Manifest Luck with State of Harmony and Intent

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Manifest Luck with State of Harmony and Intent

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Many people have no conscious control over luck. To them, luck is something that just happens to them. The first step to experiencing luck as a more tangible force on your side is to believe in being lucky. Many people experience a mix of good and bad fortune that cancels each other to the point that they are just going through life as though there is no difference in their fortune at all. That is because most people do not believe in being lucky. The rare ones that do are able to experience luck frequently.

Have no resistance towards the notion of luck. Everything good wants to come to us, but the only problem is our own resistance towards it. If you want to experience what many people in life fail to experience, you must drop your resistance towards the things that they resist. One important thing is the notion of luck. Allow yourself to think about luck, to talk about it and to feel it freely. Treat it like it is a normal thing and a tangible force in reality. What you believe is what you’ll experience. You create reality.

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