Etheric Pull on Manifestation of Physical Events

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Etheric Pull on Manifestation of Physical Events

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

When you become aware of how things work in this manner, you are seeing with the eyes of understanding. Faith becomes extremely tangible to you. Knowing how the universe works is the most essential key to spirituality. The physical world is overlaid by the etheric grid. The etheric grid pulls physical events into manifesting in the physical world. When you create a thought form through visualizing and feeling, you create an etheric template which pulls the physical realm in accordance with its shape.

In Chaos Theory, there is this thing called the Attractor. The motion of particles in fractals fluctuates in a seemingly random fashion but in a circular pattern about a point. That point is called the attractor. The stronger the attractor, the closer things vibrate around it and the more definite the form. Consciousness is the hidden force behind the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. It forms the etheric attractor behind physical space-time events. The etheric attractor is what explains the mechanics of law of attraction.

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