Accessing Multiple Frequencies of Consciousness

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Accessing Multiple Frequencies of Consciousness

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Every emotional state we are in is a frequency of consciousness. Reality is created by consciousness, therefore our whole experience of reality is different in one state of emotional frequency compared with another. What we perceive and what is true in one emotional state of consciousness can be the opposite in another state. Trouble happens when we engage only one state of consciousness while ignoring the other states. Each of our emotional states contain an aspect of the whole truth of our being.

We are multidimensional beings with access to multiple frequencies of consciousness at once. What limits us is when we choose to experience only a particular emotion out of a particular situation while separating ourselves from other emotions. When a situation causes us to feel angry, we either choose only to feel the anger and forget the love that we have behind it, or we choose to think about the love and let the anger dissipate over time without engaging its purpose for being there. Both are mistakes.

We can consider emotions that bring us pain as negative, and emotions that bring us pleasure as positive. But when looking at it from a deeper level, all emotions are not positive or negative, but are simply different frequencies of energy in motion. Every emotion serves a purpose of bringing you understanding and moving you towards action. When you engage certain emotions while ignoring others, the understanding you gain is incomplete and the action you take is not holistic. Full feeling is full understanding.

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