Perfect Having is a State of Unconsciousness

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Perfect Having is a State of Unconsciousness

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

A state of perfect health is a state of unconsciousness. When your body is well, it is out of thought. People tend to get well or recover from certain bodily symptoms at a time when they have become unconscious of it. Sometimes healing happens instantly in a miraculous way. Other times it happens when you are living your life and had taken your mind off the symptom. As it is with health, so it is with other things in your life. Perfect having is a state of unconsciousness. You attain when you’re detached.

Manifestation is a paradoxical thing. You must expect and you must also have no expectation. What this means is that there must be periods of focusing on your intent and also periods of letting go of it from your mind. They are periods of thought and periods of forgetfulness. You get what you expect, and you also get it at a time when you aren’t expecting it. Although you do get what you want at a time while you are expecting it, the usual process is to be non-expecting. It’s a state of unconsciousness.

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