Spiritual Intelligence and Freewill are One

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Spiritual Intelligence and Freewill are One

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

In the universe, there are different levels of freewill. It is not that God gave some beings more freewill and other beings less freewill. All beings have complete freewill within themselves because the same essence of infinite possibility and choice exist universally in every being. The difference is in the degree by which each being accesses this realm of infinite possibility and freewill. Intelligence is a factor because those who think more are able to make more choices. Freewill depends on one’s level of awareness.

Intelligence is the capacity for reasoning and understanding. All problems are problems of the mind because mind creates everything. Understanding the problem dissolves the problem. Understanding is the key to solving all problems. Therefore all problems are caused by lack of intelligence or awareness. The cause of all human problems is stupidity. Another cause would be laziness, but since laziness is caused by stupidity, the one cause is still stupidity. The cure for human problems is to raise intelligence.

The realm of human stupidity also includes the problem of fighting against the very thing that would cure stupidity. There are human beings who believe that intelligence is not the answer, and that we should turn to love, altruism, spiritual devotion and other lesser solutions instead. They would argue that those who pursue intelligence are missing the point. But it is they themselves who are missing the point because they are too stupid to see it. Stupid people reject the answer when it’s right in front of them.

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