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Hey Enoch, hope all is well. Thank you for sharing your insights through this site. It is very instrumental in my next step of truth seeking, a real Godsend. I find your views very interesting. I like what you have said about not letting others choose our truth for us, and following the path of our inmost belief. I agree wholeheartedly. Sometimes I wish I could know everything overnight, but I know that part of the joy of living is in the discovery of who we really are. Your site is playing a key role in my learning right now, so thank you for making it available by choosing to live out your full potential. The way you analyze every issue to the core until there is virtually nothing left to question reminds me a lot of myself, and I haven’t met anyone as much like me that way before. I am systematically reading through all the info on your site. It’s great.
- Jason Brown

I have been a member with your website for God knows when and it is my favorite website to go to. It is the Best Website in the World!!!
- Shane Thompson

Thank you again for your very informative website. I look forward to reading all your articles because they are so enlightening. I have recommended your site to many of my friends and also put it in a letter that I wrote to the Editor of the Times Union Newspaper here in Albany, New York.
- Mary Keeley

Here is my first testimony. I had a very old computer that was just barely limping along. A friend reminded me to use the prosperity imaging for a new computer. I was a bit hesitant and just put it out to the Universe that I needed a computer. I also e-mailed a forward to friends asking if anyone had an extra computer I could borrow or rent for a few months. Within minutes, a friend called to tell me he contacted his computer guy who might have an extra one and that he would let me know as soon as he heard from the guy. A week went by with no word. Finally, I had no choice but to call someone who was recommended to come see if he could fix my old one. This was a man I see at our spiritual services, but don’t really know him other than a smile. He came, and he worked on my old computer for some time. Finally he said; “This computer has seen its last days. I hope you won’t be offended by what I’m about to say, but can we just go to Wall Mart and I’ll buy you a new one? I’ll put it on my charge card and you can pay me back next year.” I now have a brand new HP with 22 diagonal wide screen viewing. It’s faster than a speeding bullet and I am one happy camper. I also had a friend call me last week, (three days before the computer man) to tell me she has invested in an off-shore account in my name. Needless to say, I am thrilled and I find my confidence rising re: the possibilities of Infinite prosperity. Thank you and I’m continuing with my new outlook on life. I continue to consider yours a very simple and concise web site to practice. Best wishes,
- Glenda

Dear Enoch, Thank you for sharing with us what you learn. At first I thought what you say can’t be possible and I kept pressing on. Your article “Flowing with God” is amazing. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart because I was put to the test and I am free. My last trial was huge and I found out I am complete in Him, there is nothing missing and nothing lacking in me. You made detachment understandable and when I successfully detach I feel the presence of God and it is the best feeling in the world. You are a blessing. Love in Him,
- Dee

I typed in keywords ‘everything is mind’ after a perception I had during a meditation. Your excellent site seems to be a kind of synthesis of essential concepts drawn from several different philosophies. In particular I was wondering if you have experience with Buddhist philosophy. The way you draw all the threads together is original, however, and you not only synthesize the concepts into a cogent whole, but you explain it in a simple and straightforward way. It certainly would explain mystic siddhis (perfections) such as walking on water, flying unaided by wings, etc. If everything is mind-substance then one who has mastered this substance to a high degree should be able to manipulate it at will (hopefully for the greater good). As I said, it’s a great site and you explain it in a way that makes things very clear, but the underlying concepts have been around for a very long time…regards,
- Andrew.

Hey Enoch, how are you?

I just finished reading a bunch of your articles tonight and it is blowing my mind how quickly everything I ever learned in my whole life is coming together. I have always invested much in knowing God and gaining all the wisdom I could, but at this time in my life my understanding of how everything works is accelerating like crazy. I know that I have attracted your site by a life of seeking God and wisdom and that your articles are the major tool to put it all together for me at this time. There are many times while reading that I know what I am going to read before I actually read it because all knowledge is connected and God is revealing the whole picture and how all the pieces connect.

It’s like I’ve reached a point of intimacy with God last year and He revealed that the meaning of life was to enjoy it to the fullest and put love first. Besides that, life could be whatever I chose it to be. Then as the months went by and I began to work toward my dream, I thought…”oh and by the way God, now that I know why I exist and what we are all here for, maybe you could, you know, fill me in on how it all works…reality I mean. It was like God said “huh? Oh sure…here read this…”and gave me your site. How’s that for highly endorsed literature?

Anyhow, I’m just excited at this increasing feeling of getting closer and closer to home, or as I like to call it “eternal paradise state”. I still have lots of reading to do, and you’ll probably hear from me again. Actually, I hope to meet you in person one day when my physical wealth catches up to my mind. I write this to encourage you to keep doing what you are doing…out of all the self-help/spiritual stuff out there I’ve never seen anything like it. Actually I haven’t even read anything for a few years because I was at a point where I was just building my knowledge on my direct conversations with God. I guess God figured Enoch Tan could save us both some time so we could focus more on the personal aspect of our relationship.

Keep up the good work!

- Jason Brown

I started reading a lot from the website member’s page since Dec. 1, 2008 and I noticed that things I shouldn’t be able to do or know I was making them happen. Out of many things I can now do here’s the first incident, I had a dream about a week before I found your website. In this dream there were two beings at the end of my bed and one of the beings said to the other “he is dead inside”, what does it mean? I don’t know? A week before I got laded of from my job, in my sleep I heard another voice say “his last day will be on the 16th”. That’s one day away from when I got laded off, that’s not it though.

I can even guess what people are thinking with out them saying any thing. I asked my friend over Xbox live four questions, the first one was pick a number, I got that one wrong. But the next three I guessed them right it freaked him out. This kid lives in Alaska now that’s far from me. I also did it to another friend over Xbox live. I also did the same thing to two other friends. I was talking to them over the phone they live 70 miles from me. I asked them a question and I guessed it right, only their mind knew the answer but some how I thought what they thought. I even tested my own mother, this time I started a stop watch and timed 2 minutes, during the time I told her to write down what ever she was thinking because I would send her words that I was thinking. When the time was finished I looked at what she wrote down, she had about 20 words written down. Out of the 20 words she wrote, 17 of them were the words I sent to her and get this, they were in the exact order I thought of. She had to take a nap after this because she said her head hurt. Remember this has all happened in the past two weeks, but here is another case I was just getting home from work and I went straight for the deck of cards that were on the kitchen table I said ACE and flipped a card sure enough it was an ace then I said 8 and the next card was an 8. I stopped there and moved on, its like I am gaining a power that is out of this world.

But that’s not it…..It only gets better……I was getting ready to go to work and before I walked outside I said what cars will pass by when I get outside? I said in my mind “when I get outside there will be two white cars going in this direction and there will be a red truck behind the two cars.” I get outside and as soon as I look towards the road two white cars drive by at the same time but there wasn’t a red truck. But that’s not it, that same day I was at work and I was reaching for a cardboard box and suddenly the box moved toward my hand!!! I looked around to make sure no one saw but there are cameras so I don’t know who saw. Listen I love the Lord and I pray to him and I let him know what’s on my mind but sometimes I think people around me can hear what I am thinking I always get this look from people when I am just standing still and some how others now when I am showing up somewhere. My name is Stephen I was born on News Years day 1986.

- Stephen Rubio

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