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Your grasp of the essence of speed reading is profound. Since 1959 we have been teaching accelerated learning to 2 million including the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents. We have found every fact you state to be factual in life experience. To get into the SpeedLearning mode requires a simple strategy: close you eyes before reading for a 1-2-minute prep session. Closing your eyes causes Alpha Brainwave rhythm, and mentally visualizing 333-222-111, and then counting down your breaths 1-10, creates a speed reading mind-set. Open your eyes and use a partnership of left and right brain in a new proportion of dominance: instead of  your standard 90% left, 10% right of pattern-recognition, speed reading requires 60% left and 40% right brain. The change in percentage dominance occurs by what we label Stress Busting, deep Alpha relaxation which lasts approximately two-hours before it must be renewed. Good health and success,
- Hal,
I am awed by the information you have here. I am also very curious as to how you came upon this information and are you willing to tell me how well it has worked for you? I have always said I get everything I want, but I had no clue how!!! Now I know. Thank you
- Rita
Dear Enoch, I truly enjoy all your articles and I find them very informative. You give the most in depth explanation of the nature of the Universe and reality that I have come across. I just spent an hour printing your former articles. And there’s still many more I want to read. I just wanted you to know that I think your site is great. Thank you,
- Lauren Kennedy
Now let me say……you ROCK! You deserve many KUDO’S. You are a literal GOD SEND! I knew so much of these truths deep down but being in the Christian community they frown on the so-called “New Age” connotations. If they could only open their minds and quit living in fear of everything being a tool of the Devil trying to usurp their salvation. If they only knew the DEAL WAS NOT RETRACTABLE.
From the beginning of my Christian walk I asked God for the TRUTH no matter what. I’ve made it through so much of the false teachings always knowing deep down when I was OFF the path. God is faithful and He led me too the Law Of Attraction teachings, New Thought teachings, Mind Science teachings. Especially the old writings on the subject around the late 1800’s early 1900’s. They involved Father, Son, Holy Spirit. The teachings of late seem to erase Jesus and turn God into the Universe. While there is truth and power in what they teach, without Jesus they limit the whole thing.
That is why when I found your unique and powerful, GOD truths it effects me down to the core of who I am IN CHRIST. Very emotional…I must tell you. You really do have to ask why people and especially Christians fight against these freeing, empowering truths. So…THANK YOU Mr. Enoch Tan  GOD BLESS YOU! (You know He already has!)
- Kim Kopan
I just read “Desire but Never ever Be In a State of Wanting”. I don’t know who you are but I’m in love! Thank you!
- Laura
Hello Enoch, I am so glad that I have found your site on the web. It is doing a lot of good to me. I have always had a strong will, but I lost it somehow and now through your articles I found a handle to get a hold of it again. I am getting back in my power. Thank you very much Enoch! You have helped me in the best way. If I can do anything for you, please let me know. Best regards,
- Joop ter Horst
Dear Enoch, I am a 54 year old man living in the US and I just read a couple of your articles. Just before April 25, 2007, I was living in a deep state of depression, having lost my job of 13 years and seeing my resources dwindle and not having any prospect of recouping them. I was at the point in my life where I did not understand why things were the way they were and I longed for death so I would not have to deal with the depression.
I mention that date because that was when I wrote down that I knew I was meant for something greater and that I INTENDED to know what it was and had become WILLING to make any changes to achieve it. Things began to change immediately thereafter. I now understand completely that I have the power to change anything in my life, anything! There is a long list of people I wish to thank for this knowledge and it grows every day. I have just added your name to that list. Some day soon, we will meet in person. I don’t how, when or why, I just know we will. Know that it will be a moment of great joy! Your friend,
- Scotty Hogsett
I was impressed by your article about fluid reality and experienced something relevant to what you discussed in your article about intention and expectations and obsessing stopping your reality from being fluid, the importance of forgetting etc. You discussed synchronicity and have given me an explanation I needed at a critical time in this article.
- Reenee Mahabir
Dear Enoch, came across your website while looking for articles on matter being in reality energy. Am excited to see your emphasis on the Bible, as I am also being drawn in this direction also although with different insights somewhat equivalent with what you are writing about. Would love to read any books you have written or if you have any direction in this perhaps you could graciously send me some of your ideas. God has brought me into a whole new level of understanding in things and my heart leaps at some of your articles. Thank you,
- Tom
Enoch, hi. I just read your new article about being Naturally Driven and I completely agree. The goal setting do this and that never agreed with me. I too always felt if I am being lead by GOD and HE knows so much and I know so little what good are my limitations when I can be lead by the unlimited ONE… yet I know I am no where near where HE wants me to be but these last 2-3 years have been years of incredible growth and laying aside old beliefs and fears and growing in trust and love for HIM.. I will always be going back to your articles because they create a mental centering that I need with the same basic tenant of Trusting GOD, being used by HIM and not having to work for everything… GOD bless Enoch and thanks for being there!
- John Butera
I just wanted to let you know that your work is spreading love and increasing our lives. I found your site and have been forwarding it to everyone I know. I have read almost every article you’ve written. You and Steve Pavlina have been instrumental in my growth. I thank you. I have serious blocks that I am working through and universe has put me on a path that I can see where I am headed. When the money starts coming in I am donating to you and Steve first. Thank you!
- Teresa and family (my passion)
Dear Sir, May God bless you and your family and your mission. I have benefited by your articles. Regards,
- Vivek Gandhi
Hi Enoch, Thanks so much for your articles. They are awesome! I truly appreciate your support. All I can say is, I do what I do because I love having the opportunity to empower others, just like you do. Maybe some day we can meet and have an quantum conversation :o)
- Nick Arandes
Hi. I have studies metaphysics all of my life, learned transcendental meditation when I  was 12, studies the books of Yogananda, Rajneesh, learned astrology, etc… etc… but you put everything together in the most amazing practical way.  You express ideas, many of which I have always had but thought I was crazy for having them.  For example the idea of inhabiting the consciousness  or energy and becoming the kind of person who can manifest in certain ways.  In other words I have always suggested to my wife to study the energy home owners have if she wants to attract a home. Plus your idea that everything, including cities have a specific energy to them.  I have always sensed this.  Well I could go on and on but I just want to say how much I enjoy your site.
- Edward
I wish lots of people would donate to your site! I love your Mind Reality book! My best,
- Melinda
Thank you for this site! I believe God has given you the wisdom to enlighten many, especially at this age where the Law of Attraction is being accepted without question or pause. We have the same intention of integrating facts, knowledge and personal revelations to arrive at the TRUTH. More power!
- Joice

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