Law of Freewill - Choice is based on Awareness

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Law of Freewill - Choice is based on Awareness

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The law of freewill is: choice is based on awareness. Awareness is power because awareness gives you choice. Choice is an illusion when it is created by those in control for those who are not. To be in control, you must know. You must understand how things work and know what is going on. You need awareness to make conscious choices.

Awareness is what anchors your freewill to a particular thing. If you do not have awareness of something, your freewill does not claim it, and it therefore becomes easily changeable by forces who cannot or choose not to violate your freewill. The following four possibilities illustrate the rule of this principle:

When you are aware of something no one else is aware of, you can change it easily by manifestation techniques, declaration of your intent, and direct physical action. Because no one else is aware of it, your change of this element in your reality and theirs does not violate their freewill. The only resistance you may encounter in this case is non-allowance by your Higher Self who may see some changes you are attempting to manifest, as detrimental to your learning plan.

When you are aware of something that others are aware of as well, a potential tug of war between opposing freewill may occur. Who wins depends on who had the greater amount of freewill and the knowledge to utilize it. Should you have tremendous amounts of freewill, or else are no longer bound to the realities of others, your own reality becomes easily and directly changeable by you, as easily as is done in a lucid dream. But do not be fooled into thinking you are necessarily at that level already.

When you are not aware of something that no other humans are aware of either, then that portion of your environment becomes fluid, much like an unobserved particle becomes a wave function, an enfolded hologram. These elements of your environment are most easily changed by beings who are aware of it, but who cannot or choose not to violate your freewill otherwise. Because you and no one else is aware of it, no freewill anchors that element of reality, and it is free for alteration by lower beings or respectful higher beings.

When you are not aware of something, but another human or entity is indeed aware, then that portion of your reality coupled to theirs is easily altered by them, for such an alteration does not violate your freewill since you did not anchor it to that changeable element.

These four possibilities follow from the law of freewill and how we create our reality in cooperation with others. These possibilities also follow from the macroscopic consequences of quantum mechanical laws.

All beings actually have complete freewill from the source, but awareness is needed to access freewill, therefore they are considered to have relatively differing amounts of freewill according to the amount of awareness each one possess. Higher beings have the upper hand spiritually when it comes to metaphysical sovereignty and who gets to control whom. Beings of greater awareness have greater power. Beings are unable to violate freewill in a sense of permanently preventing another being from attaining awareness, due to divine intervention, the sovereignty of the Creator as well as the greater angelic powers who referee the game and keep curbs in place.

There are two places where one feels blissful. Either at the point of no awareness, in which one wallows in ignorant bliss, or in total awareness, where one understands that there is nothing to worry about since all preparations have been made and lessons learned. More freewill comes from more awareness, spiritual evolution and lessons learned and thus greater freedom, responsibility, power and wisdom. The more developed the being, the more accurately the inner world is a reflection of the outer.

Some people think that God does not have freewill because he seems unable to act apart from his own nature. But the truth is God actually has free will. Choice is based on awareness and because God has perfect and total awareness, he always chooses based on his perfect and total awareness. Therefore he has perfect will and perfect will is like not having free will because perfect will does not act apart from perfect standards. God has the most freewill compared with all beings.

It seems as though perfect will is both free and not free at the same time. A paradox just like all extremes. Complete brightness is equally as blinding as complete darkness. So it seems that in order to experience perfection of life, we have to give up free will in order to follow perfect will. This is what it means by surrendering our will to God. It is better not to have a choice in order to be directed by perfect will and achieve perfect results, than to have a choice and to risk making a wrong one. Gaining awareness is the key to making perfect choices. To hear God’s voice and to follow him and to live by faith is the high way to live the abundant life.

Freewill isn’t freewill unless you are able to make a decision and God backs you up with it, at least temporarily so that you are able to go through with the experience. That is why you are able to have success with something for a moment when you really want it, but if the decision is not in the highest good, it will show over time in diminishing results. This is how you are able to compare and contrast every decision in a freewill environment and learn what are truly God’s ways.

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