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Good morning Enoch...I have now purchased your products and am absolutely beside myself with intrigue and anticipation! I also wish to thank you for the Newsletters received prior to my purchase and I have noticed how in reading just those, my understanding/perception has increased/changed for the better. I was watching a quiz show the other evening and three questions were posed to which I didn't know the answers. I went quiet, relaxed and in my mind asked "which are the right answers" ...the answer to those three questions came to me! and this is but one example of a whole host of them. I have also "cleaned out" my newsletters. There were ones from a wide range of health providers, wealth providers, metaphysical providers etc my thinking being now that I have your products theirs will no longer be needed! Those feeling I wrote about in my first e-mail to you: the orgasmic convulsions...still with me, even as I read all the material given! Wonderful!!!!!
- Arama Rolton

I am your lifetime member. Your Reality Creation Secrets Book and Member Archive is very effective and powerful. I like them so much. After reading your perfect work, I always find strength for my life to carry on even in miserable period.
- Minn Swe

I have been a member of another Mindpower Program for 25 years...but nothing like this... this somehow has cut the chains to the front gates to my powerhouse within and made me realize how much power I can generate...and what is available, is an abundance of reality...magic...and success, as we were meant to have. I am such a believer of this material and I would like to see it made available as school curriculum. Successfully yours
- Guido Michael Tabone, Sydney NSW

I absolutely agree with some of your earlier writing pieces, that the higher one develops, the more individual he becomes; intelligence cannot compromise with mass common thinking. And that is also why Iím so happy with the beauty, easy-to-access, immediate applicable and concise writings of yours, which can reach out to so many people at once over this Internet medium, where people can take it or leave it, where those who resonate will self-select while those who don't will eliminate and drop off themselves.
- Adrian Lek (Singapore)

Enoch, I have never read anything so important as your work, other than the Bible itself. Your writings have so many "deep-thought" levels to them that it's like finally finding the missing "link". I am truly grateful God has sent you to help me understand what I need to know. I know I will remain a member for a long time!! God Bless You Always! With Love,
- Kevin R.

Google is where I found your article. Dear Enoch Tan, I looooooooove your articles you write! They give me a more logical aspect on viewing my life which I connect with on a deeper level. Your scientific and spiritual analysis on life makes soo much more sense to me, than all the hocus pocus I find in other spiritual practices. The fact that I do have control over my destiny.
- Darletha Walden

Hey Enoch, I have been away from your site for a while and just came back. I am astounded at the awesome wealth of information you are amassing here. I'm really thankful that you have offered a lifetime membership at such an amazingly low price. When I think about the value of the information the price is a joke! Like everything else, however, I know that I have manifested you and your site into my life through my own progression of faith. It has been this continual pursuit of truth in my life that has led me here, but I can tell you that since I have been reading your articles since about two years ago, it has been like throwing gasoline on a fire! I am a radically different person than I was ten, even five years ago due to the pursuit of truth, but the change has been happening faster every year and I know your words have played a major role in this process for me these last two years. Let me tell you how different my life is even from two years ago. I used to have a virtually non-existent sex life; now I get sex several times a week. I used to work like a slave five days a week for someone else; now I work three days a week for myself. I used to have dreams of having a rock band and being a writer getting dusty, sitting on the shelf; now I'm actively pursuing those dreams as well as stand-up comedy! I used to have very few people in my life; now I know I can create whatever social situation I desire. I'm not where I want to be yet, but I can feel it all coming around the corner, in the right way, and the right time. Life is so wonderful when you really start to understand who we really are and what this is all about. I just wanted you to know the positive effect your work is having and how much I appreciate having access to your writings. God bless you and please keep up the great work Enoch.
- Jason Brown

Hi, thank you for all your support and emails in the last 7 months. Thanks to you I am now manifesting my dreams. Your support has been awesome and I just wanted to say to keep up the work that you do and by all means continue to send me support emails. I will be in touch again when all of my desires have manifested. God bless
- Francoise

The writing is great. At first I was skeptical because when browsing your site, sounded like the usual crap to get you to buy something that leads you to nowhere. However, I kept going and I found real substance in your writings. I would change that part making it different from the crappy sites in which you promise everything like an easy way. Phrase it different; more serious. One does not expect the kind of insight you offer reading the introduction. I was expecting more like "change your negative attitude" think positive, do this, do that." That without the consciousness from the inner world is just empty and people quit easy and there is no accomplishment. And your site and insights are the quality of Deepak Chopra. Actually, I read a lot of this kind of literature and never get tired. It's reaffirming to me that I go in the right path. You explain the same of Chopra, my readings in Kabbalah, Ernest Holmes, etc. but in different way. So, it's refreshing. Thank you, very much. But it's your site, and you know better what to change or not. This was my humble (and strong) opinion. I was looking for your picture and there you are! Wow! You are a young kid? At least, or is it an old picture... With all the wisdom you have, I was waiting for an old dude, lol. You are enlightened! I think it sounds better than genius. Many geniuses are not enlightened and in touch with their spirit. But when enlightened, you become more than a genius. I was wondering what your name means. And thank you for sharing your wisdom,
- Rosa

I am on the eve of my law school admission test and i must take this opportunity to thank you for your invaluable guidance and support .You have truly been instrumental in my success, each day leads to greater victories and triumphs. I have manifested my soulmate and for the first time in years I feel truly excited and alive. Love is the most powerful magnetic energy in the universe. Since meeting this very strange gentleman, I have been effortlessly attracting wonderful circumstances and resources. I have also uncovered latent abilities and astonishing intellectual and psychic faculties. Thank you so much. As I watch with amazement my dreams are becoming reality, the lines are blurring for me. It is all very exhilarating and awesome, but sometimes I feel a bit like Ava in wonderland.
- Ava Eden

That was good to read. Once again, thanks you for your Blessings and I wish you the same. It was today, I really search to see if I can find your picture in the Web and behold, I found it: You are such a young man contrary to what I have expected. I was thinking you are like somebody in the 60s or 70 years of age, Someone with a gray hair and huge body Mass. I learn something very new today through your life: Wisdom is not a Respecter of Age, person, size of the body, color, race, etc. Wisdom goes into anyone who is willing to accept Her wholeheartedly. I am really proud of you, Enoch Tan. God Bless you More BIG! Once again, Thanks to you.
- Daniel Osho

Thank you for all you have done. You are the medium of El Elyon answering me... I knew that someday something will happen like this Iím so much enlightened and excited still practicing it all... but just wow and awesome God Most High has given I donít know what else to say... Iím just so excited and blessed. I too felt all of this awareness and consciousness since I was little, but you explained it all perfectly... no other minister or priest or scientist or philosopher ever in my life Iíve known that explained it well and perfectly like you did truly I believe you were enlightened somehow or someway ... but thank you and praise God Most High for that! And Thank You Jesus Christ... beyond words dear friend and master Enoch... just beyond words my excitement and thank full wow... I think thatís all for now... heehee.
- Jason Villarin

List of All Testimonial Pages!

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