Having a Strong Reality - Frame Control

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Having a Strong Reality - Frame Control

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

You can reverse the rule of matching and leading when your frame or reality is stronger than the other person. Instead of matching another person before leading, you can stay strong and lead while causing the person to match you instead. Having a strong reality aligns the other person’s perception of reality with yours and your reality becomes his/hers.
Controlling the frame or reality is opposite of the Tao. It is to control instead of aligning and redirecting. Although there has been a debate going on for ages between using the Tao and using Control, the principle of polarity states that all truths are but half truths. The way of the Tao and the way of Control are both aspects of the whole. You can use both together in ways that are appropriate. The two can be integrated.
To control the frame is to define the underlying meaning of an interaction. In every interaction, there is an underlying meaning taking place in the minds of those involved. He who controls the frame controls the interaction.
Have a Strong Reality. Suck others into your reality. Pull them into your story. Be congruent. Have a Strong Frame. Do not buy into their frame, make them buy into yours. Reframe their frame and out-frame them. If your frame is strong enough, you can get away with anything.

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