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Enoch, Thank you for the great article about passion. It took me awhile but now things are starting to manifest for me. Six months ago I lost my house basically from thinking wrong thoughts. Yesterday I got it back. You can imagine what I learned by detaching and stepping into the void or the realm of the unknown for seven months. Within 5 days I manifested the equivalency of $200,000. Because you taught me how to detach I did not suffer through the process I stayed in faith. You teach us how to have the true power because we are in Christ and Christ is in us. Thank you for your work.
- Dee

You wrote the following statement in the article “Challenge of Sovereign Power by Angelic Forces” you sent me: "But God is still doing his work in overthrowing the work of the devil at all times. He is raising up a group of Christians that are more aware than the evolved beings of unbelievers. This group will be the very elect that will prove to be a force that Lucifer has never been able to reckon with before. They are the guardians of light that will bring the truth of salvation into the core of conscious evolution. They will shine as true light within corrupted light." Would you say that the above statement sums up your assignment from the Lord? Do you believe God is raising you up (or has raised you up) to be one of the leaders in this movement of God? If so, I feel like I want to be a part of this. I am starting to understand a lot more now as you continually answer my questions, and I thank you with all that's within me for taking time to answer each one. You don't know how much you're helping me...or perhaps you do. Be blessed,
- Derrick Frazier

Dear Enoch, I very pleased by the works you have written, You truly are a light in this dark world, being that you are Christian and you combine metaphysical laws that make sense ! I have been reading your "Reality Creation Secrets" and "Mind Reality" but I am blown away by "Spiritual Mysteries Revealed".
- Marccus

Hi Enoch! You made a super-powerful statement in your article you wrote about being under the grace of God. You said that the Philistines came from the Egypt region to attack the children of Israel in their promised land. You said these Philistines took a direct route. You said that some people get to God through cosmic means alone, but God wants us to go through the Cross which is the indirect route to access him. That one statement you made clarified SO much for me. As always, thank you.
- Derrick

Hello Enoch, Love your information, and being a disciple of Christ, it draws me nearer to our Father. My Ministry is clearer now with the help you have provided via the website, and sadly I have only been able to connect one other with mindreality, and that has created some resistance in our relationship, although I’m confident that will change, as I continue to EDIFY the Christ out of everybody. WOW! What a dynamic Enoch, I am the Paradigm.
- Gerald Birkner

Enoch, I've been reading your stuff! I'd love to be doing what you're doing. I'm a psychiatrist in training in South Africa. Love your thoughts man!
- Pritesh Modi

Hello Enoch, I am a HUGE fan of your work. You have taken many of the modalities and approaches that I have studied over the years and made them SIMPLE, easy to digest and powerful. You have a true anointing.
- Veronica Conway

Wow! This has been extremely beneficial. I feel enlightened. As I am a Christian. This has been in line with what I believe. Thank you for providing this insight.
- Janet Kennedy

I have no idea who you are but you a so right on the mark. Please continue with your work. Please don't look to the right or left. Much Love and Blessings to you and all that is yours. Grateful and Delighted member,
- Crystal

Dear Enoch, I was wondering, since our higher self or God self already knows everything that is going to happen, maybe somehow it  urges me, or puts the idea into my mind, to wish for something seemingly impossible otherwise. Such as, sitting in the middle of Texas, during a drought, no rain in the forecast much a large thunderstorm, and to wish for it to arrive the next day, wake up with totally dark clouds and thunder and lighting, rained all day. Maybe that is how some of the things that happen for me really occur. I am certain you know the answer to as I think you have the greatest mind among us. Thank you. You are totally right concerning democracy, it totally dumb, look what can happen. The unemployed imbeciles elected out president. Democrats want the felons in prison to have the right to vote. They probably will someday. Oh well.
- Ellane

Dear Mr. Enoch Tan, Thank you very much for your Reality Creation Secrets E Book! I do appreciate your work. Now, I have read your book completely and get perfect knowledge! Really perfect! I believe that I will get whatever I desire in my life Like a magic! Now My unstoppable bright and successful life already operated in this universe as you said! Now I can set up a business. I focus on many other successful business to set up in my life. Thanks again! God bless you forever. Best Regards
- Morris Minn Swe

