. I have learned that it was not the hacker that stole my money, my career, and ruined my life. I also have learned that I was at the cross road of life not for my next career, but that I was having an Identity crisis. Enoch I was so caught in the rat race before the hacker I had lost myself. I needed all the things the hacker brought to me. I needed the loss of my retirement, $750,000. I needed the loss of my car, I needed to go through the humility of having my credit score go from 800 to middle 500 and now my credit is 25 pages long. I needed the divorce from my husband. We are still in the same house and I am getting the money to move out, but his abusiveness has stopped once I learned from the Law of Non Resistance. I cannot tell you enough what you have done. My mind is clear. My companies that I am contracted with the Global financial companies have stayed with me. I have even contracted with Entaire Global who is backed by Lloyds of London in spite of my credit. I got a merchant account for my internet business, in spite of my credit score. I couldn’t believe it. I will now look at life in an entirely different way. I am living my life from this time onward to giving value and love to other people’s lives. Before the hacker, before the losses I would have never said this, much less felt it with such a deep conviction. You are awesome. I love you so very much. I will do my best to take the things you are teaching me and give value and love to others. I will do my very best to help you contact as many people as possible by being your affiliate. There are many other people like myself who are lost. One day I want to meet you in person. Sincerely
- Patricia Gaines

Enoch, I received your info from Mind Power News! By reading your bio I feel that you have accelerated your understanding very quickly! Thank you for your effort in bringing this light unto this world! I salute your higher self and join you to continue helping humanity!
- Joe Acosta

I have been tremendously interested in your teachings. Tremendously interested inasmuch as you are advocating for some ideas which have remained from time out of mind taboo in the midst of Christianity. In you I have found a like inasmuch again as you stand fast in the foundational teachings of True Christianity. You still acknowledge Christ, the Son of God, True God, Begotten and not Created. I have praised God for you. Your teachings are blazing a trail for a new age, for a paradigm shift in Christianity. I hunger day in day out for such knowledge. I even have some other revolutionary aspects of my own to add in the doctrines of Christianity. I’m convinced deep down in my heart that Christianity today all over the world is obsolescence-stricken and badly need an update the same way computer-scientist have it. Best Regards.
- Richard

I have read some of the leading authorities on quantum physics and your letter says more in those few words than 10 books costing a lot more $$$.
- Glenda Fields

I was looking up BWE (Brain-Wave Entrainment) when I came across this your site. Truly you possess a synergy of the senses. It is clear success will always be at your side. Witnessing true mastery of one’s art is so uplifting, and thank you so much for all that you are sharing.
- Esop

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