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Hello Enoch, I think your website is definitely one of the best websites indeed in the world, in terms of content. I came upon your website when I was in a middle of a very difficult period in my life emotionally and was at a loss what to think or do — and one of your articles on faith just made me see the light. It seems you have articulated what I have known all along, for I’m not learning here as much as discovering and tracing. You are indeed a genius man! You write very well too. I am a person who is into physics, psychology, literature  and spirituality — and the way you combine scientific facts with religious mysteries especially those of Christianity is so right smack to the truth. Keep up the good work and keep on searching, writing about the truth. Your website is definitely one of my favorites ever. God bless you.
- Delma Peyra, Legazpi City, Philippines
Dear Enoch: Not sure which site linked to (Dream Manifesto?) but I’m so glad it did. Your site is the BEST! Can’t tell you how much I’ve learned just from your emails on mind secrets. You have answered many puzzling questions I’ve had for a long time about manifesting. Better than Masters of the Secret - You are the Masters’ Master!! I just wanted to express my extreme gratitude for your generous publications. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing.
- Heather
Hey Enoch. This site has been one of my greatest discoveries since I found out about Way of the Master which taught me how to share the gospel effectively. I love how much this has open my mind to new ways of understanding Christ
- Mike Hoover
I don’t know who you are but I read your articles intensely and consider you just amazing.- Edward
I like your site a lot. Your insights about detachment are quite enlightening. Thanks again, and keep writing. Each day you come up with even more interesting insights!
- Dave A
I stumbled across your website a couple weeks ago and I haven’t been off it since! This is really the best website in the world. You have truly blessed me with these articles and inspired me to fulfill my dreams. You truly are a god and you have blessed me and many more to come. Praises to your website.
- Shane Thompson
Hi, I want to say thanks for your beautifully written e-books on mind reality. Thank you Enoch Tan and keep up the Good Work.
- Rizvan
Hi Enoch, I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful articles. I know the universe sent me your site as I am now completely ready to not only understand your writings, but internalize them. Your gift is very much appreciated! You are truly an amazing individual. Love and Light,
- Karen 

THAT IS JUST WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR!! Just a note to thank U for building up this wonderful site. Your e-mails and e-book helped me a lot to discover… understand and CONFIRM many things i was doubting…. GREAT ENERGY ! Thank U
- Laila
Hello, Enoch Tan: I would like to say thank you for creating this site. The work of explaining how the Universe operates is extremely important. In lots of books on Mind Power, there’s only ways to use visualizations and affirmations, with no explanation of how? where? and why? it all works. Thank you for doing this.
- Eldar
Wow! Wow! Wow! I am so absolutely blown away by your articles. I ran across your site today via a Google search for “trusting the results to God.” Your article “Trusting God as you continue to Act in Spirit” came up near the top of the search so I checked it out and it was fabulous. After that article, I continued to read several of your other articles and was fascinated by all of them. 
I am a Christian and have been for about 10 years, though I attended church all my life. Since watching movies like “The Secret,” and “What the Bleep Do We Know” I have taken on a new fascination for the “Universal God” that you mention in your article “The Universal and Personal Aspect of God.” 
You are SO RIGHT that Christianity, though it believes it is right on the ball with everything, really, and truly is lacking a greater knowledge of the Universality of God. When I first came across teachings that related science and religion, I was flabbergasted at all I DIDN’T KNOW.
There is a “cookie-cutter” approach throughout all Christianity, whether Christians want to admit it or not. What’s acceptable is speaking Christianese, running praise and worship like there’s only one acceptable way to worship God, running Sunday services just like everybody else and the list goes on. And in all of this, there is a very close-minded approach to anything other than the “box” that “Christians” have created and defined as Christianity.
From personal experience, I absolutely hold the views that you outline in your articles, because they just resonate in me as ultimate truth. There is just something about the approach you take that is so much more peaceful, all-encompassing, and unifying than the often hypocritical, “cookie-cutter,” christianese, “only one way” approach to God that “Christians” outline.
I believe there is a greater truth that you express that is non-judgmental, non-hypocritical, non-”cookie-cutterish,” that still utilizes biblical truth. I believe that the kind of teaching that you are sharing is the way to go because it has opened my eyes so much…in fact, to the point that I wondered why in the world nobody in the church ever taught it this way.
So many preachers are so drenched in Christianese and the “cookie-cutter” approach to Christianity that they don’t even realize that their approach is limited. They don’t realize that their words no longer have an effect because they are so over-used and so cliche that they now simply repel the listener instead of attracting them.
Also, from my experience, I believe that Christianity often comes from a condemning, negative angle that never properly explains “our part” in what God wants to do in the world through us. Your teaching, on the other hand, clearly outlines our part and God’s part and it just makes so much more sense to me than most Christian teaching….plus….it is not condemning.
Anyway, those are just a few of the thoughts I wanted to share with you. I absolutely love what you are doing and I definitely would like to stay updated on your latest work. Just out of curiosity, you seem to know a lot about Christianity as well as the science approach. Are you a Christian? Just curious.
Thank you SO MUCH for what you are doing. It’s just awesome. Please keep writing and posting more articles!!
-Barb Elyett
Dear Enoch, Blessings! In fact, I blessed the day I stumbled on your website because it sold the problem I had in my head concerning my relationship with God. But reading the chapter on “The Universal and Personal Aspect of God” in your article “Spiritual Mysteries Revealed” put paid to my apprehensions.

I have at different times been an orthodox and evangelical/Pentecostal Christian until I came to the decision that there was more to what I had understood as my relationship with God (i.e. emphasizing only the personal aspect of God) because certain things did not add up. This tended to have demonized the universal aspect and I found the advocates to be saying one thing and doing another in that some of them have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit which enable them to discern, heal and have prior knowledge of things.

So I got engaged in some study which I later found to be emphasizing the only the Universal aspect of God. This also I believe was not totally correct. I do not know how I know is not correct but I just believe it to be so. When I read the above mentioned article, I seemed to have found the “eureka”. In fact, I felt elated when you advocated that Christians who have been concerned only with the personal aspect ought to embrace the universal aspect for “completeness”, as it were. Blessing!


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