Manipulating Entelechial Space with Intention

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Manipulating Entelechial Space with Intention

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Normal space comprises of the mathematics of the third and fourth dimension. The mathematics of the fifth and sixth dimension is called the entelechial dimension. Here reality is conceptualized as a series of probabilities before it is manifested in the four dimensions (length, width, height, time) that we are familiar with. The entelechial dimension is one of thought and spirituality, where the physical world cannot exist. The real secret of creating magickal change in physicality is through entelechial space.

In an attempt to produce a unified field theory, melding the physics of subatomic particles (quantum mechanics) and gravity (relativity), the late professor Burkhard Heim postulated that the key to understanding the relationship of these two phenomena lay outside four-dimensional space (length, width, height, time). He called this realm “entelechial” space. Here was the realm of creation, where subsets of probabilities were sorted before a final outcome was manifested on the physical plane as real events.

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