Psychology - The study of the Mind

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Psychology - The study of the Mind

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Psychology comes from two words: psyche and logos. Psyche is the greek word which means soul or spirit, loosely translated as mind. Logosmeans knowledge or study like all “logies”. The first greek letter psi in psyche is used as the international symbol for psychology. Hence, Psychology was originally defined as: the study of the mind.

Psychology is the key mind science because it is the understanding of how perception governs behaviour. How we think affects everything else.

Psychology is about understanding. It is about understanding people and the mind.

Human nature is perpetual. It is the same today as it was from ancient history.

So the principles of psychology are fixed and enduring. You will never need to unlearn what you learn about them.

Art being a thing of the mind, it follows that any scientific study of art will be psychology.
It may be other things as well, but psychology it will always be.
“A fundamental understanding of the human psyche is the essential key to successful magic” - Robert-Houdin (Father of Modern Magic)
Understanding psychology doesn’t mean you’ll always be aware of it or use it. The first step is to understand it, the next step is keeping it in awareness and using it.
Psychology consist of subtle differences but big distinctions. It is the little psychological subtleties that make all the difference.

The greatest use of all psychology is for self/social awareness, communication, marketing, and personal development.

Psychology works on assumptions. Other people’s assumptions follow your assumptions. Other peoples expectations are set by you and everything is the result of your communication.

When you assume the appearance of power, people will give it to you. Leaders are self-appointed. Authority is 80%taken and 20% given.

Everything is Psychology. Everything is affected by psychological factors and those factors govern all that goes on, whether you choose to take control of them or not. With the knowledge and power of psychology at hand, you can rule the world.

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