Threshold Causes Evolution Into Higher Order

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Threshold Causes Evolution Into Higher Order

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Yin and Yang are both part of the one Tao. Good cannot exist without bad. Light cannot exist without darkness. Left makes no sense without right. Yin and Yang struggle to control one another and at the same time nurture each other. They help to define each other and therefore cannot exist without the other. When the forces of yin and yang are in balance we experience health and prosperity – life flourishes. When yin and yang are imbalanced there is confusion and anxiety – life ends.

The natural tendency of energy is to disperse. Unless prevented from doing so, energy will always move from being concentrated and localized to more spread out. This is a proven and undeniable law of the universe and applies to every living system, including us. We begin our lives with a certain amount of energy. Over time our cells begin to age and eventually we die. But if the law of increasing entropy is true, why is there so much abundant life everywhere we look. How does life flourish in spite of entropy?

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