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Good Morning: I just want say a big “Thank you” for your piece on rejection. God knew exactly what I needed today and sent your e-mail to me. I am truly grateful. I seem to be either losing or be totally unable to relate to the people around me any longer. And, yesterday was an exceptionally emotional day in that respect. After a momentary relapse into old behavior, I recognized that the events of the past few days were merely opportunities to cleanse and release old patterns. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insight. When I read your piece “Quantum Leap” in Metamorphosis earlier this year, it changed my life forever. I love your work. Thank you
- Allison Best

I came across your website through a search engine with the key words: ‘higher energy Divine force’  It seems your site is full of information that I am just looking for and I’ve been reading them it with interest. I am fascinated by what I read in your articles, from now on, I will be one of your faithful readers. Finding your site has been like ‘hitting the nail on the head’ to me. Best regards,
- Fabiola

Hi Enoch, I cant remember the site, but was glad to find you. Thank you for all you do for us.
- Andre

It is because of God via you and your articles that I am getting stable again. I am peaceful, because of all I read. I thank GOD for you and I am crying right now, because I feel your energy and your beautiful flow. I believe and I know that you are a BEAUTIFUL Being. Agape,
- Cheryl I. Fowler

Your free ebook “Mind Reality” is about 80 pages of the most valuable and coherent information I’ve ever found in one place. Your most grateful and inspired student,
- Heather

Dear Enoch, First I want to thank you - I am a great admirer of you! I read your articles on basically every day. I’ve also bought your “Manifestation Keys Secrets To Manifesting All Your Desires” and downloaded Mind Reality - The Universe Is Mental and the Secret of Everything and Spiritual Mysteries Revealed. I have to admit it’s the most brilliant stuff available on-line! I’m really looking forward to hear from you Enoch. All the best!
- Giampaolo

I just wanted to say the text I just read on your site. about Adam and Eve and conscious and subconscious mind is possibly the most influential thing I have ever read. Thank-you. This sort of thing maybe can change the world I hope. You are therefore a profit in my eyes and I promise to help promote. Thanks again
- Tim Golding

I wept when I read the immersed dept of love that flows from your zeal to get people to liberty. In the time past I have read your free articles which are priceless and your ability to give is stunning. May the Lord continue to keep you and bless you.
- Churchill Iwuru

Hi Enoch, I’ve just found a link to you by looking at Steve Pavlina forum where you wrote about 7 states. I’ve read a few articles and scanned a few others. I am amazed by the depth of your thinking. It is really provoking. I recognize you are a Christian (I am myself) and that what you say agrees with the bible. What is different is a completely new perspective on God, Satan, etc. that requires an extremely fresh, open mind. What strikes me the most is that I recognize in myself the truth you write about. I’ve been searching, thinking, developing myself over years and I’ve come to understand a few things. The abundance of your thinking and depth exceeds far of what I’ve come to. It is really special. Many thoughts you share are new, but… somehow old at the same time for me (a very strange feeling)… As if I have already known them. They were possibly with me. Only I forgot them.

Only this year I have been seriously focused on raising my consciousness. Mainly because I’ve started to ask questions about my purpose, my intentions. I failed many times, got trapped back by negativity, and re-started again. I find it very challenging to get out of negativity (esp. if this seem to have a hold on me). Never mind that, I will ultimately succeed. I’m a researcher (in artificial intelligence, actually pattern recognition), currently training to become a life coach. This has evolved as a first step towards living my purpose fully. In future, I hope to do both, research and coaching.

One of your articles on universal and personal God is the most breath-taking for me and changes my perspective now a lot. It resolves my long-term struggle  about the two existing paths that you see everywhere in science, art, history… towards enlightenment or salvation. My approach is that what we see in the world,  especially if there is a pattern  there, it should hold some aspects of truth (e.g. as the reality about gods in mythology and the existences of the BIG Flood  that many religions report. They are true. How are they connected? The angels making offspring with people is a very sensible explanation and connection. I’ve read about it  before and it makes a lot of sense to me.) So, I’ve struggled to connect the dots, between enlightenment and salvation.  But now, I see it very clearly: I need to accept that they both exist. So simple, yet incredibly powerful! Universal God observed itself, which gave rise to self-consciousness and ultimately to a personal God.

I want to thank you for your efforts to share your provoking, empowering thoughts an  understanding with others. Thanks a lot! I deeply appreciate what you do. Live your purpose fully and be blessed!

- Ela

Hello Enoch, My friend, my brother, my teacher. It was on my mind to write to you, how something new has been happening regards my spirituality. But I never got round to it. Today I read your latest email and the comment; “My wish is for you to gain the most out of my work. I want you to become a Master Creator of Reality like me!” Well now, I just have to tell you, this is what has been happening. With daily readings and meditation I have learned to make this Truth my own. Truth satisfies my spiritual thirst, as it were I eat the scroll. I am now myself starting to experience revelations of truth, that apply to my own life. Everyday I awake, to seek to be as close to God as I can. I don’t want anything else out of life anymore. Most days, I turn to your writings for inspiration. (My friend, if ever others reject your ministry. Take comfort in the knowledge there are thirsty souls that desire to drink thereof). Kind Regards,
- Joe Townley

After I read your first ebook “mindreality” it just kind of made God real to me again. The bit where you said something like.. we don’t need healing because we are already healed because God doesn’t make faulty goods (not in those words but you know what I mean).. that really spoke to me because I been having some personal troubles for awhile. I went to bed that night feeling so empowered that I could overcome my problems. It was like I had this epiphany that if I trust God, He won’t let my biggest fears come to pass. It probably doesn’t sound like very much but believe me, it impacted me big time. And although my problems are not resolved yet, I know that that I’ve already made a huge step by accepting that God will look after me. I can’t express things well in words but just believe me that you are doing an amazing job. Thank you. 
- Joyce Wong

Enoch, I am in awe that this website is written by a human being namely you. The writing is so profound that it is almost unbelievable. I am fascinated with the quality of your writing and of your ideas and how well you synthesize everything together. Anyway, regardless I just wanted to tell you that you are profoundly gifted and your work is truly phenomenal. Thank you very much, Sincerely,
- Anita Patel

Hello, I found a link on the dream manifesto web site. I cant believe how much your articles have changed my life and my perceptions of life. I was at a very low point when I asked for help (from my universe)and found your teachings. I feel like I have so many questions for you and I have read nearly every article in the archives. Where else can I get your teachings?
- Trish

Hello Enoch. I did not buy the book yet, just by reading your introduction I already have answers to many concerns I had regarding unexplainable difficulties in my life. I only need the book now to apply your principles. You gave me today a Spiritual prescription that I must fill out. I realized a long time ago that Spirituality was not about practicing but application of forgotten and lost knowledge left to us by ancient Initiated Spiritualists who mastered the secrets of the universe. I have been looking for a mentor…I think it is YOU
- Fransoise Louis-Jacques (Haiti)

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