Flexibility - Bend Reality by Bending Yourself

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Flexibility - Bend Reality by Bending Yourself

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

One of the principles of creating change in your world is flexibility. Understand that the world around you is an extension of yourself. Your world is not apart of you. Your world is a reflection of you. What you are, that your world is. Sometimes working on changing the outer world is not the way because it is only the symptom. You have to work on the projector which is you. There is no thing out there. It is not reality that bends, it’s you that bends. When you know this truth and apply it, you can bend reality.

Being able to switch between different worldviews and paradigms gives you an advantage that can greatly accelerate your progress. Many people are rigid in their point of view because they are trying to establish some concept of congruence. The only congruence necessary is being willing to change one’s way of seeing things according to one’s own exploration at any moment. Life is a journey and one must discover one’s own truth. Only by moving from viewpoint to viewpoint can one see from many angles.

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