Optimal Action - Balancing Tension and Relaxation

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Optimal Action - Balancing Tension and Relaxation

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Optimal action is about using tension and relaxation to control the force and flow of energy. Releasing your intention is tension in release. It is the process of holding your intention firmly and then releasing it to carry itself out in motion. It is a balance of how much tension and relaxation to have at different moments.
Work from your internal state because it is the main thing that contributes to reaching your goals. The primary focus in on keeping an optimum internal state, and every external situation is a challenge to improve your internal abilities. By altering your internal state in a way that produces the right amount of tension and relaxation, you improve your external performance. The only thing that ultimately matters is commitment to your internal experience.
Less haste, more speed. Less tension, more readiness. The key to optimal action is to have the right amount of tension needed and as little extraneous thought as possible. It is to be focused and in the focused yet relaxed, alpha-beta-theta state. True concentration happens when we stop thinking. Thinking creates physical tension and in the moment of concentration we cease to think for awhile and just act.
Optimal action requires optimal concentration, both mental and physical. Concentration is the focusing of energy into a particular area of application. You shouldn’t over concentrate or under concentrate. Proper concentration requires the correct amount of tension and relaxation necessary for effective action. Optimal action is action that gets you the results you want.

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