Understanding the Kind of Man that Women Want

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Understanding the Kind of Man that Women Want

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Women want a man who is a mix of the good guy and bad guy. Women are fascinated by aloof, independent, dominant men, because they fantasize that they will be the one who’ll bring his sensitive, caring side out. Around others, he may be a jerk, but to her he’ll be able to express his nurturing side. So what she wants is the good guy within the bad guy, but she’s prepared to put a lot of effort into finding the good guy inside the bad guy. A man with the two polarities is the complete package she desires.

Women are attracted to confident, powerful men. Their power is immediately visible because of the care they take in what they surround themselves with. They drive fast, powerful cars and they wear powerful clothing with the same ease that they casual ones. Ever notice a well dressed man walking down the street, exuding confidence like cologne? One look at these men and you know they know that people are looking at them, and you know that they don’t give a damn. Clothe up with this powerful attitude.

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