Real Life Hypnosis - Suggestions Create Conditions

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Real Life Hypnosis - Suggestions Create Conditions

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

All hypnosis is self hypnosis. Here are some suggestions that you can try on yourself. In each of the suggestions, use your full imagination into carrying it out. Actually believe that whatever is suggested is really happening while you’re experiencing it.
Clasp both hands together and interlock your fingers as if in prayer. Press the palms tightly together. The hands, thus locked together, are extended outward with the muscles of both forearms tightened. The operator may assist the subject, as needed, to find the correct positioning. The muscles in your hands and arms are beginning to tighten. They are getting tighter and tighter.
Your muscles are so tight now, your hands are locked together. Concentrate on hands and arms, every muscle is locked rigidly in place, like solid steel. You cannot take your hands apart. In fact, the more you try to take your hands apart, the tighter and more locked together they become. You cannot take them apart, no matter how hard you try. Try and pull them apart. You cannot.
Relax. You can take your hands apart now. All of the muscles in your hands and arms are completely relaxed. Relax your hands, they are no longer stuck. You can take them apart now.
Stand up, and then to turn around and look at your chair. The chair you were sitting on weighs as much as your car, several thousand pounds. You cannot lift it, no matter how hard you try. Go ahead and try to lift the chair, you can’t lift it. You will struggle in vain to pick up the chair.
You are now superman. You possess superhuman strength. The chair becomes very light to you. It weighs only a couple of pounds. You can lift it up easily and effortlessly. Go ahead and lift it up.
Sit down. Make sure both feet are flat on the floor and you are seated comfortably. Now place both arms out in front of you with your palms down. A balloon filled with helium is attached to your right wrist. It’s pulling your right arm up. It’s rising up, higher, higher, higher. Your left wrist, however, has a very heavy weight attached to it. The weight is pulling your left arm down, down, down. Open your eyes now and don’t move your arms.
This is how all hypnosis works. Can you see the power of suggestion? Imagine what hypnotists could do if they were to take what they use on stage and use it in the real world! They could hypnotize a businessman into becoming more successful, motivated and creative. They could cause patients to recover much faster and even reverse ailing conditions that have been plaguing the person for many years. They could get rid of people’s bad habits and obsessive compulsive disorders caused by negative suggestions that they were induced with in the past.

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