First off, I just want to say that your website is a culmination of everything that I have been interested in within the last five years of my life. I love it, and I have spent the last two nights just reading all the material you have written, and I have to say every piece of information I have ever come across on spirituality, quantum science, personal development, to the matrix realm and etheric realm of spiritual entities and the war in other dimensions is summed up within this website. To get to my point, I have been living a life of tug-of-war ever since I was 18. I have always known there was more to this life than just go to college, get a good job, and make some money, get married, have kids, and die. I have not been true to who I am, and have just recently become aware that I need to start pursuing my passions in life, but I have let my passions fall to the wayside and I never truly nurtured them or stuck with them. I focused on making money, and now I have none (at the current moment), but I am focusing my attention on my abilities and talents-which as I now know money follows when these are focused and harnessed. I just want to thank you for presenting such an amazing resource to help myself and other get back in touch with who we really are, why we are here, and how we can make the most of this experience in this life. Once again, thank you, and God Bless! Sincerely
- Seth Pigate

Someone's got some explaining to do. I don't know understand how a person so young could have such a wealth of knowledge to offer. I have been a student of law of attraction, right thinking, metaphysics, and whatever one chooses to call it for about 5 years. I'm an avid reader having read several books on the subject, watched many videos and such. I'd been feeling like there would be something so invigorating aligning universally for me to experience. All of my studies and more have been detailed more beautifully and intelligently than anything I've ever encountered. I'm not able to read Reality creation secrets without becoming inundated with so much emotion due to overwhelming truth and beauty, the tearful breaks are prolonging this read, probably my second favorite next to the Bible. Mr. Enoch Tan you completely amaze me.  Your insight and delivery is unparalleled. I am anew as a result. May God bless you to reach every corner of the globe through your work! I am grateful! All the best,
- Danny Clay

I have purchased an excellent e-book from you in the past and I have been receiving your e-mail snippets lately on manifesting and I have now also visited your website. Very nice and informative website. Being a Christian myself I can relate very well to your articles because I personally believe that a great deal of the words to us from GOD are to help us here on earth to be the world overcomers that he said we are once we accept as the truth that he has done what he says he has done for us. Unfortunately, one does not always get what one really needs to live victoriously from church. Enoch, I look forward to hearing from you on this very important matter. Sincerely,
- Lee

I have been a truth seeker my whole life. I was brought up Catholic but in my teen years was involved in some occult activity such as tarot cards, Ouija board and black magic. Then I became a born again Christian at the age of 17 and renounced these occult practices as satanic. I've continued to seek truth all my life and this path led me to realize that God is above all culture and not confined to one particular culture. I have a very close relationship with God and this produces better fruit of peace, joy, and abundant life every year.  I have moved beyond what I call "Christian Culture" into a more pure relationship with God that includes fellowshipping with all people of the human race without judging them but loving them and simply opening my God-filled life to those who cross my path without an agenda driven by culture, fear, or my own ego.

Every time I talk to God about my path I get confirmation that I am progressing down the path of truth and intimacy with God. I don't expect most "Christians" to agree with this as it goes against the culture I used to be a part of, but I cannot deny God is leading me down this path. I know when I seek the truth with all my heart I find it and I know the fruit is always good and getting better. I suppose I could be called a Christian because of my continued belief in Christ, but I have little to nothing to do with the culture. I've given you this background so you would know where I'm coming from when I ask you the question I have in mind. I am wary of things that come my way in terms of who I will listen to and only accept input from those I feel it is clear God has lead me to. This led me to your site. This led me to a holistic doctor whom I trust. Lately this led me to a numerologist who did an extensive reading for me online. My old view believed numerology was part of the occult which was satanic.

My new belief is that numerology is true, and a tool that can be used for good or evil Due to the incredible accuracy of the reading as well as the positive fruit it seems to be reaping in my life so far, I feel God is bringing me into greater truth, as an integrated part of God's movement in my life .My friend who is Christian and knows my journey has warned me about listening to counselors with connections to the occult. I feel I am on the right track, and the fruit is all good, and I've asked God to reveal the truth to me; I know God will. My concern is not to allow myself to be led or to lead others down a deceptive path. I haven't written you for a long time, but felt that your input may be valuable in this matter. I appreciate your time very much. Thanks

- Jason Brown

Dear Enoch, someday I plan on writing you and telling you how much you have changed my life. But for the moment may I describe a picture worth a thousand words? May I describe the picture of a 46 yr old woman whom has had a very hard life but somehow was able to a God connection and hang onto Love in her heart for others but little for herself, but thru your teachings are learning slowly to love her Godself and this moment has tears of Love, Passion, Joy and Gratitude. My eyes are wet with tears because I can feel the truth of God and his Love and wisdom in what you say. And thru his Love and grace I feel the connected Spirit with you. And wish to send you a big hug and Thank You! Thank you for sharing freely so that I was able to learn enough to know how much I needed to subscribe and learn more. Peace be with you Enoch Tan. Sincerely,
- Connie Jones

I would like to say that it is great to hear from a man that actually understands women and what they want. Thanking you,
- Alanah

List of All Testimonial Pages!

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